Drew Stanton admits his “Dougie” needs help

Lions quarterback Drew Stanton set back racial stereotyping years on Sunday when he attempted to perform the ever-popular “Dougie” after rushing for a touchdown.   Stanton admits he needs help, which is the first step towards solving the problem.

“I was kind of joking around before the game asking anyone if they knew how to Dougie . . . because I obviously don’t know how to,” Stanton said via MLive.com after the Lions loss.  “I don’t know if anybody else knows how to Dougie around here, but I could use a little help.”

Stanton’s unfamiliarity with the dance didn’t stop him from trying, which we applaud.  Even the Bears weren’t bothered.

“We really didn’t mind him doing the Dougie, he was excited,” said Chicago cornerback D.J. Moore. “But the problem was it was a bad Dougie.”

Stanton’s effort came in a town where “B-Rabbit” once helped disprove the myth that all white men are awkward with no rhythm.  Hopefully, Stanton’s performance doesn’t undo all that important work.

15 responses to “Drew Stanton admits his “Dougie” needs help

  1. Stanton’s dougie has potential. He just did the head rubbing part too much. He’s gotta throw something else in there. A worthy attempt though, especially for a white guy.

  2. Good thing that he’s practicing his dance moves…

    Next week he’ll also get to the learn the CMIII Turf Chomp and the Raji Gut Buster… So far Kevin Kolb and Trent Edwards are the best at those.

  3. ROFL we thought the exact same thing Sunday, except had no idea it was the Dougie. My girlfriend thought he was inventing some kind of shampoo dance.

    White guys, let alone QBs, should just spike the ball, high-five teammates, and get to the sideline before they embaress themselves.

  4. More so, Stanton needs to understand he has no business taking snaps in the NFL and should avoid calling attention to himself at all costs.

  5. Normally I don’t condone QB endzone dances HOWEVA (Stephen A Smith) Stanton being a native Michigander must have understood the comic relief Lions’ fans need. Plus riding the pine for three years must get his mind to wandering. Thank you Drew for the temporary distraction from historic futility.

  6. Florio told me that an “anonymous source” claims that if Reggie Wayne burns Cortland Finnegan on a fly route this Sunday, Peyton Manning will cabbage patch all the way down the visitor’s tunnel.

  7. I’m a Bears fan, and that was some funny $hit! Stanton doing the Dougie after a TD was priceless!! Didn’t care so much for the 6 points though…

  8. Douglas DeWeeb, the originator of the dance never did get the credit he deserved, and continues to work for the same accounting firm he joined out of college.

  9. Exactly why Stanton has underachieved. Pathetic.

    How about growing up, have you thought of that. Maybe get some respect, that kind of thing?

    I can’t imagine Brady, Manning, Brees or any of near-that-ilk behaving like this buffoon.

    Another wannabe QB who doesn’t get it (thanks Florio).

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