Report: Redskins may cut Haynesworth this week

The latest chapter in the Albert Haynesworth saga should be getting more attention, but the Redskins aren’t in the playoff race and we’ve already grown accustomed to Haynesworth as a rarely-useful backup.   Another benching barely phases anyone, even when there are a few inflammatory comments thrown in.

Well, the Redskins are considering a way to get everyone’s attention.

Chris Russell of ESPN 980 in Washington (Dan Snyder’s station) reports that the team is giving “serious consideration” to releasing Haynesworth this week.  Russell’s team source says the move is “75% likely.”

Haynesworth was inactive Sunday against the Giants after showing up late to a meeting during the week and missing a practice due to illness.

A release would be an appropriate ending to the Haynesworth-Mike Shanahan marriage.  It would essentially be an admittance that the team badly mismanaged the situation all year.  They held on to Haynesworth too long, paid him too much, and won’t get a draft pick in return.  (Or consistent help from Haynesworth on the field.)

Cutting Haynesworth would simply be giving up, like the Redskins did on the field Sunday.

31 responses to “Report: Redskins may cut Haynesworth this week

  1. I hope the Giants pick him up and use him properly. Redskins have allowed Shanahan to get into a pissing match with a talented but unmotivated player. As a result, the Reskins have suffered this year. Especially, switching from a 4-3 to a 3-4 that hasn’t worked. Giants are currently 7th against the run. But if they can force teams to become one dimensional and face the 2nd ranked pass defense, it could help offset the offensive problems with turnovers. Which we currently lead the league in, sadly….

  2. I can’t see anyone putting a waiver claim on him with that contract. If he gets cut and clears waivers then it will get interesting.

  3. I was horribly, horribly wrong with my Deadskins prediction of 8-8.

    I, however, reserve the right to flip-flop – a tradition among the slime occupying Capitol Hill – and now have “The Danny’s” gagging to a 5-11 finish.

    Hey Shanny: “Got Elway?”

  4. Remember when the Eagles suspended T.O. for the remainder of the season a few years back–can the Redskins do the same thing to Haynesworth? If he’s late to meetings and skipping practice, do they have the same case Reid had? Not sure if it will make a difference…

  5. one word describes this org….COMICAL. Thats what happens when you have a weasel owner running the operation with a rat as a coach.

    where are the haters now? LMAO.

    HAIL SUCKAS!!!!!

  6. wow, the writing was on the wall in camp….I still think having hayneworth alongside Kelly and seymour would be a wall nobody could get through.

  7. Haynesworth’s contract is not bad after this year as most of the money was paid in signing bonus and roster bonus this year.. The problem is that he is an unmotivated dirtbag that only plays when he wants..That said someone will claim him the day he is cut because when motivated he is the singler most dominant DT in the NFL..

  8. As for Shanahan I’ll say again what I said when he was signed..What has he ever won without John Elway at QB?? The guy is the most overrated coach in the history of Football.. The Skins look no better right now then they did last year under the hapless Jim Zorn..

  9. Haynesworth will NOT be released this week and PFT will have posted yet another Redskins bashing article with no merit that does not ring true.

  10. One word to describe boysroll and typical cowboys fans. Bandwagon. Welcome back to the forums boysrollpt1. You are taking big from the bottom of your division. Must be use to that with your daddy.

  11. Too little, too late. While he’s at it, Shanahan should dump the entire offense outside of Chris Cooley and Fred Davis. I watch every game and don’t see anything out of any other players that impresses me. Maybe keep Trent Williams and see if he grows into a good lineman. The rest of ’em stink and keep getting older, keep getting hurt, keep getting pushed around.

  12. If this happens, the Texans should try to get him and stick him next to A. Okoye for the final 4 games and see how it goes. The defense can’t possibly be any freaking worse.

  13. The redskins are an embarrassment to their fans…I have cheered this team for 25 yrs and even when they were a complete non factor w/ Pettibone and Turner and even Spurrier they werent half as bad as the team i see on the field these past two years…these guy dont care, have very few likeable players, play w/ no passion, and are outcoached…so cut Haynesworth already and stop this stupid back and forth…matter fact cut anybody on this squad that is half assing it…IE Moss, Sellers, K. Moore, etc. Id rather lose w/ guys that are playing their hearts out than this bunch that figures one good game in the past 4 yrs means theyre safe

  14. “Andre’s Johnson says: Dec 6, 2010 12:04 PM

    If this happens, the Texans should try to get him and stick him next to A. Okoye for the final 4 games and see how it goes. The defense can’t possibly be any freaking worse.”

