Ravens face $55,000 in fines for Sunday night

As Steelers fans were flooding us with complaints regarding the failure of the officials to flag Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata for snapping the schnoz of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain for delivering a wicked helmet-to-helmet hit to tight end Heath Miller, the failure of the refs to call a penalty in either case had no relevance to the question of whether the players would be fined.

According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen and Adam Schefter, Ngata has been fined $15,000, and McClain has received a $40,000 fine.

Some have suggested that McClain possibly would be suspended, but no one has been suspended for a first offense.

And that’s the point that needs to be remembered when assessing these fines.  Repeat offenders get bigger penalties, whether the context is on-field violence or Ochocinco-style superficialities like touchdown celebrations and in-game Twitter messages.

So before anyone argues that the fines would have been bigger if Steelers linebacker James Harrison had been the culprit, that is correct.  Because Harrison has a history that Ngata and McClain don’t.

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  1. I agree that the fines and penalties are separate issues; but the problem is that the penalties are the part that matters and might actually make a difference in how players play. Most of these guys won’t care about a fine; but letting your teammates down with a costly penalty or later suspension will have an impact.

    This is the part that the refs are blowing and if they can’t make these calls evenly at game speed then they need to stop making these calls; because so far they are blowing it badly and have rarely been right so far.

  2. Two missed calls in a nail-biter turns up in this indictment by the league when they fine players for events on the field that were missed by their zebras.

    These would have been personal fouls and automatic first downs after 15 yard march offs and while I don’t recall their sequence, had the Steelers lost you can imagine the griping we’d be hearing from Steel City.

    Doesn’t give you much confidence in the refs.

  3. Just to be clear, I am a Steeler fan. I actually disagree with the Ngata fine. Yes, it is in line with the other ridiculous fines this year, but what he did does not deserve a fine. It deserved a 15 yard penalty for sure, but a fine is not necessary. Ngata did not intend to injure and it was unfortunate that he hit the exact spot that the face mask did not cover. I wonder if he would have been fined at all if Ben doesn’t break his nose?

    Penalties and fines should never be based on whether there was an injury. Either it was an illegal hit or it wasn’t. The fact that an injury occurred should be irrelevant. In my opinion, it was definitely flag-able but not fine-able

  4. What about ‘severity of the incident’? Not only was the hit on Miller illegal, but it potentially could cost him a game or two to recover to full health. At the very least it gave him a concussion and could have cost him his career. Are you saying he’s allowed to do this again before a suspension is even considered???

  5. No surprise here, but once again you have no idea what you are talking about – Ngata was fined $10K only 3 weeks ago for a hit on Chad Henne.

  6. I think instead of the NFL taking the money from the fines they should give it to the player that gets hit. I mean these guys are taking massive hits that will most likely shorten their life a few years each time and the NFL is banking on it.

  7. Fine the refs. I don’t think Ngata should have been fined but McClain definitely. I didn’t think Ngata did it intentionally but McClain was a cheap shot. But how the refs didn’t throw a flag on either play is beyond me (and Collingworth too). I have not been one of the Steeler fans complaining about the penalties (although they have been excessive against the Steelers) but now I am starting to get worried because they will affect the outcome of a game pretty soon. If there isn’t something going on against the Steelers then why are all of the sports shows talking about it? Where there is smoke, there is fire. Great game to watch last night (minus the no calls).


  8. Ngata’s hit was incidental contact

    McClain’s was bad,,,he deserves what he gets. Glad Heath’s Ok, that was scary

  9. your Harrison comments make me laugh…amazing how you go on and on about how Harrison, Ward, Tomlin, the Steelers are stupid and don’t understand the rules and fines. Did you happen to see Harbaugh’s comments? Apparently he doesn’t know either! of course, he teaches his men to not break the rules cause he is AWESOME (note the sarcasim)….yeah Harbaugh you arrogant “donkey”….you taught them well. Where is the fine on Suggs – at least twice he hit Ben’s head… and I do believe Ngata has been fined for a hit on Brady if I am not mistaken, so this would not be his first offense. I like Ngata and would love him on my team, but my point is…..people don’t understand the rules/fines because it is soooo different for each person/team and not because of previous fines…because the refs/NFL can not be consistant on what they are preaching/selling. All I want is for every team to be treated evenly on penalties. If Tom Brady gets brushed on the helmet and it is a penalty, it should be the same for Flacco, Ben, Rogers, etc.

