Cassel has appendectomy

As it turns out, Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel missed practice on Wednesday for a good reason.

He had surgery.

Per a league source, Cassel had an appendectomy.

His status for Sunday currently isn’t known.  The other quarterbacks on the roster are Brodie Croyle and, as of today, Tyler Palko.

UPDATE:  The Chiefs have confirmed the procedure via a statement.  “The procedure was successful, and the Chiefs said they expect Cassel to return to work this week,” the statement reads.  Returning to work and returning to the field are two different propositions.

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  1. While Cassel recovers from having his “Upper eschelon” appendix removed, the Chargers and Raiders will be gaining ground.

  2. So much for total injury disclosure by the team officials. You would think that a coach calling Cassell’s absence and Palko’s promotion a “coincidence” is grounds discipline by the league seeing as Cassell is reported as having an appendectomy.

  3. Whoa! Geez. Tough break! And only days away from a huge road game against San Diego.

    Fortunately, if they got it before it exploded it can be done laproscopically. He’s out for Sunday, but next week is a possibility for him to be back.

    Get well, Matt. You are helping to make the Chiefs a fun story for 2010.

  4. Cassel’s absence due to appendectomy
    Matt Cassel missed today’s practice because of an appendectomy, the Chiefs said today.

    In keeping with team policy on injuries, coach Todd Haley provided little information on Cassel’s availability for Sunday’s game against the Chargers in San Diego.

    ”This time of year, nobody feels 100 percent,” Haley said. ”That’s why it’s so important to continue to have everybody ready at all times.”

    Brodie Croyle took the first-team snaps at practice. Tyler Palko, newly promoted off the practice squad, was the backup.

    Haley said Palko’s promotion wasn’t a sign the Chiefs thought they would need him against the Chargers. The Chiefs placed cornerback Jackie Bates from their practice squad and promoted Palko.

    ”It’s actually a coincidence,” Haley said. ”It really is. We had to make a move in another area and we were able to get somebody up and that determination was made . . . in (Tuesday) night’s staff meeting. That’s when we made the determination who would we thought would best serve us.

    ”We’ve been a little on the edge with two quarterbacks the entire year and really had a chance without there being a clear-cut guy we felt could come in and be on the game-day roster . . . The fact you can use a third emergency quarterback was the determining factor. At least it was a body we could get to the game to serve a purpose.”

    Cassel made a couple of appearances at community events on Tuesday on behalf of the Chiefs.

  5. Can he play four days after surgery???

    I don’t give the Chiefs much of a chance in this game anyway but now it will be really nice if they can go into San Diego and pull out a win with Brodie as the QB.

    How much will Phillip “Cry me a” Rivers be whining if that happens.

    Maybe Norv would get fired, that would be two coaches in two weeks. Awesome.

  6. LOL Seriously??? The man has an appendectomy and his status for 4 days from now “isn’t known”? I understand an official status hasn’t been released, but surely it can be surmised what his status is?

    Sorry but that comment made me chuckle.

  7. In the late 50’s or early 60’s, I remember Packers’ defensive tackle Dave Hanner having an appendectomy, and playing a few days afterwards.

  8. Seems like Robert Gallery was out quite a while when he had this. Since there are only 4 games left. Do you think he’ll miss the rest of the regular season?

  9. Should be out for at least two weeks, in my layman’s opinion. The SF Andres Torres couldn’t even play baseball for a couple of weeks towards the end of the 2010 season, then came back and did pretty well.

  10. If he doesn’t practice Friday then I would say he won’t play Sunday but won’t be surprised if he does play. Either way those that hate Cassel should be feeling gitty with glee that there is a chance that their guy might play and impress every one so much that he will become the franchise QB.

  11. “This time of the year nobody feels 100%”, said Haley, “… know how it is, one guy’s got the flu, another guy’s got a sprain, another guy a tight hammy, maybe someone with a ruptured appendix…….”.

  12. Does it really matter anyways? Raiders are going to win the AFC West anyways….
    Plus Cassell sucks cheifs would be better off with croyle.
    Raiders have the toughest remainder of schedule in the NFL but they will win out..
    but dont expect PFT to give them credit when they do.. They will avoid it or call it luck but what will they say when the Raiders win the superbowl?


