Week 13 power rankings


There’s a general rule in these parts that the top team in the power rankings can’t lose its spot without losing.

We had to make an exception last night.

In a season that has featured far too little dominance, the No. 3 team blew the doors off the No. 2 team, and that merits a leapfrogging of the No. 1 team.

1.  New England Patriots (No. 3; 10-2):  The best team that everyone talks about could be putting together its fourth NFL title.

2.  Atlanta Falcons (No. 1; 10-2):  The best team that no one talks about could be putting together its first.

3.  New Orleans Saints (No. 5; 9-3):  They’re not dominating, but who is this year?  (Except for the Patriots last night.)

4.  Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 6; 9-3):  Like Mickey said when Rocky broke his nose for the first time, “It’s an improvement.”

5.  Baltimore Ravens (No. 4; 8-4):  The team that has played five road playoff games in two years apparently will have to play some more.

6.  Chicago Bears (No. 7; 9-3):  With their last four games against the Patriots, Vikings, Jets, and Packers, the Bears could still miss the playoffs.

7. Green Bay Packers (No. 8; 8-4):  This team may still be the favorite to get to Dallas in February.

8.  New York Jets (No.2; 9-3):  As it turns out, the Patriots really weren’t telling the truth when they said the Jets are a great team.

9.  Kansas City Chiefs (No. 9; 8-4):  None of the AFC’s elite teams will want to play the Chiefs in January.

10.  Philadelphia Eagles (No. 10; 8-4):  With two games against the Cowboys, things can still fall apart for the Eagles.

11.  New York Giants (No. 12; 8-4):  With their eighth win in nine games against the Redskins, the Giants are in perfect position . . . to collapse in December once again.

12.  Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 16; 7-5):  It looks like I’m gonna need a new toupee.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 15; 7-5):  Sorry, Bucs, but truly good teams periodically beat other good teams.

14.  Indianapolis Colts (No. 14; 6-6):  All Gatorade buckets in Indianapolis will from this point forward be filled with Keystone Light.

15. Oakland Raiders (No. 18; 6-6):  If the good Raiders hang around for a while, the AFC West could get very interesting.

16.  St. Louis Rams (No. 17; 6-6):  Meet the early favorite to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVI.  If there is one.

17.  San Diego Chargers (No. 11; 6-6):  Just when it looked like the Chargers would run the table, the Raiders ran all over them.

18. Cleveland Browns (No. 19; 5-7):  Mike Holmgren will have a tough decision to make in January.

19.  Miami Dolphins (No. 13; 6-6):  Tony Sparano and Jeff Ireland may soon be available to be hired by Bill Parcells again.

20. Minnesota Vikings (No. 22; 5-7):  With Favre out, the Vikings scored their most points since the first time Favre played the Packers at Lambeau.

21.  Seattle Seahawks (No. 21; 6-6):  Pete Carroll’s former team has been barred from playing in the postseason; his current team could end up suffering the same fate.

22. Dallas Cowboys (No. 26; 4-8):  Could Jon Kitna be a better quarterback than Tony Romo?

23. Houston Texans (No. 20; 5-7):  Defense wins championships.  Absence of defense gets guys fired.

24. Washington Redskins (No. 22; 5-7):  Maybe Dan Snyder will fire Mike Shanahan and hire Josh McDaniels.

25.  Tennessee Titans (No. 24; 5-7):  Randy Moss is getting the ultimate payback for years of being a bad teammate.

26.  San Francisco 49ers (No. 25; 4-8):  The return of Alex Smith could be an effort to get the highest possible draft picks.

27.  Buffalo Bills (No. 27; 2-10):  At least they didn’t lose another heartbreaker.

28.  Denver Broncos (No. 28; 3-9):  Josh McDaniels’ departure feels less like a divorce and more like an annulment.

29. Arizona Cardinals (No. 29; 3-9):  Would the Vikings have been this bad if Brett Favre had retired?

30.  Detroit Lions (No. 30; 2-10):  With or without the call against Ndamukong Suh, there’s no way the Lions were winning that game.

31.  Cincinnati Bengals (No. 31; 2-10):  Another week, another way to lose a game.

32.  Carolina Panthers (No. 32; 1-11):  A Week 15 visit from the Cardinals is the only thing that could keep the Panthers from duplicating their 1-15 season from 2001.

58 responses to “Week 13 power rankings

  1. “29. Arizona Cardinals (No. 29; 3-9): Would the Vikings have been this bad if Brett Favre had retired?

    Is Tavaris Jackson really chopped liver?”

  2. Not too sure about the jets being ranked that high. The last good team they faced aside from the pats were the packers, they got shutout. So the only 2 teams theyve played in the last month and a half, they combined for a whopping 3 pts. Week in and week out they snuck by on luck vs the worst teams in the nfl. ..Not too sure why the giants are in perfect position for a collapse. 6 out of their top 7 wr’s are out, 3 of their starting o lineman are out, their kick returner etc, but they are getting healthy, and nicks and smith will be back either this week or next, and they are still winning games.

