Lorenzo Booker isn’t happy the UFL cost him money

The UFL transfer fee policy cost Vikings running back Lorenzo Booker money.  Now it’s going to cost the UFL more bad publicity, especially when prospective UFL players hear Booker’s words.

Booker estimates he lost $80,000 because of the UFL’s previous transfer fee policy.  With a prohibitive $150,000 transfer fee formerly in place, Booker’s eventual arrival in Minnesota was delayed two weeks.  The UFL caved and changed the transfer fee to $25,000, which Booker paid.

As Tom Pelissero of espn1500.com notes, Booker missed two game checks in that time worth $55,294.  Throw in the $25,000 and Booker is down $80,000.  He was asked if it was all worth it.

“Sure, to be here. I’d rather be here than be at the house, wondering what I was going to do,” Booker said.  “I thought that trade-off was me going there and playing hard, and everybody else. That’s what I thought the trade-off was. I didn’t know it was going to be [80] grand.”

Booker made $50,00o for playing in the UFL this year after being out of football entirely in 2009.   So the UFL’s short-sighted policy cost Booker money in the short term, but he’d probably do it all over again.

17 responses to “Lorenzo Booker isn’t happy the UFL cost him money

  1. With all these figures and things they throw around I’d like to know the after tax amounts. How much cold hard cash are we talking about here?

  2. Lorenzo Booker wouldn’t have even been noticed if it weren’t for the UFL. He should be down on his hands and knees kissing the feet of the UFL’s commish just for the simple fact that he is even a topic of conversation.

  3. Eventually all players pay for becoming Vikings
    The most expensive cost for becoming a Vikinng – Brett Favre’s Legacy
    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving lying backstabbing little prick

  4. Booker should have known the deal going in, and thus agreed with it. He needs to shut up and be glad anyone even noticed him in the UFL enough to want to sign him period.

  5. The team coaches and administrators were telling players that the buy out was not going to be a problem AGAIN this year and it would be waived again as it was done last year.

    The League owners and the Commish put the players, coaches, and administrators in a bad spot by trying to stick it to the NFL teams by insisting on the payment.

    This is the same league that does not pay hotels, vendors or employees on a timely basis! Or at all or all is due them in some cases.

  6. If you’re not a big name player who’s proven themself, then yeah, they make less, so that’s a big deal. The Vikes do need a third down back who can block. Maybe he’s it. The Vikes really liked his talent, so we’ll see.

  7. Lorenzo’s complaining about losing 80k he otherwise never would have had in the first place. Without the UFL, he doesn’t have a paycheck to lose.

  8. As others have said… if it wasn’t for the UFL he most likely wouldn’t have gotten a chance with the Vikings. The most telling statement is that he was out of football for 2009, no one showed interest in 2010 until he had some success in the UFL.

    To players with NFL dreams based on his comments you have a choice:

    1) Sit at home and hope the NFL notices how good you were if they decided to check old game tapes from when you were in college.

    2) Sign with a UFL team and hope they take notice of how you are playing now. You may have to pay a transfer fee because why should the UFL help showcase you and lose their better players to the NFL with no compensation but don’t you think it’s worth paying if you can get back into the big leagues and potentially earn a bigger pay day down the road.

  9. The transfer fee should be a (small) percentage of what the player will make in the NFL. It does make sense for the UFL to expect something, but the $150k flat rate was ridiculous.

  10. Booker seems to forget that the UFL gave him visibility, kept him in shape, and gave him a paycheck while the NFL didn’t want him.

    He’d be smart to not talk mess about the UFL either as he’ll be going back there for a paycheck when he gets cut again.

    Seriously, why talk trash about your safety net??

  11. jimmy1smith says:
    Dec 9, 2010 8:42 AM
    Hopefully after Booker’s stop in Minnesota, he can move up to a professional football team next year.
    Yeah and hopefully you can move out of your mothers basement, heretic.

  12. 30ptbuck says:
    Dec 8, 2010 10:35 PM
    Eventually all players pay for becoming Vikings
    The most expensive cost for becoming a Vikinng – Brett Favre’s Legacy
    It couldn’t happen to a more deserving lying backstabbing little prick

    Bitter are we? It amuses me to imagine an overweight mid twenties Packer fan with borderline FAS typing that post with tears in his eyes.

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