Ben Roethlisberger is “soft” and has a nose that looks like corn flakes

Ben Roethlisberger showed up to work Wednesday with a big bandage over his nose, looking like an actor that just got a little corrective surgery.  The broken honker is actually getting Roethlisberger some credit in in the Pittsburgh area, though.

“Mario Lemieux told me I finally look like a hockey player,” Roethlisberger said via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.
Not everyone is impressed though.  Terrell Owens again questioning Roethlisberger’s toughness on Twitter this week, saying, “i’ve played w/2 screws & a plate n my ankle and a broken leg! And tht ws a severe injury! A broken nose??? Puh-lease! Lmao!”
Roethlisberger seemed to take Owens’ words in strides, saying he’s happy he could help T.O. with his ratings.  (Owens wishes.)
“I guess I’m soft or something, I don’t know. I just want to play the game,” Roethlisberger said.
With a matchup against the Bengals this week, the Steelers quarterback says his foot feels much better.  He’s not too worried about the nose, even if was in bad shape before his surgery.
“[The surgeon] said he got in there and he said the nose bones looked like Corn Flakes. I was like, oh, that’s good,” Roethlisberger said.

Our west coast readers can thank us later for the free breakfast suggestion.

54 responses to “Ben Roethlisberger is “soft” and has a nose that looks like corn flakes

  1. Yes Gregg, with 2 g’s, cause I’m sure the line about the bones looking like cornflakes will really creep out the people on the West Coast.

  2. As a ravens fan we maynot like him but we respect him and the team because they’re some tough SOB’s

  3. It’s a little harder to throw a ball accurately when you have a swollen nose blocking your vision, than it is to have a bum leg and catch a ball thrown to your hands. I know TO is tough but, Big Ben has proven many times in the past he is no push over either.

    That being said, I hate the Steelers.

  4. Not a Big Ben fan, but holy crap. How can you not be impressed with his toughness and ability. The foot/cast, the nose, the beating when he surely had other aches and pains. I don’t even like him and think he’s not getting enough credit.

  5. An actor would NEVER be seen out in public after corrective surgery. They would wait a few weeks and then deny it ever happened.

  6. I hate to say this but I concur with a lot of sentiments here. Do not like the Steelers or Ben, however, he has my respect. From now on, he can complain about as many nicks and dings without me judging his toughness.

  7. T.O. come on man!

    You got your ankle repaired sat out a few weeks than played on a healed leg!!!!!
    Bobby Baun ( old hockey refrence), now he played on a broken leg!!!!!

    Can’t say I really like “soft” ben, but at least he wiped his nose and got back out there.

    Can’t wait for T.O. to retire!

  8. Stillers fan:

    Your team cannot stop the pass. You are one-and-done come playoff time.

    Brady blitzed you at Heinz. Flacco fleeced you at M&T.

    The next broken body part for you will be your heart.

    See you in 2011.

  9. Ben: “I had an injury to my Super Bowl Ring wearing finger, since it’s so heavy and all. Has TO ever played through that? Oh, right.”

  10. It pains me to comment on this because I’m only feeding the machine. But why is PFT so enamored with this idiot and his various media programs? I can’t fathom why anyone would watch or listen to a T.O. show. Watching a Top 10 Follies on NFL Network the other night, I realized what a big role he’s had in players increasingly behaving as unsportsmanlike asses just to get their mugs on TV. Gee, what a wonderful contribution to society.

    This clown’s 15 minutes have lasted soooo long. Here’s hoping the universe will soon send him into football oblivion where he belongs and give us players with class.

  11. T.O. should be a little smarter when he criticizes other players, especially quarterbacks. It is possible that Pittsburgh is in the market for a receiver this offseason and now T.O. has made sure he won’t be that guy.

  12. I’m pretty sure that with all the the “little Lorenzo” comments and now the “little Ben” comment it is clear that jimmy1smith has a fixation with the junk of NFL QB’s. Scary, but clearly true

  13. Wow, a Roethlisberger story with no idiotic name-calling (jimmysmith1 is on the borderline, but at least it is no tired rapistberger line) and begrudging respect from other teams? I’m proud of you today, PFT.

    I’m sure some will come along and ruin the comments eventually, but this is good.

  14. TO cried on national television. Ben only mentions his injuries when asked or they are required to be reported. TO is signing 1 year tenders to even have a job. Ben is locked up for 8 years.

    TO and Florio have a lot in common… Blabber non-sense than no one agrees with to boost ratings and generate views.

  15. Speaking of playoffs – I’m very intrigued if the Bears with what is suppose to be such a formidable defensive line can make up a hybrid defensive scheme which slows down the Patriots.