  10. I’m a Steeler fan, and you wouldn’t hear any griping from me. My motto is that if you need a couple calls by the ref to go your way in order to win the ballgame, then it’s your fault, not the ref’s. Score more points, then it won’t even matter.

  11. That was some hit on Heath – could have paralyzed a smaller man

    He’s amazing – might play this week

  12. tomthebombtracy – who has any confidence in the refs in regards to these hits or even being able to make a simple call if a player is in bounds?? the refs are a joke!

    ijabber88 – you right that fines don’t mean crap if you don’t get the yardage..but Harrison has been fined several times without flags so that argument doesn’t hold water..how many fines are issued each week without a flag?..probably a pretty good %..(Florio that sounds like a good analysis project for you.)

    Personally I think that the bogus calls that give teams 15 yds and first down and no fines are given out are just as bad or worse as the missed calls. Ask Suh, Harrison or Suggs about those.

    Again the rules are complicated and you have refs who have no idea how to interpret them or be consistent. All teams and their fans have been “victims” of the ref’s incompetence and unless Goodell makes changes here, we have have players and fans constantly bitching and sniping at each and the league. It will only get worse each year.

  13. Yes, if James Harrison did this, he would get a bigger fine than these guys did. But, he would have also gotten flagged on the play, because the refs would have erred on the side of caution with him.

    Way to (not) spaz out on the defensive, Florio.

  14. “And that’s the point that needs to be remembered when assessing these fines. Repeat offenders get bigger penalties, whether the context is on-field violence or Ochocinco-style superficialities like touchdown celebrations and in-game Twitter messages.”

    How do you explain Cortland Finnegan?? Hes a repeat offender.

  15. Yes, the fines are the proper outcome for these types of hits, and I also understand that repeat offenders fines are higher….

    However, this still doesn’t correct the fact that these infractions were not called on the field in the form of penalties. No excuse for that at all. Especially when Cris Collinsworth stated there should have been a flag as soon as as the Miller hit was over. Which was before he (Collinsworth) could have seen any kind of replay. Then the NFL in their dutiful form calls NBC saying there should have been a flag on the play. Really? I am not complaining because I am a Steelers fan, I am complaining because I want what all players, coaches , and fans want………Consistency.

  16. Bored with these fines. Get rid of this garbage with the next CBA, eliminate facemasks or something.

    Goodell must go

  17. Hey by the way Florio – you really are concerned about player safety aren’t you…..Roethlisberger gets his f-ing nose broken on an illegal blow the QBs face/head and Heath Miller gets a concussion on a illegal helmet to helmet hit and in your 10 pack you make snide, ridiculous comments about “a run in with a Chrysler” and “eggs getting scramble”…..what joke this is becoming …. your bias towards the steelers is laughable – I liked this site better when you weren’t the leagues BITCH

  18. Missed calls are going to happen, had the Steelers lost, there wouldn’t have been any griping from me. I may have made light of it, but I always make it clear that these things can happen to any team at any time, there is no “conspiracy” against the Steelers or any other team, simply human error. I am happy to hear that fines were levied and that they were fair fines for first time offenders. Plus they were actually legitimate fines, none of the borderline crap that we have seen lately.

  19. Ngata has a history.

    Secondly, Sherrod Martin of the panthers was fined $40k for a helmet to helmet and it was his second offense.

    Don’t give me that crap about repeat offenders, because Goodell only acts when there is an outcry.

  20. If Florio were truly objective he’d address the issue that it does indeed appear that the Steelers are being penalized for the same things other teams aren’t. He won’t address this either, because he’s as biased a gossip columnist as they come.

