Dave Wannstedt is on the market

Dave Wannstedt has been fired as head coach of the University of Pittsburgh, and now the speculation can begin about whether he’ll make a return to the NFL.

The 58-year-old Wannstedt has an 82-86 career record as head coach of the Bears and Dolphins, and after his latest stint at Pittsburgh he’s not particularly well-regarded as a head coach.

But he is well-regarded as a defensive coordinator, and it’s easy to see him making a return to the NFL as an assistant in 2011. Wannstedt has served as the defensive coordinator of both the Cowboys and Dolphins, and as head coach in Miami he worked closely with Rick Spielman, now the Vice President of Player Personnel for the Vikings.

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  1. Maybe Turner in San Diego will hire him, and they can continue their nearly 20 year ride on Jimmy Johnson’s coattails. If you can’t win in the freakin Big East, you can’t win anywhere….

  2. Holy crap! I just walked past him on my way home from work. He was coming out of the Peterson Events Center… a friend an I were wondering if he just got fired or if it was just cold out.

    Good luck Dave. I know you wanted to do well for the Panthers… it just didn’t turn out that way. Kinda like Miami and Chicago.

    Hope he continues to coach. Just not on any team I root for. Would’ve told him that… except I know just how much my opinion is worth.

  3. He knows he has an even slimmer chance to win in the Big East now that TCU will be slapping that whole conference around in ’12.

  4. He could always go back to being the Magnum, P.I. stunt double. I mean that show gets great ratings….

    Wait, what year is it again?

  5. I’m from Pa.
    Pittsburgh is NOT a hot spot destination for recruits.
    I would have not fired him.
    This school was known as PITT forever.
    Coolest helmets EVER… and then they decided to go Thurston Howell III and be know as Pittsburgh and bla bla bla… and killed the brand.
    I blame the higher ups in the athletics department.
    Dave was a Pitt guy… a home boy.
    Good Luck with your next hire there guys.
    Dave’s got a great outlook at least.

  6. How quickly people forget. He had Super Bowl talent in Miami and ran the team into the ground. He’s also the guy that nearly killed Ricky Williams with carries and ran him out of the league (OK, so he had help from the weed). He wasted the best years of Jason Taylor’s career and refused to play anyone but Jay Fiedler at QB.

    No competent owner would hire him as a HC now.

  7. Dave Wannstedt was the picture of incompetence during his head coaching tenures.

    I’ll never forget the year he made the playoffs with the Dolphin team he inherited from Jimmy Johnson: they started the season strong but faded at the end of the year. Even though they backed into the wild card spot with the help of other teams, you would’ve thought they had just won the Super Bowl the way Wannstedt was acting in the locker room afterwards: crackin’ bottles of champagne, dousing the lockerroom reporters with it, doin’ the funky chicken. His team got pasted in the first playoff game the next week.

    The team that hires him is guaranteeing a fade into mediocrity or worse

  8. Wow, that is kinda surprising. He took a team that was not very good, and that was abandoned by their head coach and did what he could with it. He has directed Pitt to a bowl in every season, I believe, and has been in the top 25 at some point in each season. He deserved a few more years, as he was still living off of that scum-bag Walt Harris’ poor recruiting.

  9. This guy made me turn off the Bears games and go out to the backyard to rake leaves.
    He replaced Ditka in Chicago and made the playoffs his first year …. and then killed the team in historic fashion.
    Give him a team with talent and he will turn it into poop in no time at all.
    This is what he does.

    As soon as he utters his dumb “All the pieces are in place” comment you know your team is screwed.

  10. It was actually his 2nd in Chicago that he made the playoffs.
    He finished with back to back 4-12 seasons that were some of the worst football that I have ever seen.

  11. What about Denver? They seem to make bad decsions on coachs, so he’d be a perfect fit. Never seen a coach with such highly rated recruiting classes and have high expecations every year, get so little out of his team, definately shouldn’t be a head coach anywhere.

  12. As a Pitt alumnus I’m sorry to see him go. A very good recruiter and ran a clean program. His downfall was a promising sophmore QB who made mistakes as sophmore QBs do and loss of a prospective first round draft pick DE Greg Romeous to a back injury. Class guy…best of luck.

  13. Wanny to Minnesota?

    Was Leslie Frazier still on the Bears when Wanny came to Chicago? If he was he cut Frazier and there is no way Frazier hires Wanny.

    Frazier might have already been coaching at Trinity Intl Univ.

    Wanny would he a nice fit for some college that loses their coach to a better job. He would do well at Northern IL. He is a good enough coach to win the MAC a few times. All would have to do is get to a bowl every year and they would keep him around. Being and Ex-Bears coach he could recruit well enough in the Chicagoland area to be competetive.

  14. scabbyeggs says:
    Dec 8, 2010 12:34 AM
    I have to admit, as a Bears fan, upon reading this man’s name I threw up a little.

    As a dolphins fan I will second that! I also have to say this is the worst post I have ever seen! (see below)
    sanchizesucks says:
    Dec 7, 2010 5:23 PM
    Welcome to San Francisco, Dave. The Niners sure could use a guy like you out here..

  15. great recruiter of everything except QB. we need to legalize whatever you are smoking if you think Tino is gonna bring us to prominence.
    never gets enough out of the teams he coaches, as a DC, HC, or any other capacity. Seems nice enough and does run a pretty clean operation, but as some have already said, Pittsburgh aint exactly a hot spot for recruits and i dont know that there’s much he could do about that….except maybe find a qb worth a damn, stop losing the conference championship to basketball schools (though we are arguably/obviously one too), start winning the Big East games that matter instead of choking EVERY TIME, and take us to something other than the annual “what the hell are they calling this now” Bowl.
    ON THE MARKET is where he needs to be.

  16. He is an obvious choice to be the next head coach of the Vikings.

    Dave knows the NFC Central.

    He’s a great judge of talent.

    Gets along in the locker room.

    Cool and level headed.

    The Vikings could use him.

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