Jay Cutler complains about turf at Soldier Field

Two weeks ago, the Philadelphia Eagles slipped and slid and skidded all over the turf at Soldier Field, to the delight of the team that plays there eight times per year.

So with the league’s most efficient, quick-strike offense coming to town on Sunday, why is Bears quarterback Jay Cutler complaining about the quality of the turf at Soldier Field?

The turf is what it is,” Cutler said Wednesday, per the Chicago Tribune.  “With our speed, we would like to get something a little bit tighter, but we probably have one of the worst fields in the league at this point.  We did last year, as well.  We’ve got to deal with it, and our guys know it.  They are aware of how to cut and how to move on it.  So we’ve just got to go out there and play.”

Right, and don’t complain about it.  It’s part of the home-field advantage, especially when playing a team like the Patriots.

Cutler seems to realize this.  He said that he hears “a lot of stuff [from opposing players] after the game and during pre-game about what cleats to wear . . . exactly how torn up [Soldier Field] is. There’s usually a [high school] game the day before. It’s a shame.”

Here’s the shame — that Cutler doesn’t realize this is a good thing for his team.  With all due respect (which means, “here comes the insult”), how did this guy get in to Vanderbilt?

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  1. The guy was asked a question and responded. None of that is whiny, and none off it inappropriate.

    Are you really so “feisty” this afternoon that you decided not to actually read what he said?

  2. Just as long as you know this was a big reason why The Eagles lost, was because of that ishty field. On any other field the birds would have whooped dat A$>. Teams should protest if the conditions of the field are unplayable. That was like a mine field, trying to play on that piece of ish.

  3. It works pretty good for their zone D…. hopefully Asante is back if the Eagles have to play there again and the D coordinator takes his head out his backside

  4. Jay Cutler is certainly not the first, nor will he be the last, to complain about that God-awful sod.

    Dez Clark was probably most accurate when he called it a “cow pasture” last year.

    Around Chicago one of the many questions before the season was, “How is Mike Martz going to run his offense on garbage like this?”

    It’s horrible, and the only reason they haven’t switched to the rubber turf is that the Bears front office believes the fieldturf creates more lower-body injuries.

    But hey, why let facts get in the way of a good headline.

  5. So he would like a little faster turf for his speed guys than the lawn that Chicago Parks and Recreation provides?

    He get s the advantage a–hole. Why the snide comments?

  6. Florio – Just because you play on it 8 times a year doesn’t make it easy. Your not talking about the Boston Garden Parkay Floor here….when Bird and DJ could map out for you all of it’s dead quirky spots on the back of their hand. You are talking about a grass football field that will have different soft spots each week depending on how and where the HS game went.

    Martz’s Bears offense has one of the fastest, spread designs in the NFL. How do you think that miserable feild gives them any advantage? It slows them down too. Maybe a team like the Steelers, Jets or Ravens would benefit from a home field like that….but no…not the 2010 Bears.

  7. C’mon man! It didn’t sound like Cutler was complaining as much as lamenting that Martz’s system would play better on a faster field.

    He is also probably throwing that out there to give the other team something to worry about.

    It should be a good time watching little Wes Welker and tiny Woodhead slip-sliding all over that field while the Bears secondary picks off Brady’s passes.

    If there was a line for which quarter of the game Peppers will take out Brady, I’d put money on the start of the 3rd. Heh.

    Its a good thing for you Florio that you and Rosenthal picked the Pats to win this one. That way you’ll still be even when they lose and bury their heads in the divot pitted Soldier Field.

  8. @mad5555

    Did you get bored of blaming the loss on Samuel being out?

    As Deion said that night, “It’s not the cleats, son.”

  9. Cutler is right. Mike Martz has a verticle passing game. Throw the ball down the field. however, the weather report calls for Wind and Snow showers. the patriots have a run and short passing game. a slow field and wintery weather conditions favor them, not the Bears. Martz system works best in a Dome.