    Ngata’s cheap shot was a blatant hit to a specific part of the helmet (the space between the top of the facemask and the rim of the front of the helmet). Even if he had avoided sticking his entire hand in there, he should have been penalized for a blow to the helmet. Suggs sould have been penalized twice for his whiff that let ben throw the ball away, nothing called.

    Grow up Florio, this is not about “first offenses” and the amounts of the fines, it’s about the referees calling games fairly.

    How does one fine a guy $75K, between the whistles, who hits a player “in the wrong spot” and only $25K for a premeditated cheap shot to the face of a QB 30 seconds after the play is over?

    Will Florio answer or address any of these issues? No, because he would rather stir people up than tell the truth.

  21. Florio is actually dumber than James Harrison. Steelers fans don’t care how much they were fined, all they want is consistency with the penalty calls. Harrison was right, if he had made either of those hits, he would have been flagged instantly.

  22. “As Steelers fans were flooding us with complaints regarding the failure of the officials to flag Ravens defensive tackle Haloti Ngata for snapping the schnoz of quarterback Ben Roethlisberger or Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain for delivering a wicked helmet-to-helmet hit to tight end Heath Miller, the failure of the refs to call a penalty in either case had no relevance to the question of whether the players would be fined.”

    If you would actually pay attention instead of being an NFL hack, Florio, you would see that the majority of FOOTBALL fans, not STEELER fans had a lot to say about these inconsistencies…….

  23. Before the Steeler’s fans claim that they are being targeted, let’s not forget that Harrison wasn’t flagged for his hits against the Browns that got him $50k in fines either.

  24. Both Ngata and McClain should have been ejected immediately and additionally suspended for two more games. Of course the refs did nothing.

    Their illegal shots were vicious and soley meant to cause serious injury …. which they did.

    THe NFL is a joke. There is no right and wrong.

    Suggs should have been flagged 15 yards for clubbing Roethlisberger in the head and grabbing him by the helmet and pulling and then also received a $25,ooo fine.

    Again …. the refs did nothing except for standing there with their thumbs up their butt.

  25. My complaints are in regard to the lack of consistency in penalties and fines with regard to the Steelers compared to other teams.

    I do not think Ngata should have been fined for the hit to Ben’s nose. That was clearly an accident and let’s face it – that sort of thing happens in football and it is not fine-worthy. However, it clearly should have drawn a penalty flag. A fine is meaningless here and waste of everyone’s time.

    Look it was a great game and I love the way the Ravens play – watching the Ravens is like watching the Steelers. It is really aggravating that the focus of the season has become interpretations of fines and hits. But the NFL has brought it on themselves by targeting the Steelers, denying it and then making an ass of themselves the same week they deny it by making it blatantly obvious.

  26. Roethlisberger has been roughed in the last three games; zero penalties. Fines do nothing to equalize the game. You have to throw the flag. Does anyone think that if Harrison broke a QB’s nose they would miss it? The League through a prepared statement said no one is being targeted, no team is being targeted.

    The evidence from last night does not support their words. It just made me mad when the league interrupted the broadcast to say that the hit on Miller was illegal and that somebody would be fined. The league is just trying to cover their collective ass. Again does anyone believe that had Harrison made that hit it would not have flagged?

  27. Jimbo says:
    Dec 6, 2010 8:41 PM
    Before the Steeler’s fans claim that they are being targeted, let’s not forget that Harrison wasn’t flagged for his hits against the Browns that got him $50k in fines either.

    That’s because #1 – the hit on Cribbs was not an illegal hit – and #2 – it was a questionable call on the WR since he lowered his head to avoid the hit – but in todays NFL (which the league seems to want to be less physical than most MLS games) it should have drawn a flag probably – and finally – it was $75000 not $50000 so before you go complaining about stuff make sure your facts are correct.

  28. Jimbo — that was before the Era of the Fines. Now if you even look at a helmet, you’re getting flagged and fined.

  29. You’re such a lawyer, Florio. Almost nobody is complaining about the size of the fines. The vast majority of complaints have been about the non penalties. But you choose to ignore that and instead focus on the size of the fines because it’s the only piece of this that you can make an argument against.

