Drew Stanton admits his “Dougie” needs help

Lions quarterback Drew Stanton set back racial stereotyping years on Sunday when he attempted to perform the ever-popular “Dougie” after rushing for a touchdown.   Stanton admits he needs help, which is the first step towards solving the problem.

“I was kind of joking around before the game asking anyone if they knew how to Dougie . . . because I obviously don’t know how to,” Stanton said via MLive.com after the Lions loss.  “I don’t know if anybody else knows how to Dougie around here, but I could use a little help.”

Stanton’s unfamiliarity with the dance didn’t stop him from trying, which we applaud.  Even the Bears weren’t bothered.

“We really didn’t mind him doing the Dougie, he was excited,” said Chicago cornerback D.J. Moore. “But the problem was it was a bad Dougie.”

Stanton’s effort came in a town where “B-Rabbit” once helped disprove the myth that all white men are awkward with no rhythm.  Hopefully, Stanton’s performance doesn’t undo all that important work.