Moss: “Since I’ve been here, nothing has happened”

As Florio mentioned on Tuesday, Randy Moss could wind up losing playing time this Thursday with the healthy return of Kenny Britt to the lineup.   Moss says he’s just fine with that if it helps end the Titans losing streak.

“I don’t really know how it’s going to work,” Moss said via John Glennon of the Tennessean. “Hopefully, Kenny can come out there and pick up where he left off.”

It’s not like the Titans will miss Moss’ production if he’s off the field.  He has five catches for 62 yards with Tennessee.

“Alternating [with Britt] or whatever is going to help the team win a game, man, that’s what it’s going to be,” Moss said.   “I really just wanted to come out and make some plays, and last couple weeks — well, since I’ve been here — nothing has happened.”

Yep, that sums it up pretty well.

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  1. You have to admit Moss is a very good marketing salesman.Two teams now, he has produced very little and no wins, yet he pockets a nice piece of change each week.

  2. The Rams? The Patriots? The Chargers? The Colts?

    There are a few other teams that could use WR help.

    It might be worth 4 games and a possible playoff run.

  3. Could you see Peyton Manning and Randy Moss communicating on the field and sideline. . .

    That would be priceless. . . . I think it would be funny to watch. . .

    Peyton would go through all his pre snap calisthenics and Randy would be sitting out there saying, “just throw me the dang ball”

  4. As a Giants fan, I would like to see them claim him, until we get healthy. Unlike the Vikings and Titans… the Giants would actually throw the ball to him downfield and have a QB who could do that.

  5. If Nicks is going to be out for an extended period of time, possibly the Giants. That is highly unlikely, however. But only other team I could envision would be San Diego or Washington.

  6. The guy is done. TO has more in the tank than Moss, and he’s what, 4 or 5 years older? Moss is done. Enjoy retirement Randy.

  7. Karma!

    Looks like the lunch room caterers were gypsies in disguise. Shouldn’t mess with gypsies (see “thinner” and “drag me to hell”). Randy, go get that thing you stole from those people and give it back before your career dies! Remove the curse!

  8. Moss is the personification of a typical team cancer. The Vikings and Titans were something like 1-7 in games he’s played. He’s nothing more than a front-runner and a team killer; the polar opposite of a winner.

  9. He would first have to go to a team with a QB that has a strong arm. Collins can no longer throw over 30 yards. The perfect fit, in my opinion would be the Eagles. Vick and Moss would be a dangerous combination.

  10. You can’t argue that the Colts could use him in theory, but if the production there is anything like it has been in recent weeks he’d once again becomes useless. He’s obviously not done for good, but he’s likely done for the year.

  11. Shouldn’t that read “since I got here nothing POSITIVE has happened” lot of things happened since he got there just nothing good.

  12. Randy is the least of the Titans problems. Not his fault that they do not have a quarterback. Of course this does not stop Florio. His continued hatred of all things Moss is amazing.

  13. At a paycheck at around 500 gr per game – the guy has to have one of the best jobs in the country.

    It would be mind boggling to compute how much he has made per catch this year. The number would be off the charts – man.

  14. That’s the problem with you in a nutshell, Randy.

    NOTHING has happened.

    You have seen your performance tank like the Titanic, you have been slapped not once but TWICE this year with the “selfish” label that you worked so hard to avoid in New England, and that combination leaves you facing zero chances of getting that fat contract that was so important to you ten weeks ago.

    This has got to be one of the worst seasons a super-star has had, and definitely the worst season of your career.

    Bad timing, Randy, bad timing.

  15. The lesson here, when you are on a good team and have a good thing going, shut your mouth. He went from a Super Bowl contender to team that won’t even think about a wild card spot.

  16. myspaceyourface says:

    The Rams? The Patriots? The Chargers? The Colts?

    There are a few other teams that could use WR help.

    It might be worth 4 games and a possible playoff run.

    Did you watch the Monday Night game? The Pats don’t need WR help. Although I love me some Randy Moss, we’ve changed our game and it’s working.

  17. Titans will hold on to Moss if only to keep the Colts from claiming him.

    Colts could use him. Remember how Bad Moon Rison was dropped by every team but them the Packers picked him up and he starred in the Superbowl in the 90s? Peyton doesn’t want to miss the playoffs.

  18. Randy has lost his greatness. Too bad he had to open his mouth so much this year, he could have ridden out the year and maybe got a decent contract next year. Now he’ll probably be forced into retirement.

  19. Umm, has anyone figured out just how many wins Moss has been part of this season?? I think in the 12 games he has dressed for three teams, that record is like 3-9. Maybe.

    What a difference maker … for the other side.

  20. Funny… since Randy left, LOTS of good things have happened in New England.

    One nice observation is that Danny Woodhead has more receiving yards and catches than Randy Moss and more rushing yards than the also-dumped Lawrence Maroney.

  21. @ lucky5927

    As a Giants fan, I would like to see them claim him, until we get healthy. Unlike the Vikings and Titans… the Giants would actually throw the ball to him downfield and have a QB who could do that.


    The Giants have been winning with a completely beat up WR corp…Smith is on the brink of returning as well as Nicks is starting to practice again. Moss is definitely one of the greatest of all time but at this point in his career seeing T.O come to NY would be more productive. Maybe after the Jets Blowout loss to the Pats due to Braylon dropping passes Rexy will think about getting another unproductive addition to the team…


  22. They have thrown to him 12 times about in the 5 games he s been there. How is it his fault he s not producing? That catch over Revis, burning Cromartie(1 of if not the fastest corner in the league), those are not flukes. The Titans are just not using him, hence why theyre losing. Fisher is a complete retard. Any #1 receiver sees 10 balls or so per game going their way, if you do that and he still doesnt produce and you lose then ok your benching is justified. But when you even say vs the skins he was open and young just didnt even look his way, how is it his fault again? How is Britts 39 yards receiving and a fumble any better then what moss can do? Fisher you are a POS, you coulda used this man to get you to the playoffs, but im sure by now he is sick of your sh#t so he s just gonna make sure he s healthy for next year. Fishers own fault they will not be going to the playoffs, way to waste such great talent in Moss

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