  30. ravensrule says:
    Dec 6, 2010 8:21 PM
    Ngata’s hit was incidental contact

    McClain’s was bad,,,he deserves what he gets. Glad Heath’s Ok, that was scary

    As a Steeler Fan… Thank you for the Commits

  31. I’m a Steelers fan … and I have no idea why Ngata was fined. The contact was a result of attempting to make a tackle while fending off a block.

    This is just stupid.

  32. I am a die heart steelers fan so maybe a little bias. I am appalled that the Ravens are trying to down play the hit and publically stating it was a clean hit. The ref’s need to stop playing for the opposing team ( I know Baltimore had multiple penalties) not calling the Heath Miller hit was unbelieveable! Although both Pennsylvania teams should be used to the refs missing calls against them or calling ridiculous calls against them.

  33. So the only issue is whether someone is a “repeat offender” rather than the severity of the offense. Most of the flags on Harrison are borderline at best. In contrast, someone hits Ben in the head AFTER a play or breaks his nose [!!] and receives the minimum or a de minimis fine (or remember when he was speared into a concussion in the Atlanta game a few years back with no penalties or fines). I want to see a first offender do either of these things to Marcia Brady or Manning and get off that easy. How idiotic.

    The league has no integrity – witness how easy the Pasterisks got off with Spygate.

  34. Mike, Mike, Mike …

    We all expected fines to be levied. You’ve missed the point. Do you do that on purpose, Mr. Click Magnet? 😉

    We’ve had what? Four, five, six Steelers suffer concussions since Goodell launched this supposed fine war to reduce concussions? Multiply that by 32. So, Rog, how’s that fine thing workin’ for ya? Better officiating is the answer. But that would cost the league instead of the players. So that’s not an option. Better to try and bully players into slowing down the speed of the defense.

    @Jimbo and others who don’t get it …

    No, Harrison wasn’t flagged for the illegal hit on Massaquoi several weeks ago. And McClain wasn’t flagged for the illegal hit on Miller last night. So what has Goodell accomplished with his fines that’s making players safer? Nothing.

    Harrison’s hit on Massaquoi was illegal, but his fined hits on Brees and Fitzpatrick were not. He’s just been a convenient posterchild to try and persuade defenses to take it easier in hopes of decreasing injuries and making players more receptive to an 18-game season. The league wants the profits of an expanded season without the expense of an expanded roster or a more reliable officiating system. It’s called having their cake and eating it, too. Not only is that expansion plan ridiculously flawed as it stands, but so are Goodell’s methods of selling it.

    Before expanding the season to 18 games, the owners need to plug the holes in the current 16-game season. If they don’t maintain the integrity of their product, it won’t matter how many games they play.

  35. Interesting when you post about Harrison’s fines you comment that he’s some sort of idiot for not knowing how to hit properly…yet it was clear that McClain didn’t know how to hit properly either since he hit a defenseless receiver helmet-to-helmet AND got fined for it. Double standard Florio?

    Your headlines on Harrison’s post always mention him by name and his “illegal” hits, yet your headline for the two FINED hits read like Ben and Miller pulled hamstrings (“Roethlisberger and Miller both get injured during the game” or something innocent like that). Once again I ask: Double standard?

    I don’t understand why your headline didn’t read “McClain’s helmet-to-helmet hit on Miller knocks him out of game.” Why the biased towards Harrison? Oh, maybe because you know mentioning his name in the headline will get you more comments…

    Listen, I’m not for fining players at all. I hate how the commissioner seems to pull an amount out of his a$$ everytime a player does something wrong. Refs make bad decisions on the field and so do players. We should all just get over it.

    However, if you’re going to fine one guy for something, they you should fine every guy for doing the same thing. And if you’re going to throw a flag for touching a QBs helmet, then you should do it no matter who the QB is.

    Why doesn’t Goodell publish his so-called list of fine amounts? If there is in fact a scale for punishing behavior, make it available. List players and their previous offenses. Since we’re always guessing the amount of money and no one knows if repeat offender means just this season or last season, too, then obviously Goodell’s system isn’t clear.

