Holliday says Haynesworth doesn’t have the respect of his teammates


Redskins defensive lineman Vonnie Holliday happened to be at the ESPN studios Tuesday when the Albert Haynesworth suspension news broke.

We don’t know whether Holliday was there laying some groundwork for possible future employment, but he showed a deft media touch presenting both sides of the suspension to Trey Wingo on NFL Live.

Holliday spoke with Haynesworth Tuesday and said Big Al was “shocked” by the decision.  He was told the reason he was suspended was that he refused to play in the 3-4 defense, which Haynesworth didn’t feel was the case.   (The Redskins indicated other reasons in their statement, though.)

Holliday said finding out on Sunday morning that Haynesworth would be inactive “was a tough pill to swallow” and a “distraction.”

While those statements could be viewed as player-friendly, Holliday spoke honestly about Haynesworth’s shortcomings.

“In the NFL as a player, you want to be respected by your teammates.  That’s all you can ask for,” Holliday said.  “And right now, he doesn’t have that respect because a lot of times it seems like he’s playing for himself.  He doesn’t buy into the team concept.”

Holliday went on to say what a tough position Haynesworth has consistently put coach Mike Shanahan in.

Perhaps these words, even more than the suspension, could be a wakeup call for Haynesworth.   Although we doubt it.

23 responses to “Holliday says Haynesworth doesn’t have the respect of his teammates

  1. Any team who wants Haynesworth next year will be telling everyone – especially their fans – they are desperate bottom feeders. Haynesworth has earned all the derision he gets the rest of his life. I just hope for his sake that having a reputation for being a high priced hooker has been worth it.

  2. I’m betting Big Fat Albert will end up in Fisher-less Tennessee next season with Randy Moss and Vince Young.

  3. Redskins dressing room is split. On one side you have “The Haters”. On the other side you have Haynesworth.

  4. hobartbaker says:
    Dec 7, 2010 6:21 PM
    Redskins dressing room is split. On one side you have “The Haters”. On the other side you have Haynesworth.


    And by weight, they’d be equal.

  5. I heard him on ESPN radio today. He said he lives in the same building with Haynesworth and likes him, but he totally ripped him as a teammate. I was surprised that a current player was so open and honest – very rare.

  6. Well I wonder if holliday has the respect of his teamnates…i guess would have to wonder which team since he is on like his 7th

  7. Then why didnt he go to Haynesworth and say something to him? When him and Daniels do something on the field then let them run their mouth. Sounds like a coward move or they both want a contract for next year so of course they take up for the coach. Just like Portis said today if you think Albert should be acting different say something to him dont jump in front of a camera and start yapping. And I do think Albert and Shanahan are to blame for this not just Albert. Its not Albert’s fault everyone else on that line sucks. It’s not Albert’s fault the offence and the off. cord. suck.

  8. I thought things looked up for big Al early on, I thought he’d gotten over himself and would fight to be respected. Al just doensn’t get it, I feel sorry for him on one hand but on the other hand I want my hard earned money back . . .He is the biggest loser really. I always tell my kids that its not about the money. Moneys nice but money doesn’t put a fire in your heart. You can’t buy true pride, it’s fought for, hard. Albert is cold and his family ought to be ashame by his actions,

    I hope he never laces up another pair of cleats again – Good riddance

  9. Hothead fans would do well to remember the Haynesworth saga the next time they call their team cheap for not signing the latest hot free agent that commands a humongous signing bonus with significantly lower annual salaries.

  10. #
    poiuyt7 says: Dec 7, 2010 6:46 PM

    hobartbaker says:
    Dec 7, 2010 6:21 PM
    Redskins dressing room is split. On one side you have “The Haters”. On the other side you have Haynesworth.


    And by weight, they’d be equal.
    hobartbaker says: Dec 7, 2010 7:28 PM

    …and salary.

    Comedy Gold.

  11. fmwarner nails it.

    Haynesworth has zero respect in his own locker room – in other breaking news the sun rose this morning, a bunch of people ate pancakes as the sun rose, and the latest rumor is that winter gets pretty cold.

    Seriously Haynesworth will join Adalius Thomas (remember him?) in the former members of the NFL club.

  12. Fat al is def a one way mutha but there is also something to be said for the fact that shanarat couldn’t connect with the guy or motivate the guy. Isn’t that what the great coaches do? Find a way to inspire? There are two sides to this. Haynesworth has proven his worth. Nada. Curious to see how Shanahan pans out. Not a believer at this point.

  13. Haynesworth was a dog in Tenn except for his contract year and the follw year when he they stuck the FT on him. If anyone(Ceratto-Snyder) thought he would be anything but a selfish dog after the mega mega bucks he got they just are completely clueless….
    oh wait…Ceratto/Snyder/Clueless…sorry for the redundancy.

  14. dbellina says:
    Dec 8, 2010 1:16 AM
    “Redskins should trade Haynesworth to the Titans for Moss.”

    Normally that would make sense, but for the sake of the fans please no! We can’t handle more of the same BS in Washington. They need to make some offseason moves to build the foundation.
    I say either they release the fat ahole or trade him as soon as they can. They however need to find someone who can be a dominate player on the defensive line they really only have 2 players on the defense which fits this defense and that is Landry and Orakpo (Carriker as well), they need more guys in the interior and make a move to get some guys who fit the 3-4. They need to make some serious moves all around to be a playoff team.

    OL- 2 interior lineman
    DL- A dominate NT and an end
    LB- Another mlb and olb
    RB- hopefully draft
    WR- hopefully draft or VJ

    Thats 8 players that this team needs to be serious in playing good teams. Not enough draft picks likely 2 or 3 starters will have to come out of draft and they need to go heavy in FA for quality “role” players (not “me” players, besides maybe VJ)

  15. While we all agree fat Albert is a big joke, we often forget inept management and ownership is the root cause of the perpetual decline. Danny Boy and all his money can’t make up for the pains and embarrassment suffered by Skins fan base. We should have a decree to remove bad owners or buy him out. Green Bay is doing ok with public ownership.

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