Mara: Controversy over use of Giants practice facility “sign of a slow news day”

The Dolphins are using the Giants’ practice facility on Friday and Saturday in preparation for their game against the Jets.  For some reason, this benign item created a media storm in New York.

Giants co-owner John Mara doesn’t see why there was any controversy about the issue and we agree.

“I did not consider it a big deal,” Mara said Wednesday. “I have been in business a long time and I would not consider it a big deal if another team was using the Jets’ facility. In retrospect. I wish I would have called [Jets owner] Woody [Johnson] and asked him about it first because my relationship with him and the Jets is far more important to me and this organization than my relationship with the Dolphins.”

It’s not like the Dolphins are getting to test out the winds at the New Meadowlands Stadium.  The only reason they are even showing up a day early is so that they can see the play “Lombardi” as a team on Broadway Friday night.

The issue is overblown, but does point out the awkward relationship between the Jets and Giants.  They are partners, yet rivals.  And the Giants haven’t been above taken little pot shots at Rex Ryan’s Jets.

Mara and Johnson spoke on Wednesday and the issue appears settled.  Mara calls loaning the facilities a “common courtesy.”

“We [the Giants and Jets] have a long partnership that is going to last for many years, and the last thing in the world I want to do is get them upset about an issue like this,” Mara said. “Again, I did not consider it big deal. Apparently, it is a slow enough news day that it has become a big deal.”

13 responses to “Mara: Controversy over use of Giants practice facility “sign of a slow news day”

  1. Rumor has it that Michael may be at the Friday performance in person if he can find time in his busy schedule. If it’s a slow news day.

  2. Lets face it. That stadium belongs to the Giants and they allow the Jets to use it when they are on the road. They really are like the “red headed step-child.” Second class all the way.

  3. artiesliver says:
    Dec 8, 2010 6:27 PM
    The Dolphins were allowed free reign of the stadium to set up spy operations on the Jets.

    OMG, I hope you are kidding.

    You understand that “practice facilities” are different than “stadiums”, and that neither the Giants or Jets actually practice in the stadium itself, right?

  4. Slow news day indeed. The media spends too much time trying to stir up controversy and making something out of nothing.

    Move on…nothing to see here….

  5. Cynical
    Do you really think the Giants use it all day?

    I also understand to make it as real as posible the local HS has ageed to scrimage with the fins

    High School may beat the jets

  6. I went up to NY last weekend with the wife to see ‘Lombardi.’ Not great as far as Broadway plays go, but still pretty damn entertaining.

  7. The real story is that the Dolphins are spending their Friday night before a game to watch a stupid play. If there is going to be some type of team activity, why not something that prepares them for the game they are playing in less than 48 hours that will in all likelihood be their last legitimate chance to keep their playoff hopes alive? Is this really what such a mediocre team thinks is a good use of its players’ time?

    Are they going to go to the top of the Empire State Building and take carriage rides through Central Park too?

    What a joke.

  8. Acynical
    Giants are on the road this week (Minnesota). I assume they will be arriving there BEFORE Sunday. I would also assume that they will be using facilities somewhere closer to Minneapolis.

  9. I don’t think the Jets care. They’ve guaranteed their fans a Superbowl win. The will just make them more unbeatable.

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