  36. The NFL needs to figure out what should be a 15 yard penalty and what should be fined.

    They are clumping everything together. James Harrison’s hits were not as bad as McClains. All of his were borderline, some shouldn’t even be penalties.

    It is to bad they can’t just protect the players from hits like McClains. Instead they are fining for late hits, something that happens in football.

  37. So Florio, how does it feel to be a puppet for the NFL front office? This site was much better before you sold out and bent over for the sake of becoming part of the “Goodell family”.

    Why not place your energy towards reporting the inconsistancies in flags for the personal fouls, afterall, that is what people are upset about. Not the fines or their amounts(although excessive).

  38. I like how everyone can read the minds of Ngata and Mclain. How do you know whether it was intentional or not? You don’t. So stop acting like you do. I didn’t see Ngata’s hit, but it looked to me like McClain tried to slow up. Had Miller caught it, McClain would have been right there for the tackle. You can’t blame him for not being able to come to a complete stop after running full speed towards Miller.

  39. You whiners make me sick. Florio works for the NFL do you think he would say wrong stuff about it? NO! He loves it too. And I think you should listen to his good commentary and analysis. I am also a journalist like him too so I learnt not to criticize my bosses.

  40. McClain should have been suspended. His illegal hit on Miller could have ended Miller’s career. Both McClain and Ngata ARE repeat offenders…Ngata was fined for hitting Henne, and McClain spit in someone’s face.

    Stay classy Baltimore.

  41. The fines are politically motivated. The NFL is just covering up it’s attack on the Steelers. No penalty for a blow to the face that breaks a player’s nose. No penalty for knocking a player unconscious. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Usually, fines occur in the middle of the week. I don’t believe either player should have been fined. It’s just football.


  42. #
    fancyleague says: Dec 6, 2010 8:22 PM

    I’m a Steeler fan, and you wouldn’t hear any griping from me. My motto is that if you need a couple calls by the ref to go your way in order to win the ballgame, then it’s your fault, not the ref’s. Score more points, then it won’t even matter.

    Holy crap, a sane Steelers fan.

    I found Waldo.

  43. I also don’t think Ngata should have been fined. Flagged yes, but not fined. How is fining somebody going to prevent them from doing something in the future that seemed to be unintentional.

    McClain should have been fined $50k just like Merriweather and Robinson were for 1st “egregious” offenses.

    Goodell just throws darts at a board on these fines…

  44. No surprises here. Both players were called for personal fouls during the game.

    Say what?

    Oh that’s right. There were no flags thrown on these two plays.

    All kidding aside, how in the world did BOTH the line and side judges miss (read “not make”) the call against Heath?

  45. Florrio
    actually, you have no knowledge of the game. Ngata has history and how could any one even read your post and not cringe? Earlier you made a comment that was trying to say that Ben Roethlisberger was a drama queen….. which makes no sense because he played with a broken foot, and three plays into the games a broken nose. That’s not drama, that’s called being injured but also being tough as nails. But the NFL’s loves, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Carson Palmer and Drew Brees, are considered tough in your books because someone falls near them and they get a penalty, or someone drops their hands after a pass, bumps their face mask and a flag is thrown….ie-Carson Palmer. The NFL is corrupt and I’m gonna go ahead and say it, Goodell is worse than Hitler, because at least Hitlers dead.

  46. Congrats, citizenstrange, for the most delusional PFT comment in 2010. You’re only marginally less homerific than the Ravens fan I heard on the radio this morning claiming Flacco’s fumble was an incomplete pass.

  47. Ravensrule, your comment is greatly appreciated from this Steeler fan! You have shown yourself to be a class act, not just with that comment, but with others as well. Glad to see there can be some civility on this site, despite all the juvenile prodding encouraged by the purveyor of this site.

  48. Fox News has permeated the NFL. It’s beginning to be no fun watching games any more. I just want to watch a game once in awhile for the enjoyment of it. That’s what I did last night. It was two great teams in a very good game.