  10. Cutler pisses me off and he generally is a whiner, but really Florio? He starts off saying “it is what it is” and you call it complaining? He said the turf is the worst in the league (100% true), but that his team is used to it. Doesn’t sound like complaining at all to me.

  11. Umm…….

    Somebody ought to tell Cutler that the entire field was re-sodded after the last home game. There will be an entirely new field for the Pats/Bears game. This has been widely reported in the media.

    Way to be on top of things Florio. As usual the average fan can find at least a couple of errors a day on this site.

  12. ^^^ LOL @ Bears fans thinking their team is better than the Eagles… the Bears were better that day but the Eagles D will adjust to gopher-mounds next time they meet if the Bears are not already eliminated.

  13. The didn’t call it “The Greatest Show on Turf” because Martz’s Rams played on a crappy field. I hate Cutler and all, but he’s right. The Bucs’ field last week was pitiful as well and it may have very well cost them their game against the Falcons. They had guys constantly falling down in that garbage. All from a stinking game between Pitt and USF played the day before… a recipe for disaster… I’m just glad nobody got hurt (oh wait, our best CB and starting OC were lost for the season).

  14. If you actually watched the game. It was the ishty field, son. Bears players barely slipped, Eagles players were slipping EVERY PLAY! Vick got sacked 3 times, 2 of those times he slipped and fell on the ground then was tagged down, not tackled, tagged because he slipped on the ishty field, just like the eagles defense was doing. That was pathetic. That was like watching one team play with cleats aqnd one team play without. Don’t think the Eagles count that as a legit loss.

  15. The NFL made the Pats rip up their field, and install filed turf several years ago, mid season because the playing surface in Foxboro was awful. Why isnt the NFL stepping in on this? This field, along with Houston, is far worse than what Foxboro was sporting….

  16. exactly… Martz’s offense was known as “greatest show on turf”. I don’t see the word “mudhole” listed in that title anywhere.

    …so Florio thinks “playing on a crappy dangerous field somehow gives us an advantage” is an advantage??? Out of duh Bears 3 losses this year, 2 are at home. More to come I’m sure…

    Just copy what Lambeau Field did for their upgrade did and Solider Field will be better off for it.

  17. I can remember when the Bears went to natural grass. As I recall a lot of players lobbied for a grass field as opposed to turf. Dan Hampton was one of them,( after his 9th or 10th knee surgery). Remember Wendel Davis, ask him about astro-turf. ouch… Granted, that was in Philly…..

  18. .
    . where did he complain??? think u forgot to put that part in….
    .otherwise this article looks more like u r complaining about something

  19. first of the eagles and their fans can shut up about the field!the bears had to play on it to right?secondly all he did was answer the question,why wouldn’t he want a better field to play on with fast guys the bears offense has?they make the best of it and win but that doesn’t mean he can’t wish for better conditions to play on.once again your your dislike of cutler and the bears makes you write non stories like this.to bad for you they have surpassed you 7-9 or whatever losing record you had for them but they are 9-3 and for real like it or not.

  20. why in the hell can’t he complain about the field where he plays at home? thanks for bringing up a non-issue. must be a slow news day

  21. All that tells me is that the Eagles don’t understand proper footwear for the conditions. When you’re on a soft grass field, you need to wear cleats, not molded bottoms. That’s basic high school stuff.

  22. Hey idiot, he was asked a direct question about the quality of the field. He answered candidly. Shut up and try writing an argument without ill founded liable. Tool.

  23. Wow. Deion reference was a little too dry, apparently.

    Anyway, mad5’s. Wow, man. Just wow.

    Your tears are even funnier when you remember the Eagles played on that cobbled-together POS astroturf at the Vet for all those years. Bad turf blew out both knees of one of the Bears’ wideouts on one play.

  24. Florio:
    Once a Yinzer always a Yinzer eh.

    That’s right keep bashing Cutler and other QB’s and give back handed compliments to your boy Rapistberger i.e he needed surgery for an injury he played through last week.

    You should light a candle every day to give thanks for falling into this treasure trove, found money gig you have.

