One Broncos player is fired up about Eric Studesville

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The announcement that running backs coach Eric Studesville was named Broncos’ interim head coach was greeted by most of the football public with the same reaction: Who?

Well, at least one Denver Broncos player that worked closely with Studesville is excited about the change.

“Aye this the closest thing to Obama being elected president !!!!!” running back Lance Ball wrote.   “Let’s Gooo !!!”

We’re guessing Ball wasn’t a huge Josh McDaniels guy.

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  1. ““Aye this the closest thing to Obama being elected president !!!!!” running back Lance Ball wrote. ”

    AND you’re assuming Obama being elected was a good thing. Not so sure about that. AND you’re assuming that this isn’t just a racist statement by Ball. Liking someone just for the color they are is stupid. Ignorant.

  2. So, does that mean he is going to lie to all the fans, make empty promises, take the money from the wealthiest players and give it to the practice squad players, all the while blaming Josh McDaniels and leaving the Broncos in financial ruin? Good hire!

  3. The complete take over of the NFL, players and coaches, by Blacks will doom the league. The stadiums will be half empty. The new coach in Denver is part of the trend.

    I don’t disagree with the trend, from a player standpoint at least. The speed of the game dictates faster athletes and Blacks are simply better football players. But when there are no white faces on the sideline fan interest will decline.

    Unfortunate but inevitable.

  4. This is a ploy.

    I assume (by the obama comment) that the int coach is black….

    Therefore he will automatically get an interview for the full time head coach.

    The broncos can ‘hire’ anyone they want (gruden) and still not get fined under the rooney rule…

    you’d think a conspiracy site like this would lead with that insight… except they are stupid

  5. Rooting for somebody solely because they are your ethnicity is just as bad as rooting against somebody because they are a different ethnicity.

    Lance Ball is racist… and stupid… that is probably redundant however. And he’s a bum, he sucked at Maryland and I can’t believe he’s on a roster… he should have been kissing McDaniels’ ass for letting his sorry butt have a job.

    Only a moron would compare something good to Obama getting elected.

    What’s funny is if you google an image up of Studesville and UVa’s Mike London, they look like twins.

  6. Dude’s a fringe player making the minimum. Can’t blame him for pimping for his position coach.

    But the Obama reference was silly.

  7. Broncos have the worst running game in the league, (thanks in some small part to Ball), but mainly to Studesville. Guy has the top drafted running back of 2009 and another mid first rounder under his watch and the team is averaging about 3 YPC.

    So, but Pat Bowlen logic that means he should run the team. I guess it’s one way to compete for the first overall draft pick without being too obvious about it.

  8. Maybe the player means he needs some time to clean up McDaniel’s mess (ala GWB) just like Obama does. Sure are a bunch of haters on this site…wow!

  9. Rooney Rule anyone?

    Why is it that it seems like if it is a BLACK interim HC then it is perfectly fine for a team to just offer the job to the interim HC. Why would the Broncos not be required to interview at least 1-2 white candidates and 1-2 other minority candidates?

    But if he is a WHITE interim HC, then the team must exhaust all efforts to interview a minority HC candidate and make sure that he is given as much (if not more) consideration for the job than other candidates simply due to his minority status.

    I am pretty sure that there is a penalty if a team just hires who they want and ignore the Rooney Rule, it may be money and/or draft picks, the same should apply if it is a black interim HC and the team does not interview at least 1white candidate.

  10. #truefan2 says: Dec 6, 2010 8:20 PM

    If this guy is anything like Obama, then I feel very sorry for the future state of the Broncos….


    On the other hand, he could be like Sarah Palin: quit after 3 games, and blame the media.

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