Jim Schwartz doesn’t understand explanation for flag on Suh


First things first: Lions coach Jim Schwartz is not blaming the odd fourth quarter personal foul call on Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh for Detroit’s loss to Chicago on Sunday.

“I want to be very clear — the penalty had nothing to do with us giving up a touchdown on the very next play,” Schwartz said on Monday.   “It had nothing to do with our inability to move the ball on offense after that or inability to get a stop at the end of the game.”

And with that out of the way, Schwartz went on to share his real feelings about the call.

“It’s been reported that the flag was thrown because [Bears quarterback Jay] Cutler was hit in the back of the head when he was in the process of going down. I think it’s fairly obvious that neither of those ended up being correct,” Schwartz said via MLive.com.

Referee Ed Hochuli said after the game that Suh’s hit on a rushing Cutler was an “an unnecessary nonfootball act–a blow to the back of the runner’s helmet in the process of him going down.”

Video review of the play (skip to 1:50) seems to show clearly Cutler wasn’t hit in the helmet.  And he probably wasn’t going down before Suh hit him.   Hochuli doesn’t have the benefit of video review, however, and this just seems to be a case of a blown call.  It happens.

“I know he wasn’t hit in the head and I know he wasn’t going down, I know that for sure,” Schwartz said.  “There are a lot of things that somebody thinks they see on the field, they think he stepped out of bounds but he really didn’t, or they think it was a facemask and it really wasn’t. That stuff occurs, it happens in the game.”

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  1. Needed Hochuli in Baltimore last night. Terry McAuley wouldn’t recognize a blow to the face that busts a nose even if it happened in, say, right in front of his face.

  2. “It happens” alright. Just seems to happen to the Lions almost every game. The Barber hair (horse collar) penalty, the Pettigrew phantom offensive pass interference call and now this. And that’s just the last 3 games. All 3 could be argued to be the turning point of their respective games. You know if this stuff was happening to Jerry Jones’ team s#%$ would be hitting the fan.

  3. coaches have been instructed by the league to NOT attempt to run out the clock on the ground on a team they are leading. they have been instructed to roll out, scramble, put the ball in harms way to make games excitingfor tv rating and for owners of late game commercials to the very end of the game!

  4. awful call they need to put flags and skirts on these QB’s especially Tom Brady….He needs a sun dress and a aqua flag

  5. They’re calling fouls on Suh because he looks and acts violent.

    Yesterday’s call just like the personal foul called on Suh for tackling Marion Barber by the hair.

    Calls should have been left legal, but………

  6. The excuse given will be that referees have to make decisions like that in split seconds (and I don’t buy that as an excuse at all–if players can’t use it, neither can refs considering they aren’t moving around like players).

    Unfortunately, sometimes they really get the call wrong. This isn’t the first time a flag was thrown for something that really didn’t happen when you see the replay and it won’t be the last.

    I think serious consideration should be given to teach referees what should and shouldn’t be penalties. No game this season has been refereed the same this season and I think all fans would like a more consistently called game–I think we can all agree on that.

  7. the nfl should be able to make a new rule to where.. you still have 2 challenges and one extra if you get them both right… but all plays should have the option of being challenged… especially big penalty like that game had.. that wouldnt add time to game and you ensure you get call right

  8. “Hochuli doesn’t have the benefit of video review, however, and this just seems to be a case of a blown call. It happens.”

    ——————————————————Seems to happen a lot with Hochulli. He used to be very good. Now he often sucks.

  9. First it was the Calvin Johnson non touchdown that was a touchdown and now this,I guess the refs just don’t want to see the Lions beat the Bears.

  10. The refs are the worst part of the game. UFL is trying to emulate NFL . Well they did it! Never called def. Pass int. On second to last play because they didn’t want to determine the outcome but they just did by not calling the pi. The games are rigged.

  11. Pathetic call, one of the worst displays of refereeing all year. Suh is a beast and plays with a passion and a “hatred” towards players on the opposing sidelines, it is refreshing to see a player his age play the game like it used to be played. .

  12. BFD, Suh has already dished out enough cheap shots to warrant a quick flag. He needs to quit the cheap shotting!

  13. To be honest, I thought Suh hit Cutler in the head during live action. If I thought that, I can see how Hochuli screwed it up. On replay, you can clearly see that Suh did not hit Cutler in the head. In live action, Suh’s push is so powerful that it makes Cutler’s head jerk forward like he had just been hit in the head with a forearm shiver.

    At least Schwartz didn’t blame the hit for the loss. For that, he gets a star on his man card.

  14. I’ve been an avid fan of football for atleast 20 years. I always thought I knew the sport very well. But this year has made me realize I know nothing about football at all. I no longer know what a catch is. I don’t know what a good tackle is. I don’t know what a horse collar tackle is. Penalties appear to be called/not called as randomly as they are in the NBA.