    They have 4 solid d-linemen who can at least stuff and fire the pass lanes and apply pressure. Rotate the 3 LB’s and play with 2 LB – and get 5 DB’s in. Cheat one of the DB’s up to the line who can drop to cover TE or fill quick slant routes. And send DB as 5th pass rusher, stunt to middle of field, or just drop into various short route lanes. Brady’s quick release and constant dink ‘n dunk passes challenges any d-line. So the Bears key is it’s 4 d-linemen to push the pocket and keep their hands up at times. Let the Pat’s run if they want – because neither RB can carry the load for 4 quarters. I only say that because Pat’s have had so much success with passing, the RB have yet to put in 60 minutes of playing with the ball in their hands by running.

    Bend but don’t break. Start to hit and double team each underneath pass & catch. The field conditions should help to neautralize some of the shifty speed of Welker, Branch, and Woodhead.

  16. Rosenthal you are an idiot – you should write an article about it labeled “I’m soft as baby sh*t and my articles seem to crumble like corn flakes”. ROSENTHAL WEARS PANTIES TOO……..

  17. T.O will say anything for publicity. Maybe he is looking for a position at NBC! The nice part is we only have a few days to see if the size of his actions match the size of his mouth!

  18. Deb,

    I hate to admit that I’ve actually seen the show. I have TiVo automatically record anything with Pittsburgh Steelers in the description, and considering we play them, the show gets recorded.

    The show is bad, but I can stomach watching OchoCinco. I don’t mind him because as a player, he seems like he enjoys what he’s doing and his trash-talking is never really mean. In fact, sometimes he’s look downright uncomfortable being on the show.

    All T.O. seems to do is find ways to knock other people and his trash talking is never in jest.

    4sacroc: Brady has our number. No one is disagreeing. Flacco really didn’t fleece us.

    Ben: 22-38 for 253 yards, 6.2 YPP, 1 TD, 1 Int
    Joe: 17-33 for 266 yards, 6.8 YPP, 1 TD, 0 Int

    Joe had two big passing plays that game, but that was about it. The game was all defense on both sides. Now if you want to say Brady fleeced us, I would agree with that.

  19. Hey T.O…..the Redskins are looking for another washed up has been….just give them a call after the season ends, which for you will be soon.

    What a moron!

  20. Flacco fleeced PITT at M&T . . . .ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    That is some good stuff. . . .

    The Bolden catch was given up because Ray Rice was allowed to stop a blitzing Troy P by ripping his face mask off. . . . .

    One big pass other then that. . . .

    Thanks for the laugh today.

  21. I don’t know how anyone could call Ben soft. He got a busted nose and never missed a play. When it happened, the play didn’t draw a flag. Ben didn’t cry to the officials or whoever it is that’s supposed to be protecting the QBs from these types of hits. Let’s be honest here. If that was Princess Brady or Mrs. Manning, the officials would have thrown the flag for a blow to the head. I’ve seen flags thrown for much less.

  22. How can anyone actually like T.O.? I don’t get it. If he would have actually missed any playing time then I could see calling him soft. However, he didn’t miss a down and ended up helping the Steelers get a must win against one of the better teams in the league. Can we please just block T.O. completely? Just pretend he no longer exists. PFT, you block commentors who are inappropriate. Can’t you do the same thing to T.O.?

  23. im a steeler (stiller) fan and bens my boy.. but surgery for broken nose??? really??? come on dude… ive played hockey most of my life, and growinup in pittsburgh.. ive got my nose broke many times.. i never got surgery.. sure its a lil crooked now haha but come on man… surgery???

  24. Joe said it all. Unfortunately, the only way d-bags like TO will stop or better yet go away is when idiots in the media stop reporting every little thing they say and do, no matter how stupid. His team blows so I guess he is focusing on being a moron. I’m a huge Steelers fan, but not a huge fan of Ben. One thing you definitely cannot say about him is that he is soft. What an embecile. Maybe if he put as much time into being a team player instead of a self-centered pr*ck, his team wouldn’t be 2-10.

  25. It’s funny how when Ben plays through injuries he’s a hero but when 41 year old Favre plays with broken bones in his foot and a sprained throwing shoulder he’s a drama queen and a diva.

  26. Actually they were cornflakes. Ruthless has this bad habit of dozing off in the middle of breakfast.

  27. goodellwearspanties says:
    Dec 9, 2010 11:49 AM
    Rosenthal you are an idiot – you should write an article about it labeled “I’m soft as baby sh*t and my articles seem to crumble like corn flakes”. ROSENTHAL WEARS PANTIES TOO……..

    You know who the REAL idiots are? People that come on here and call other people idiots!! It’s usually a sign of bad parenting!!