  3. As a Falcons fan, it pains me to lose the top spot but you can’t argue against the Pats after a performance like that last night.

    Falcons-Pats matchup down the road????

  4. pretty much agree on all of them. Exept McDaniels ain’t going to Washington……..Jim Mora or, worse yet, Jim Mora goes to Washington. And Shanny doesn’t get fired, he walks away.

  5. 10. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 10; 8-4): With two games against the Cowboys, things can still far apart for the Eagles.

    ?? Are the Cowboys now all of a sudden one of the elite teams in the NFL? I mean, yeah, they are playing better now, but this statements makes it sound like wow, the Eagles better watch out for the Cowboys; the Cowboys are going trounce them! Not that the games will be easy; Dallas is playing much better, but this kind of statement would make more sense if you said, the Eagles still have to play the Patriots, or the Steelers, or the Saints…

    And there’s no mention of having to play the Giants again, even though they are locked in a division title race with them. But the Cowboys…watch out!

  6. As much as I’d like to argue with putting the Pats over the Falcons, you are right. They systematically dismantled the Jets, and made sure everybody knew who the best team on the field was, along with the best coach on the sidelines.

    I still contend, however that you will never see the Falcons offense held to 3 points by the Patriots. Honestly, the more I watch them play, the more I think a Falcons-Patriots SB could be the most exciting match up of any possible.

  7. Well, New England deserves the number one spot, but I kept looking, and looking, and looking to see where the Jets landed this week, and by the time I reached number 6, I assumed Florio simply forget to put ’em on the list at all!

    Eighth place???? That ought to shut Rex Ryan and the world’s most obnoxious fans up for a while.

  8. I liked the cowboys better when Romo started. Hopefully he’s back in time for the second game against the Eagles. At the very least he could hold for FG’s and PAT’s…

  9. Why does everyone ignore the fact that the Packers play @ New England, then the Giants and finally The Bears?

    All the focus is on the Bears last 4 games being tough but it’s not like the Packers are playing the Cardinals at home 3 straight weeks…

  10. Giants at Green Bay will be a grudge match for the Packers — last time they played was Brett’s last debacle pick in a Packers uniform at the NFC Title game!

  11. Hopefully my Saints can dominate these last few weeks; ESPECIALLY the Falcons. I know Falcons fans have their hopes up but they MAY not be ready for primetime. EVERY previous SB champ (that I can think of) for the past ten+ years have DOMINATED good teams on their schedule at least once. I give the Falcons their props, they’re a GOOD team but they haven’t dominated any good teams this year. But neither have my Saints, which has me leary of us being able to “two dat.” But anything can happen if we get to the post season. The Patriots have dominated two good teams this year despite having such a young defense. I have to be honest and say they look the best right now. But being part of the Who Dat Nation, I HAVE to end with: Geaux Saints!

  12. “Sorry, Bucs, but truly good teams periodically beat other good teams.”

    Then shouldn’t the Falcons have been able to beat a Kevin Kolb led Eagles with King effing Dunlap on Abraham?

    I don’t know who’s more overrated, the Falcons or the Chiefs. When both of these teams play their first Playoff game, they will be exposed and I cant wait to see it happen.

  13. “12. Jacksonville Jaguars (No. 16; 7-5): It looks like I’m gonna need a new toupee.”

    Yeah and while you’re at it you need to get that crow out your mouth too. Florio, you’re not an NFL “expert”. You’re just a 5 ft nothing guy, just like all the other so called “experts” whose never played a sport in his life nerd who claims to know everything about football. You my friend can suck it. Go Jaguars.

  14. jimmysee says: Dec 7, 2010 8:47 AM

    Is Tavaris Jackson really chopped liver?”


    No, something closer to a pile of manure. He really is terrible. I can’t see why people can’t see this.

  15. I hate to lose the number one spot, but the Pats deserve it. The Falcons will have their hands full in Dallas when we play them in February. With a cake schedule ahead of us ( Carolina twice and Seattle) the only minor obstacle is the Saints. They are a good team, but in the Dome they won’t be given the opportunity to see overtime like we gave them in N.O. 14-2, home field advantage and a shot at the title! It’s a great year to be a Falcons Fan!!!!

  16. eagles at #10- Thank you. Please keep us low… we have no O line, our D is suspect and yet weve beaten your #2 team with our backup qb. On top of that… we’ve hung with your #6 and #7 teams. We play better when we are angry and/or humbled. GO BIRDS!!

  17. I can’t believe the Broncos opened as favorites yesterday @ Arizona. That’s an ugly one.

  18. If only Nolan Carroll caught that easy interception catch, the Phins would still be chasing the Jets for the final playoff spot.