    But no. All I hear are pundits and their whining of fans, most of which are ignorant to the game. Just like FoxNews, this type of hated banter sells advertising and gets peoples’ blood boiling. Screw the game itself, the side shows are more important. Why have full-time refs when part-time ones add to the controversy.

    I am this close to just turning off the tube on Sundays and never visiting an NFL stadium again. Enough is enough.

  49. How embarrassing.

    You Pittsburgh fans have to be the most whining cry babies of any team in the league.

    Baltimore got fined but without flags.

    Pittsburgh got fined without flags.

    Quit crying.

  50. Steeler fan here, but if I weren’t I’d be a Raven fan. I don’t care about either one of the fines. Screw the fines! Call the penalty. Fining somebody after the game is over doesn’t change the outcome of that game. Suspending someone after the game is over doesn’t change the outcome of that game. We need three things:
    1. Train the refs or hire full time refs. Too many inconsistent calls, including the ref who a couple of weeks ago talked about the “second act” after catching a ball, which doesn’t exist.
    2. Goodell must go. (And I started out admiring him. The two extra games ruined him.)
    3. We need to realize Florio only hammers the Steelers because he gets more hits on his web site. Integrity has nothing to do with a lawyer.

  51. What about the hit to the head Flacco took w/ about 5 1/2 minutes to go in the 1st half as he was sacked? I think it was #96. Just watched the DVR of the game, it was blatant & along the lines of Ngata’s hit, except Flacco didnt get his nose broken!

  52. Florio,

    I want you to stop and think. If the NFL really wants to prohibit these types of hits, does it really matter that they fine repeat offenders more? Shouldn’t everyone learn from the fine of a fellow player?

    Don’t you think that McClain has heard about what Harrison did or what Merriweather did? So by fining him less because this was his first offense, you are saying that all the player will get a chance to severely injure a player before they are truly punished.

    The concept of “repeat offender” clearly means that The NFL are targeting certain players and teams and the confusion that has followed is clearly being seen and protested by players and commentators alike.

    If the NFL truly wants this behavior stopped, they should get rid of the concept of repeat offender. Every player should learn from the punishment of a fellow player and the next offender should have an escalating punishment.

    So stop being a hypocrite being on your high horse about wanting to protect player safety but still being the NFL mouthpiece about this stupid repeat offender concept. If you really are for player safety, challenge the NFL to punish the next offender with a higher fine and suspension whether they have committed an offense or not.

  53. Hm, not sure if my last post went through.

    But I wanted to add, I suspect after enough fines, a player might take care to change his hits if necessary. However, I doubt this would be as immediately effective as simply calling the rule consistently. Think about it this way: if it’s the Super Bowl, and a player could jeopardize his team’s chance to win with a bad hit, is he going to be more motivated by a penalty or a fine? I think most guys in the NFL would rather win the Super Bowl than keep an extra 10-50k in their pockets.

  54. I’m a Ravens fan, and I’m usually the first to complain about Steelers fans, so those facts alone should highlight the absurdity that is now causing me to make the following statement: Steelers fans are right. The fines are borderline useless, and MUCH less effective than penalty flags, and fans really DON’T give much of a flying **** about whether a hit gets fined or not. The way to stop illegal hits is to CALL THEM CORRECTLY. On the field. Not after the fact.

    Blowing an extremely obvious call on the field, in real time, is one thing. It happens. I think despite the fact that we all get a bit annoyed when it happens, we can get over it and continue to enjoy the game. But when the league comes in and does this ridiculous recapping of which calls were missed, which calls were called that shouldn’t have been, and which hits are going to get fines, it makes it look like the NFL doesn’t give a **** about what’s happening on the field. It makes it seem like they’re trying to throw fans a bone by saying “Yeah, your team didn’t benefit from getting the right call during the game, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re right, and we’re behind you.”

    Well I can only speak for myself, but I’d rather see them try their best to get the calls right ON THE FIELD, take the good with the bad, and just move on once the game is over than spend all week listening to the league talk about how badly they ****ed up and how they’re going to fine players to “fix” the blown calls.