    (BTW, I guess I’m now included on the “Idiots List”!!! Sorry Mom and Dad!!)

  28. If T.O played for the steelers he would be crying now “he’s my QB man”

    Hey T.O takes some more pills and try again, you couldnt even do “that” right.

  29. T.O. is quite annoying to listen to, but people who say he is washed up just have their blinders on.

    #4 in receptions
    #5 in yards
    #5 in td’s

    Looks like he’ll be in the pro bowl again this year, and that is with playing on an awful team.

  30. No thread is complete without a Brady ball-washer showing up to remind everyone that Brady is a great QB.

  31. TO Jack Youngblood played the Super Bowl with a broken leg

    He didn’t sit out the last 4 weeks & the playoffs either

    Compared to him TO you are soft as baby poo

  32. Wait a minute, I’ve heard this before. Oh that’s right Buck Henry in an old SNL sketch says he’s going to abuse puppies in order to get anyone to call in to his show.

    TO weep so more on national television, it gets better ratings. Better yet, watch Ryan Clark take your head off Sunday. Blowhard poser.

  33. It’s not like the guy was going to get into modelling before he got whacked in the schnoz. If not for his celebrity, and vast amounts of alcohol, not many people would find him attractive.

  34. @steelersmichele …

    Understand what you’re saying about #85. Don’t care for some of his antics and comments, but he has a definite charm, and if you watch him any length of time, you wind up liking him in spite of yourself. He’s very media savvy and generally good-natured rather than mean-spirited. Can see him having a media career of some kind after football. But T.O. is a totally self-absorbed cancer. Think it was a mistake for Chad to align with him on field or off.

    @vikesfansteve …

    Oh my … we actually agree on something: respect for Jack Youngblood. Didn’t see the show but if T.O. compared himself in any way to Jack Youngblood, he should be laughed off the air.

  35. As a Bengals fan, I wish TO would shut his mouth, play the game, and do his job on the field. He’s nothing more than a distraction. You know its funny that the Bengals made the playoffs last year with a similar roster minus TO and this year with his big mouth and stupid nonsense they are pretty much looking at 2 or 4 wins. Maybe not even that. Big Ben for all his problems in the past is obviously very tough and anyone who has had a broken nose realizes how much it sucks.

    Too bad that TO doesn’t get blasted in the game this weekend by one of the Steelers DBs and gets knocked out for the rest of the season. Wouldn’t it be poetic justice if a broken nose or jaw befell TO.

    What a sad excuse of a football player. Yeah, I know, great stats but a sorry personality and nothing more than hype. At least the Steelers back it up on the field and they’re not afraid to get into a scrap. Too bad that TO spent most of his career sidestepping and whining. Otherwise, he might have had that Super Bowl ring. Yeah, I know that Donovan story about McNabb being winded and sick at the Super Bowl. Its too bad McNabb probably won’t get one either. At least he has class which is something Owens doesn’t have.

  36. To any knowledgeable football fan, Ben has shown he is tough, not that he has anything to prove to anybody.

    Terrible Owens is a washed up clown that wishes he had a QB like Ben to extend his receiving career. Does anybody really even pay attention to Terrible anymore? He is an attention-whore, plain and simple, let alone the major damage he does to internal team chemistry. Palmer probably worries about that every night he goes to bed, wondering what Terrible will ultimately start to say about him.


  37. joetoronto
    Who your football team, because I guarantee that your Qb is not as tough. He needed surgery so he could play this week and it was also broken like 10 time. MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. For people laughing about surgery on a broken nose. Usually surgery is performed when there is obstruction caused by the broke nose. Its not to look pretty. If the nose heals in that way, the person will never be able to breathe through their nose again.

    Coming from a person who just started being able to breathe through his nose after 5 years. You DO NOT want to live like that…

    Besides, even if it was just to make the nose look normal, the guy has the money and the means to have it done, why not do it. All NFL players would do this Dicks….

  39. t.o. t.o. t.o.what have you ever won in the nfl?you are a sissy wr.with alligator arms.i believe you cry about your qb.and get shipped to buffalo why you ask nobody wants to play with a cry baby.think about it you have played for s.f.,philly,dallas,buffalo and one likes whinners you should know this by now.STOP trying to get ratings for your pathetic,soon to be on the public broadcast channel.somebody send t.o. some tissues i hear him whining all the way in va.

  40. #joetoronto says: Dec 9, 2010 5:05 PM

    Surgery for a broken nose, tell me the guy isn’t a drama queen.

    What a joke.


    Hey there numbnuts. Where’d you get your medical degree? You do realize that a broken nose can affect how you breathe, don’t you? You realize that breathing is important for an athlete, don’t you? Or, is your mental impairment due to your own lack of oxygen?

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