  19. i know these things are just to stir stuff up but putting the chiefs ahead of the G-men and Eagles is plain absurd.

    Can’t argue picks 1-3 though.

    the jets are mediocre but i’m still rooting for them to make the SB. If the Giants dont make it, i’ll root for them, if the giants do, then i’ll enjoy watching them smush the jets 🙂

  20. Hey, hey, I’m a big Rams homer, but seriously, let’s not get crazy on the “early favorite” talk (even if you’re joking) about next year…

  21. stevo8drum says:
    Dec 7, 2010 10:15 AM
    eagles at #10- Thank you. Please keep us low… we have no O line, our D is suspect and yet weve beaten your #2 team with our backup qb. On top of that… we’ve hung with your #6 and #7 teams. We play better when we are angry and/or humbled. GO BIRDS!!
    Youre right, all the eagles are hovered over their computers right now reading this in anger. In fact andy reid is putting it up as billboard material as we speak. You have to see how mad they are at florios power rankings.

  22. The Ravens are waaaaay too high. I am a Baltimoron and love my Ratbirds, but I also know how to see things clearly. A lot of talent on both sides of the ball, however, the execution is at the college level on offense.

  23. I knew the Falcons’ were going to Fall this week, I watched the First half of the Pats-Jets game and at half-time it was “Lights out sleepy time,” no point in watching the rest of this.

    Saints fans, I just want you to know that I will be at the game on December 27 sitting in row 4 at the 50 yard line right behind the Saint’s bench. You will lose that game, after which I plan to come on this thread and right the score of that game 10 times, and then laugh repeatedly, while finishing whichever alcoholic consumption I have in my hand at the time. It will be a very fun day, beating the saints TWICE in the same season? Oh Happy Day!!!

  24. #
    umrguy42 says: Dec 7, 2010 11:00 AM

    Hey, hey, I’m a big Rams homer, but seriously, let’s not get crazy on the “early favorite” talk (even if you’re joking) about next year…

    Hey me too. Far exceeding my expectations of two wins this year. I’ll be in town to watch the rams win the division against the niners week 16!

    One more good draft away from being back on top…

  25. I which these fake football fans would stop calling Kolb a “Back-up,” QB. Yes technically he is right now, however he was the starter going into this season. Now he’s not. However, he was not brought here to back-up Michel Vick, he was Brought here to back up McNabb, and when McNabb left he became the starter. Stop making up false claims. Kolb is a very capable QB, it’s not like you beat us with Jimmy Clausen.
    Given that, the Falcons are a much better team than when we played the Eagles. Don’t believe me? Our record shows that if nothing else we should thank the eagles because after that loss, we haven’t loss since. Thanks for the Motivation, BTW. Since that Eagles game we’ve beaten a good TB team twice, a very good Baltimore team, and a very good GB team. Are the Eagles a better team now? Hell no, and IF you make the playoffs we’ll see you in the “ATL SHAWTY!!!”

  26. Florio,
    Just curious, what will you do IF (and I know it’s a big fat “if” that leans more towards the unlikely) the Bears beat the Patriots?

    Will you catapult them all the way to #1?

    Ya know, that whole Soldier Field turf/short week/referee-assistance combination might actually work on a powerhouse like the Pats, too…

    (And believe it or not…it’s also possible that the Bears themselves play a factor in the outcome as well).

    P.S. Thanks you for stating what sensible football fans already knew–the Lions would’ve lost that game regardless of the Suh call.

  27. Rankings don’t matter until the playoffs actually start and then it only matters when the final two emerge. The Patriots won nothing last night. Just another regular season game. Moving on.

    However, I’d love to see the Patriots play the Falcons. Unfortunately, they aren’t on the Patriots regular season schedule, so I guess it won’t happen.

    Oh wait………..

  28. What’s with all the bucs lovers here they can’t beat a team with a winning record. The best play all game was when freemen took out that guy on the pick….. And to all pats hatred why can’t you accept we are just a better team now and techicly in a rebuilding year so get over it it’s a shame we still have doubters after last night

  29. out of the falcons, eagles, saints, giants and packers, barring those 5 teams make it, the falcons are probably the worst of the 5 and the least scary.

  30. @jkay123

    Well given that the Falcons have already beaten both the Saints and GB, it only discredits part of your statement not the whole thing.

  31. truefan2 says:
    Dec 7, 2010 9:57 AM
    jimmysee says: Dec 7, 2010 8:47 AM

    Is Tavaris Jackson really chopped liver?”


    No, something closer to a pile of manure. He really is terrible. I can’t see why people can’t see this.

    I bet T-Jack would have the Vikings in the same situation beating up the poor Lions Cards, Cowboys and Bills.