    I’m not saying don’t fine players. I’m saying if you can’t even see it on the field as it’s happening, you can’t give a fine for it. I think that is more than fair, considering pretty much all of the bad hits this year have been pretty obvious, whether they were flagged or not.

    And the fact that the media keeps harping on the Steelers and their fans about something the league is obviously ****ing up is so absurd that it’s actually making ME willing to defend them… and that kind of pisses me off. It’s like the press all have their fingers in their ears and their eyes covered, so that they won’t be exposed to what is ACTUALLY happening.

  55. I am highly disappointed in last nights game. The officials were horrible. If this is how the NFL is going to run things, I’m going to stop watching football. I wish all NFL fans would stop going to games and stop watching games, maybe this way Roger Gotohell will start running things accordingly. Without the fans you have nothing! Post this Florio the NFL Horio.

  56. jjsteelerfan – you are absolutely correct..until fans and teams unite things will never change. We are all focusing on these hits because the NFL has decided to focus on them. The bad officiating doesn’t stop with these..they can’t call anything correctly..holding, pass interference, whether a ball was caught in bounds or not, where to even spot the ball!!..some of these calls or non-calls are made right in front of the ref..how do they miss those?? All of these types of calls impact the game probably more than the personal foul calls. At game speed, I can see missing one here and there..but no way as much as they do.

  57. thataintchocolate says:
    Dec 6, 2010 10:11 PM
    You whiners make me sick. Florio works for the NFL do you think he would say wrong stuff about it? NO! He loves it too. And I think you should listen to his good commentary and analysis. I am also a journalist like him too so I learnt not to criticize my bosses.

    This has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve read this morning. Are we actually supposed to believe that the person writing this post is a journalist? If you’re going to claim to be something that involves writing, don’t use words like “learnt”.

    Oh, and Florio is an idiot. That is all.

  58. Goodell’s goal is to fine players with the hope they will stop making “illegal” hits. He thinks that if he fines them more and more money, the game will become more safe. Apparently it’s not working.

    Unfortunately, what’s “illegal” changes from game to game and what gets flagged is different from game to game.

    No wonder players and fans are confused.

  59. @japdouds … You thought that Ngata hit was unintentional? Watch it again. Yes, on the 30 yards plus an ejection for one or both of them.

    @bspn2 … Correct about Ngata–that fine was unbelievably low. But the spitting incident was a different McClain.

    @edgarpoe2 … No kidding. We’d all like to be able to just watch the game. I’m no fan of FoxNews, but you can’t lay this mess on Rupert Murdoch. If you’re looking for someone to blame, try Roger Goodell. Instead of whining about a well-called game, join the voices complaining about an inept commissioner. The sooner he’s replaced with someone who has a better understanding of the league and the players, the sooner the drama will stop.

    @thataintchocolate … That was a joke post, right? Florio doesn’t work for the NFL. And if you’re a journalist, I’m a Christmas tree.

  60. @bltzburgh
    I wasn’t intending for anyone to actually believe that I am a journalist. I was just using sarcasm to imply that an idiot who uses words like learnt is as credible as an idiot like Florio, who also considers himself to be a journalist. My main point is that Florio is essentially employed by the NFL, through the NBC-NFL tv contract connection (convoluted argument, I know.) The fact that he lacks any journalistic integrity/ethics then allows for the logical leap that he would not report honestly and fairly on his bosses’ indiscretions. GO STEELERS!

  61. “No relevance”? Uh, no — the whole point is they don’t throw the flags on infractions that happen right in FRONT of the refs. The fines only underscore the fact that they were penalties to BEGIN WITH. And should’ve been called.

    The fines only point out the failure of the refs.