    I’m really at a loss, and wish we could instead of having throwback jersey days, have throwback rules days. Back to a simpler time when everyone knew the rules of the game. You know like a year ago.

  15. All you Lions apologists should really find something better to do with your time. I’m sure that huge 6 yard penalty really changed the outcome of the game.

  16. i’m getting tired of this guy whining after every loss. whaaa, whaaaa. Again, it was the right call, the head of officials even stated so. maybe if this coach would spend more time finding ways to win football games and less time crying, his team might not be the laughing stock of the league. if he does not understand the rules in the NFL, then maybe he should go coach in a league where the rules are alittle more simple, such as pop warner flag football. he might even get to .500 with some luck there.

  17. I am actually glad that he gave the statement before about complaining about this blown call. He is correct. Its the same about the Miller hit last night that wasn’t called. It ended up not making a difference on that drive but that doesn’t help you at that moment.

  18. didnt Ed used to be good? i think that was before he started getting all the press clippings and attention for being a lawyer ‘living on the beach’ with big guns.
    At least during the week he only screws over either clients or adversaries, not football fans.
    yes Detroit has football fans!

  19. Continues to be a problem as you watch different games with different ref groups.. What they call, what they see and what seems to be there tendencies. They are all over the place and the league office has not helped the problem this year with there fines for what and how much has no considenceies at all.

  20. mt9908 is correct, don’t forget about week 1, when megatron came down with both feet, then his hip then his butt, and then set the ball on the ground. But yeah, that wasn’t a touchdown.

  21. It’s crap that Suh gets called for being so good and nasty. But until the Lions win and he gets established some more, we’re going to get these calls.

    At least we aren’t getting the bad calls over and over again in the game the way the NFL made sure the Steelers “won” Super Bowl XL.

  22. So let me get this straight…

    If a 300 lb Suh comes running up and blindsides Culter while wrapping him up and takes him to the ground with some or all of his weight landing on him it’s a clean tackle.

    If Suh runs up and gives a two hand shove that is roughing?

    Makes TONS of sense.

  23. Officiating is becoming increasingly poor. A blown call handed the Falcons a win yesterday just as a blown call handed the Falcons the Packers game.

  24. The “explanation” is that the refs have been told to throw the flag if a hit looks viscious. The NFL has routinely given BS explanations along with fines for perfectly legal hits. The only difference in this was Hochuli tried to give the explanation on the field.

  25. And this is the problem with the rules. The NFL and it’s lapdogs, such as Florio, keep saying the rules are clear, but they aren’t. The proof is in the number of legal hits that are called penalties and the illegal hits that aren’t. Suh’s hit wasn’t a penalty, certainly not by any penalty definition I am aware of. But he got flagged nonetheless. And why? Because the hit looked violent? Well violent hits aren’t against the rules. Just illegal hits. Whatever those are.

  26. I like how Lion fans are upset over this call. Was it the correct call? Definitely not, but the Bears got screwed more on a previous one. Try the fumble where it was called an equal possession…WTF. A Bears player came up with the ball! Also, the Suh penalty gave the Bears a whopping 7 yards. They would’ve scored no matter what, just like Schwartz said. Get over it Lion fans, your team just doesn’t know how to close games out.

  27. “Jim Schwartz doesn’t understand explanation for flag on Suh”

    …neither does hochuli.

  28. Hochuli really, really needs to retire or be retired. There’s too much at stake to tolerate his particular brand of (pick one or more):

    A: picking the winners, and/or

    B: jiggering the spread, and/or
    C: incompetence, and/or

    D: not giving a damn.

    It’s not as if the mistakes weren’t pointed out to him. As a referee he seems rather pathetic in his arrogance.

  29. this conversation about this call is stupid it had nothing to do with the lions losing the game. They lost this game due to they are just not a good TEAM!

  30. Crappy calls are always part of the game. Deal with it. If you want to make these types of calls not matter then play better and play for more than 3 quarters.

    Cutler fumbles deep in Chicago territory and what did the Lions do? Kicked a field goal. Which ref blew the call on that? Did those 4 points matter? Lions lost 24-20.

  31. Maybe should not have been a penalty, but as has been mentioned, it’s not like it was the deciding factor in the game. It was a six or seven yard penalty. As far as the Calvin Johnson ruling as some have brought up, he wasn’t simply placing the ball on the ground as he got up. Watch the replay closer. As he rolled over from the momentum of his fall, the ball struck the ground and popped out of his hand involuntarily. That, by rule, is an incomplete pass.