  25. When the eagles players slipped on every play, and ther Bears players barely slipped, I would say yes, That is the main reason for the loss. Don’t think for one second that the bears are “for real” They are frauds. You do understand that the eagles are way better than the bears. Cutler had a career game because the defense was slipping on the ishty ass field on EVERY PLAY. Do you actually think Cutler is that good? Do you think Cutler will ever have another game like that? No, no he will not. Please stop fooling yourselfs. Cutler is a joke and so are da bears.

  26. Florio, did you forget the part where he complains? i think i missed it

    Did you ever play organized football? Ever?

  27. #
    mad55555 says: Dec 9, 2010 2:08 PM

    When the eagles players slipped on every play, and ther Bears players barely slipped, I would say yes, That is the main reason for the loss. Don’t think for one second that the bears are “for real” They are frauds. You do understand that the eagles are way better than the bears. Cutler had a career game because the defense was slipping on the ishty ass field on EVERY PLAY. Do you actually think Cutler is that good? Do you think Cutler will ever have another game like that? No, no he will not. Please stop fooling yourselfs. Cutler is a joke and so are da bears.
    You can blame it on whatever you want. Maybe you saw a different game out there. The Eagles got out-played, plain and simple. They’re not as good as you think they are. The bottom line is that win was as legit as they come. Bears got a big old, “W” and the Eagles are stuck with a,”L.” Cutlter is a great quarterback. He’s going to have many games like that.

  28. @ Mad5’s

    I have a hug with your name on it. Let it all out. Just try not to get too much rabid mouth-froth on me.

  29. mad555555555555555555555555555555555,

    Stop fooling YOURself–after that initial field goal, the Peegulls never even had the lead in that game.
    Nevermind the final score, take away that last TD against a prevent defense with the clock almost done and when the game was well out of hand, and it wasn’t even close.

    You’re buying all the media hype, but the Bears proved what imposters the She-gals really are, not the other way around.
    Talk about delusional.

    And speaking of frauds–how long until that imposter of a human being falls off the non-dog-mutilator’s wagon and kills again?

    And stop writing “ishty”–it’s not clever or funny, it’s just dumb.

    You can make any Viking-fan-like crybaby excuses you want to, but it doesn’t change the fact that the Bears earned the W, and eagirls got the “L”.

    I hope we DO play again, and your scumtastic team will get beaten down AGAIN–just like they have the past THREE meetings.

    Mike Florio, why don’t you just come right out and write an article titled,
    “I hate Jay Cutler and the Bears very much”

  30. Oh you silly dilly Philly phans.

    You have hooked your malicious little bandwagon (boo Santa, Arraignment Court in the facility) to your demon messiah and when he utterly failed versus the superior Bears defense you just make up ridiculous crap.

    The touchdown to Celek was a 1 in 100 chance through 3 bears hands (and a 4th was coming). That, 4th down desparation attempts and onside kicks at the end of a game dont change the fact that it was 31-13, and went to 31-26 only on prevent/time killer. Why dont you guys go and justify some other Philly athlete for torturing and murdering things. Maybe John Wayne Gacy’s zombie could play end for you if Trent Cole goes down? With the chloroform he would get at least a 10 sack season.

    Back to the topic, Philly phans criticizing other people’s field is RIDICULOUS!!!! Remember when Billick wouldnt let the Ravens play at the Vet for the pre-season game because he didnt want their cruciate ligaments smeared all over the thin veneer of rubber that covered the patented Philthadelphia concrete? The reason there is no Field Turf even if grass doesnt grow after September in Chicago is because of Wendel Davis, and Dan Hampton and all the blown out knees of the 80’s era Bears. The studies are in, grass, even dead brown grass is better for knees than Field Turf.

    What Cutler said was fine, he should probably just enjoy his homefield advantage, but it is people just looking for news. However shifty opponents in Chicago should learn to run in straight lines in winter. If they do not they will fall on their bottoms like Philly’s demon messiah did.

    And Philly fans tears taste like candy.

