Vikings finally sign Lorenzo Booker

Nearly two weeks ago, the Vikings gave UFL running back Lorenzo Booker a tryout.  Because of the UFL’s $150,000 transfer fee, the Vikings opted not to sign him.

Now that the transfer fee has been dropped to $25,000, Booker is a Viking.

The UFL has announced the transaction via a news release.

Booker is the second UFL player to be signed to an active roster since the reduction of the transfer fee.  Last week, the Patriots signed defensive end Eric Moore.

Booker, who previously played for the Eagles and Dolphins, boycotted the regular-season finale involving his UFL team, the Hartford Colonials.

8 responses to “Vikings finally sign Lorenzo Booker

  1. Not to be confused with Lorenzo Texter. Who may, in fact, be headed the other way. In lieu of the $25,000 fee.

  2. With every NFL team refusing to pay the big money but teams starting to pay the little money… how will this harm the teams standing with the union negotiations vis-a-vis collusion?

  3. I don’t think there will be a collusion charge from this. This is just doing good business, making the cost more in line with the risk reward when taking into consideration the limited number of games left in the schedule.

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