    It could be worse if they had a fat lazy overpaid linemen with a bad attitude who sucks.

  15. Who is this boysrol person and why is he a subject of conversation? By boys do you mean cowboys? Aren’t they in last place. It’s cool and all; it’s just funny to see the fan of a team that is dead last talking smack as if they were Super Bowl champs.

    As far as the Redskins go, they need to trade Haynesworth in the offseason and get something for him…a fifth rounder would do at this point. The Redkins are in real trouble. They need more draft picks to just stack both sides of the line. I’m also not sure McNabb is the answer. There are a lot of needs there. This is going to take multiple years to rebuild.

  16. demo3356 says:
    Dec 6, 2010 11:42 AM
    As for Shanahan I’ll say again what I said when he was signed..What has he ever won without John Elway at QB?? The guy is the most overrated coach in the history of Football.. The Skins look no better right now then they did last year under the hapless Jim Zorn..

    Demo, I agree with you that Shanahan hasn’t done much since. BUT this team had so many holes to fill offensively and not enough time or draft picks to fix the problem. Then they unwisely switched to a 3-4 which has proven to be a horendous move. If they stayed at a 4-3, they record might be better as they might give the offense a better chance to win games. But they did that offense no favor by switching to a 3-4 and thus trying to fit square pegs into a round hole and it failing. This team needs a solid two off-seasons to even begin to rectify this mess. I don’t doubt Shanahan will ultimately fail to make it work, but out of fairness, he should be given a little more time to make some changes before we judge his body of work.

  17. @igster1

    The Redskins are the last team that have bandwagon fans. The DC area is full of people that are from around the country so most of the people here aren’t skins fans to begin with, especially since the natives have to deal with so many Cowboys fans. Plus, the Ravens are close by, so the true fair weather fans are Ravens fans now.

    I’m shocked the anyone thinks the current redskins fans are bandwagon fans. There’s really no truer fan of any team, except maybe the Browns or Lions fans.

  18. I wonder if he will clear waivers or if some idiotic team will pick him up. I am trying to remember: Who was the last high-profile pain-in-the-ass player to clear waivers?

    Hmmm…Oh right, Randy Moss. So how did that work out?

    I doubt anyone will want to make that mistake again.

  19. Haynesworth is a GIANT BABY.

    Shanahan didn’t sign him, didn’t want him, and the bottom line is he represents the way the Redskins used to operate.

    Be patient with Coach mike, he will get this ship turned around, when he has all the players he wants.

  20. hey Gregg Rosenthal, when you update this story, please include what he’s been paid, what he’s still owed, and/or how much of his contract will NOT have to be paid… THNX…

  21. lucky5927 must be an Eagles fan. As a Giants fan, there is NO WAY I would want Fat Albert on the Giants to become a griping humongous spoiled Cancer. That is exactly the kind of player I couldn’t stand to root for (and wouldn’t root for).

    There is no chance that Jerry Reese and the Mara/Tisch families pick that fat load up.

  22. lucky5927- I hope you guys would pick him up too. The Giants would be done for a year or two to come if it did!

    igster1 says:
    Dec 6, 2010 12:02 PM
    the deadskins and their bandwagon fans sure are quiet now. i love it.

    Dude what a dumb comment! The Redskins fans are just loyal fans and actually take the team they root for seriously, they cheer no matter what the record or boo (whatever), but regardless they are good fans and it makes for the 2nd most profitable NFL franchise. Bandwagon fans jump on winning teams ships. Redskins still sell out EVERY game win or lose.

    Redskins fans it’s not the 90’s anymore and hopefully this team can turn things around sooner than later. This year expect 6-10 maybe 7-9 next year expect 2 more wins than this year.

    Eventually this team will fill the holes left by Haynesworth, Carter, Sean Taylor, Carlos Rogers on the defensive side of the ball and get a center and guard on offense and see what Malcolm Kelly has to offer at reciever. They need a RB that can stay healthy too.

  23. If the guy’s as useless as he appears to be and if the redskins have to pay him anyways they should do to him what the lions did to barry sanders. Don’t release him, just pay him like he’s on the team. No practice no coming to the team site. Or better yet let him come to the team facilities and pick up dirty jock straps. When he doesn’t show, fine him and recoop more of your money. If football means anything to him, and I doubt it does, he’d be useless as any teams player when his contract runs out. Ending a mans career if he’s not ready for it sounds nice. Last I checked Barry Sanders didn’t play again after the lions ruined his career.

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