  13. kimcon22000 says: Dec 8, 2010 5:16 PM

    I wonder why Cassell picked now to get an appendectomy?
    Dude, do you really think he CHOSE to have an appendectomy, really?

  14. The Bolts laid a total egg last Sunday but this should help them squeek into the playoffs.

    Chargers 10-6
    Chiefs 9-7
    Raiders 8-8

  15. the whole raiders winning the afc west thing,i’m not going to count my chickens before they hatch. i’ve done that too many times with my raiders , i’m a realist,now if they come out and punch the jags in the mouth ,then it’s going to be hard to not get excited plus if the chiefs lose to the chargers, i think the raiders only real tuff game is against the jags broncos,colts are very winible games out of the four

  16. Pretty sure an appendectomy is not voluntary….

    He’s virtually certain to be out for Sunday, but will likely be back next week. Pretty sure they’ll still win the division even with a loss this week.

  17. I had an appendectomy in August and missed a day of work, but then I developed an infection as was hospitalized for 5 days and then missed a week of work. Cassell should take it easy this week and get plenty of rest to avoid the infection and miss even more games. By the way it is painful afterward even if it is done laproscopically. I wish Favre would get appedndicitis.

  18. Be careful what you wish for. Croyle has the stronger arm. Croyle has the more accurate arm. Croyle was just stuck for a couple years behind a TERRIBLE line, and pathertic coaching that could not protect him. If he can stay healthy this offense could be surprisingly better.

  19. raidersteve413 says:
    Dec 8, 2010 6:00 PM
    Barkeep! Gimme what that loudmouth in black is having………

  20. Wow this dissapoints me because iv been really impressed with the way he played. He’s looking like he was when he was a patriot and wish him the best(plus I really don’t want chargers to make the playoffs)

  21. The chiefs are two games ahead of both the raiders and the chargers..
    Even with a loss in sandiego this Sunday the chiefs are still in control of thier own destiny…
    Raiders and chargers fans your only way in is if a teams in the north and east lose out and even then I’m not sure if you can get in
    Chiefs 8-4
    Chargers 6-6
    Raiders 6-6

  22. It depends greatly on how bad the appendix was. Simple appendix surgery, no problem. Small incision, get up and go after a day or two.

    If it was like mine, and had burst, which can happen VERY fast, then it is a large incision because they have to clean all the toxins out of your body. Then you will not be playing for at least a week, if not more, because you will rip open the incision and start bleeding all over.

    Oh, and for the poster asking why he chose now to get it removed: You do not choose when to remove it. The appendix chooses the time and place all on its own. It can happen very fast. By the time you get to your doctor, and get diagnosed, it can have burst. I felt pain in the morning, and it burst soon after.

  23. clintonrb says: Dec 8, 2010 9:32 PM

    The chiefs are two games ahead of both the raiders and the chargers..
    Even with a loss in sandiego this Sunday the chiefs are still in control of thier own destiny…
    Raiders and chargers fans your only way in is if a teams in the north and east lose out and even then I’m not sure if you can get in
    Chiefs 8-4
    Chargers 6-6
    Raiders 6-6
    If the Chiefs lose this Sunday, which is highly expected, then the division is wide open.

    I don’t understand how you can’t see that.

  24. Even with a loss in sandiego this Sunday the chiefs are still in control of thier own destiny…


    Actually, if they lose one game, and they both win the rest of their games, the Raiders control their own destiny. They are 2 games behind, but they have one game against KC, so essentially, they are one game behind as long as they can win out, the RAIDERS control the division being the only team that is undefeated in divisional play….

  25. Oh… and if Cassell misses any extended time, there is no way they will beat the Rams, Titans, or Raiders either…. And going into San Diego after they were just embarrassed by the Raiders at home…. with their entire season on the line… without your starting QB… Have any of you guys ever watched Brody Croyle? If he lasts the whole game, I’d be amazed… The man is made of glass more than Bruce Gradkowski is…. Good luck with that Chiefs fans… see you in Arrowhead …

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