  32. Some of these comments make little to no sense. If you watch the replay, no, Suh did not hit Cutler in the head. However, he essentially used his forearm/elbow to direct a blow that was aimed at his neck or head. That is, as Hochuli said, a “non-football” move. You should never see someone trying to tackle the ball carrier by viciously punching them in the back of the head or neck. When I saw this happen live I agreed with the call 100%. That’s a dirty move by Suh and he deserved to be flagged. He should have made a clean tackle but instead he made the conscious decision to literally punch Cutler and he was clearly aiming for the helmet. People should stop defending these thugs.

  33. it’s in the eye of the beholder, dawg.

    them that gets to make the calls, make the calls.

    them that dont, dont, and get to bitch about it.

  34. and jabroni, to call that a punch shows what a big man you are… i’d like to see the “fights” you’ve lost

  35. “Some of these comments make little to no sense.”

    Yours makes less sense than all of them.

    Watch the replay and you see it is two open hands, neither of them touching the neck or anywhere above the neck. There is no forearm or elbow to the back. What a dummy you are. It was replayed over and over and the announcers mentioned repeatedly about the open hand shove. A blind guy couldn’t form an opinion as incorrect as yours.

    Thug? For pushing a guy in the back? During a PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL GAME?

    You have got to be the dumbest person posting on here.

  36. Hahahahahah, whining Lions fans are great. There’s always an excuse for why they lost. When I saw this play happen live, I thought it should have been flagged. Upon watching the replay, I really couldn’t agree with the call.

    That being said, this was IN Detroit, the Lions WERE ahead, their players were acting like they had already won the game…. and that is their problem. Bad calls went both ways, like the fumble mentioned earlier and we can’t dwell on every single one.

    5 wins in a row, top of the NFC North, no respect and I love it. GO BEARS!

  37. “their players were acting like they had already won the game…. ”

    I call bull$hit.

    Nobody on the Lions has any idea what that would look like.

  38. @mfrech, you simply just validated my statement about comments that make little to no sense.

    Have YOU watched the replay? There is a HUGE difference between “two open hands” shoving a player in the back and what Suh did. If you truly believe that Suh “shoved” Cutler, then we must not be watching the same play. Suh is in prime position to TACKLE Cutler, but he slows up, takes his right FOREARM, and directs it in the upper shoulder/neck/head area. That’s indisputable. His LEFT HAND is open, but it’s his RIGHT ARM that directs the blow.

    Watch the replay (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kw6vxVVXWUM) and please think before you riddle this forum with more drivel.

  39. Are you serious? Watch the video. His hands are open. Suh’s open hands touch Cutlers back. Suh extends his arms, pushing Cutler into the ground. He does not wind up and punch anything or swing his arm or any of the other crap you are suggesting.

    You have got to be the worst driver on the planet as well as the least intelligent person to grace these forums.

  40. @thejabronisayz

    Wow, are you a nfl referee? Because your eyesight is as bad as theirs. Watch the replay and you can obviously see that Suh did NOT use his forearm. His arm was bent as he contacted Cutler which does give the resemblance of him using his forearm and I can actually understand why the ref called it that way. But you and I have the benefit of watching it in slo mo replay and it was obvious that it was a open handed shove. Even the announcers stated that it was not a forearm hit. So maybe you should break out your bi or trifocals and watch the link you submitted as your proof again.

  41. @thejabronisayz

    Suh’s forearm, elbow, etc… never make contact with Cutler. It’s two open hands violently shoving Cutler in the back.

    Did you actually watch the replay you linked to your post?

  42. No, the Lions are a good team. I’m a Saints fan firstm but I like the Lions. They have a good team. But when you have minimal luck, hardly any respect, and some key injuries to your team, you won’t normally do good. Trust me, the Lions could be leading the NFC right now if they had a few more things going there way. If Stafford can stay healthy, then the Lions can be a 10 win team.

  43. By my count, the Lions have beaten the Bears twice, and have zero wins to show for it, due to referee errors. Now, that’s football!

  44. gregjennings85 says:
    Dec 7, 2010 11:02 AM
    By my count, the Lions have beaten the Bears twice, and have zero wins to show for it, due to referee errors. Now, that’s football!


    And by my count, the Bears have beaten the Pack once, and hold a game-and-a-half lead over them for first place in the division.

    Guess who’s counting “counts” for more?

  45. @mfrech

    You’re right; I must be the least intelligent person to grace these forums.

    But wait a minute, how can that be if the NFL fined Suh $15,000? Apparently they agreed with the call. Perhaps you should pull your head out of your ass and actually watch the replay. As one poster said, “his arm was bent” when he struck Cutler, because he COULD have simply stuck out his arm and used his hand, but instead he bent it to hit him with his forearm. The NFL, like us, had the luxury of replay, and they clearly agreed with the call. Case closed.

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