  62. @deb
    It was a joke post and I’m definitely not a journalist. I think many posters here have very capably encapsulated what is wrong with the NFL lately (lack of consistency.) So I just went ahead and took a sarcastic jab at Florio and implied that he is caught in a conflict of interest and chooses to forego journalistic ethics and instead toe the company line. Any true journalist would get pretty fired up at such an accusation, so I was just having some fun at his expense, I guess. Also, I (mildly) disagree with you that he doesn’t work for the NFL. His company (NBC) is heavily affiliated with the NFL through their TV contract. Its a weak connection, I know, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Goodell is a fascist, I don’t think he wants the networks he’s contracted with employing people who are too critical of his regime. It sounds like a stupid conspiracy theory, I know, but I’m fed up with the NFL and I want to be insulting. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

  63. Bottom line: the refs can spot Harrison stepping on a bug from 100 yards away, but somehow they’re blind to a QB getting clubbed in the face, or Miller being whacked in the classic “helpless position.”

    So what if they get fined — it’s a few bucks out of a well-padded wallet. Pocket change. It’s the team that should’ve paid the price during the game. They got off scot-free.

  64. @thataintchocolate …

    Yeah … thought that was a joke 🙂

    Actually, I’m completely on board with your conspiracy theory. Until Chris Collinsworth Sunday night, no announcer had spoken out forcefully on the NFL’s inconsistency. Since I believe all this is tied to the CBA negotiations and the push for an 18-game season, it seemed the NFL had suggested its television affliliates, as you say, toe the line because it’s in their best interest.

    Florio isn’t a journalist in the true sense; he’s more a commentator. He’s a master at drawing clicks, and tweaking the Steelers is one sure way to do that. So it’s difficult to know whether he’s wearing blinders, following the party line, or just continuing to feed his machine. But I share your anger. All I want for Christmas is Goodell’s resignation.

  65. Deb says:

    I’m completely on board with your conspiracy theory. I believe all this is tied to the CBA negotiations and the push for an 18-game season..

    It seemed the NFL had suggested its television affiliates toe the line because it’s in their best interest.

    You can’t really berate me for conspiracy theories and then come up with THAT load, can you??

    Where’s your evidence to support this? Where are the statements of those involved? Why, if the plan is to soften the entire league, are only a handful of players being targeted? Do you have a source for any of this, besides your own extremely-biased mind?

    With condolences to certain Viking fans, I think you’ve now officially taken their place as the biggest hypocrite on this entire site. Congratulations.

  66. @Deb
    You’re absolutely right. The way I see it, the league and owners are in a PR bind. On the one hand they want to go to an 18 game schedule, on the other they want to promote the lie that they are concerned with player safety and retiree health. In order to bridge that gap they have taken to flagging/fining players (specifically James Harrison because he’s big and scary and hasn’t always acquitted himself well when given a forum to speak) and acting like it will cure the injury problem. This has been done in part, I believe, because the league and owners are also simultaneously trying to increase ratings/viewership among ever more varied demographics, including females; and it’s ok if Tom Brady is the face of the league but it’s not ok for a guy like James Harrison to smash that face, hence the perception that he’s been targeted. Now with all that ugliness behind them and the players safe and sound, they can add the two games and let the increased revenue roll in. The old adage in the NFL was always “speed kills,” it should be “greed kills” because I really want to stop watching but I guess I’m an addict. You’re right about Florio too, he’s no journalist, he’s just a shill for the NFL and this site.

  67. @thataintchocolate …

    Exactly … up to a point. I don’t want to stop watching–I want them to stop screwing with my NFL 🙂 And I didn’t mean that to insult Florio. Even when I want to knock him in the head, I can’t help but admire what he’s built with this site. Dude was an employment lawyer who loved football and started this site as a hobby. Built this thing into a monster–which is no easy task–worth … you wouldn’t believe me if I told you what these megasites are worth. Sold the thing to NBC and now he’s hanging with Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison and covering the Super Bowl. That’s pretty cool. He’s like the Perez Hilton of football 🙂

  68. is every personel foul going to be a fine now?when was the last personel foul not a fine?if fines for every pf is the norm the offseason meetings are going to get ugly .i believe a lockout or strike will happen.roger goodel should step down as commish so someone with football intelegnce can run the show.goodel wants 18 games when he cant get 16 games called correctly.the nfl needs full time refs more refs on the field and younger refs the game has gotten to fast for alot of the older officials.too many noncalls and missed calls.but the downfall this would be a ton of penalties for holding on the oline.every play there is a hold somewhere

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