Pitt receiver Jonathan Baldwin entering NFL draft

Shortly after the University of Pittsburgh fired coach Dave Wannstedt, one of his top player’s said he’s done at the school as well.

Wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin says he’ll forgo his senior season and enter the 2011 NFL draft.

Baldwin is a 6-foot-5 playmaker with legit NFL talent, although if he wants to convince NFL coaches that he’s the kind of player they want on their teams, he may need to re-think the comments he makes to the media. Baldwin ripped Pittsburgh’s quarterback in an interview with NFLDraftScout.com, criticized the coaching staff’s use of him in 2010 and said he worried a new Pitt coach in 2011 would be even worse.

“Heck yeah I’m leaving,” Baldwin told the web site. “It can only get worse. They had me running a lot of deep routes [this year] and yards were hard to come by. I barely ran intermediate routes; it felt like they were purposely trying to disrupt my draft stock.”

Baldwin’s comments feel like he’s purposely trying to disrupt his own draft stock.

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  1. Lots of time now to start a full time training routine — get ready for the combine — if he is invited.

  2. Don’t be so sensitive.

    Mike Williams just single-handedly saved all of them.

    If a guy that quit on his team for an entire year (the real quit, not just the Randy Moss kind of quit) and become a legit ORoY candidate, then a guy talking trash about a fired head coach isn’t going to mean anything.

  3. If the top top underclassmen continue to declare, 2011 will be a great draft for wide receivers. Baldwin, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Leonard Hankerson, Michael Floyd, Ryan Broyles, Vincent Brown. The list goes on.

  4. i dont even know if his comments are ones i’d worry about. dude is right on the money. maybe saying its intentional is a bit much, but anyone who watches PITT games and knows who this guy is knows he aint lyin. and i cant help but believe this kind of stuff is what helped wannstache to the unemployment line. its another example of his failure to maximize potential. good luck in the league Jon!

  5. Come catch your intermediate and short routes from Colt McCoy … As a Browns fan I would love to hear that my receivers want the ball … or if they are alive … who are they again? I am not all about when players criticize coaches or gameplans but from Pitt’s preseason ranking to firing their head coach post season ranking, I would have to think that their gameplan was not very good and did not utilize their talent.

  6. Good start, Jon. Next step is to hire Parker and Wells, tweak your hammy just before the Combine, knock off an 8 on the Wonderlic. Then get busted for slapping around one of the baby’s mommas at 4AM in downtown Las Vegas with a few ounces of crack in your “courtesy” Escalade.

  7. Ummm yeah Jon, because it’s the coach’s responsibility to tailor your routes around your draft stock. Forget about needs of the team and the offense as a whole……it’s all about YOUR draft stock.

  8. He would have been better than Antonio Bryant if Sunseri could have gotten him the ball. Agreed with steelerdynasty2010, he is a stud and the coaching staff neglected to get him any looks when they needed to.
    First round pick for sure.

  9. Someone tell Baldwin to get a grip. Tino Sunseri was a scared sophmore for the first half of the season and they had Deon Lewis in the backfield coming off a 1600+ yd season.

    Baldwin has skill but needs an attitude adjustment or he’ll join the long list of big receiver flame outs.

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