    Hell he would probably even do it for about $19 Mil lesss than Favre did too. You could have donated that money to find a cure for Percy’s migraines.

  32. “While I agree with the Colts ranking, I don’t understand the Keystone Lite reference”

    It’s a reference to the “bitter beer face” comercials they did a few years back -as in Peyton putting on that sourpuss after another interception.

  33. @mustangdude – Thank you for that fact. Every Eagles fan in America pretends that without the great blessing of Vick choosing Philly, Kolb would be their starting QB, and took reps with the starters since the day McNabb was traded pretty much.

    Also, we’ve already beat a couple of the teams we might see in our first playoff game. Saints, Packers, Rams, and Seahawks are all possible playoff opponents, and soon we’ll have beaten all four of them at least once. Yes there’s the Bears and Giants, who we don’t play, and the Eagles(who beat us), but the fact remains that we’re in a good position for home field advantage and a bye week. None of those teams are capable of coming to Atlanta and blowing the Falcons out. Remember my name(shouldn’t be hard) and I’ll gladly eat crow if I’m wrong. (Good luck with that!)

  34. Didn’t the Giants whip the Bears by two touchdowns? I guess their taking the injuries into consideration…

  35. I read down through all of these comments and I see that no Steeler fans have chimed in yet…

    Oh F@#k, thats right….We all have jobs

    F’n Losers!

  36. The Jaguars luck will run out this week when the Raiders take them down. Then the Colts will get revenge for that fluke 59 yarder by Scobee. That will leave the Colts in position to take the division and heal up. Does anyone really want to see the Jaguars in the playoffs? Talk about BORING.

  37. yashraba says:
    Dec 7, 2010 8:47 AM
    Giants are better than Chiefs and Bears, and are sporting the best defense in the NFC right now.

    Are U on drugs? See——->>>>Packers

  38. Giants may have the best pass rush, but yea not the best defense. They should be a top 10 for sure, though. But that week 4 win against the Bears… was 10 weeks ago. The Bears D has been lights out the last month, and the Pack has still played very stingy with a pass rush right on par with the Giants. The battle is for the division, but the honor of best defense in the NFC will be decided between the Bears and Pack with an honorable mention to the Giants. Just like the good old days.

    Isn’t it awesome that the best two D’s in each conference are battling for first place in the respective North division?

    That said, the Saints are ranked waaaaayyyy too high. They’ve looked sloppy in almost every game, and who have they beat recently? Explain to me how they moved into the top ten in the last month, other teams are not that bad. They won’t even make the playoffs

  39. for that retard whitemidget dude. No one gives the pats any respect cause there stupid as can get. They havent beat one team from not at home thats worth anything. U shouldnt have beat the colts if manning didnt go retard i hope u numb nut realize. U lost to the browns…..ok so if tampa isnt good how come least we could beat them? the vikings almost beat u wit granpa in…. and then almost wit T-Jack in. PLus this is a fricken rebuilding year!!!! fir all u idiot pat fans who think this is a “rebuilding year” wen u rebuild u get younger…..not older like the pats u havent been rebuildin cause u draft some rookie D. Then i guess all teams are rebuilding now??? so pats fan shut up and win a super bowl wit out ur cameras.

  40. To bucs be ballen get over it your jelous of a great team it’s ok and congratz you beat the browns but we have also beaten steelers ravens and demolished the jets so please actually watch a game and you will see how wrong you are

  41. I am a Cowboys fan (save the insults)…BUT if I am making the lines for possible Super Bowl matchups at this moment, I am going with the Pats giving 10.5 to anybody…

  42. camprobot says:
    Dec 7, 2010 9:47 AM
    “Sorry, Bucs, but truly good teams periodically beat other good teams.”

    Then shouldn’t the Falcons have been able to beat a Kevin Kolb led Eagles with King effing Dunlap on Abraham?

    I don’t know who’s more overrated, the Falcons or the Chiefs. When both of these teams play their first Playoff game, they will be exposed and I cant wait to see it happen.

    I’m not a Falcons fan, but dude, they are 5-2 against winning record teams.

    WON: @NO, TB, BAL, GB, @TB
    LOST: @PGH, @PHI

    The Falcons are having a GREAT season and deserve to be regarded as an elite this season.

    The Chiefs meanwhile are 1-0 against winning record teams, having beaten JAX.

    If you look around the Power Rankings of other sites, you’ll see that they are ranked about where they belong, which is way lower than Mikey ranks them.

    As far as Power Rankings go, take them with a proverbial grain of salt. Example: Before MNF Jets at Pats, Billik’s and Mora’s NFLN Coach’s Show PRs had

    1. Jets
    2-5. NFC Teams
    6. Stillers

    Now I hate the Patsies way more than most but how anybody could leave them out of the Top 3 teams at that point helps show how worthless this ranking exercise is.

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