  31. Weather, field conditions, and players = a game. Wow why so much angst and vile. Most of these items are things what this website forwards. This is a forum to engage, debate, and comment. Yes Cutler did basically comment and opine that field conditions seem ‘bad’. Yes the Bears field has been fixed up (a bit). And yes hopefully with all the factors involved the Bears have an actual home field advantage.

    I say that since on paper – and from what all of us have seen, unless something neutralizes the speed of Brady’s release, the jump off the line at the snap with his small & agile receivers, and unless the Bears Offensive Line can magically figure out what Bellicheck will bring for pressure – than the Bears are going to lose.

    Instead I would like to think that all factors combined create a scenario where a team with a impulsive QB, stubborn Off. Coordinator, sub-par play-makers, stout defensive line, and a above average coach ….has a chance to beat one of an elite football team (Patriots).

    AND I’m a Steelers fan.

  32. Eagles fans aren’t in reality. I remember one guy during game saying the Bears could win 49-0 and the Eagles would still be the better team. I guess as long as he feels it in his heart, it must be true. (that is sarcasm for you Eagles fans)
    Anyway, did the field suddenly get better after the Bears were leading 31-13? That must be why they made a come back. It had nothing to do with the Bears playing prevent-D and putting the safeties 25 yards from the line of scrimmage.
    From what I am reading, the Bears are the worst team ever and only won any games due to officials, the field, the weather, solar eclipses, earthquakes and the polio virus. I just hope there is another natural disaster this week for them to take advantage of against the Pats.

  33. It’s a total joke that the league doesn’t step in and make the Field-Turf a standard surface. Talk about trying to protect the player’s safety by preventing injuries and working from a solid base line for all teams.

    Obviously this is not possible on fields where baseball and football are played on the same field within days (not many fields still do this). It’s also almost impossible to maintain a quality natural turf field in northern climates late in the year.

    Worst fields ever:

    1) Gillette Stadium – Circa 2007 (The Pats used to think that it was an “advantage” to play on the natural turf, now they’re singing a different tune.)

    2) Heinz Field – What a total mess. They play High school & Pop Warner games there 24×7.

    3) Soldier Field – You really can’t re-sod and expect it to take in less than a week without a nail-gun.

    4) Texas Stadium – What brain-dead individual thought that rolling cadaver-turf in and out on rollers was a good idea…and what more brain-dead decision maker bought that idea?

    Field-Turf has come a long way since “Astro-Turf.” Maintained correctly, it’s actually a softer and has a better draining surface than anything else you can lay down for a playing surface. Gotta love new technology. This game has become too technical for each visiting team (and home team, for that matter) to try to figure out 24 hours before game time what kind of footwear is necessary to compete. That’s like a visiting fast hockey team in the NHL trying to guess how to sharpen their skates because the ice in the rink was set to 33 degrees to try to slow them down. It’s been done in the past, that’s why the NHL now has standards.

  34. I think some context is needed here. The Chicago media have been doing stories about the Bears’ playing field for the past couple years. They have asked other Bear players about the field conditions, and many of these players have been far less diplomatic than Jay.

    I realize that Cutler annoys people because he’s quirky, not media savy, and comes across as arrogant at times. However, people read way too much into some of his statements and facial expressions, and look for something negative when it’s not there. Give the guy a break.

  35. comeonnowguys says: Dec 9, 2010 1:20 PM

    It’s horrible, and the only reason they haven’t switched to the rubber turf is that the Bears front office believes the fieldturf creates more lower-body injuries.
    Is that right? Interesting. I wonder if there’s statistical support for that. I love natural grass but I don’t blame the Pats for going to Field Turf in Nov 06. Ironically the Bears game that year is the first time they played on the new field. Wonder if Brady’s juke of Urlacher happens on that crap grass? The Pats players seem to like the FT. It sure beats having to resod it all the time or when they play the Colts and the Colts FO whines to the league. 😛
    It just seems harder for cold weather teams to maintain a decent grass field particularly if other events besides football games take place there (as they do in Gillette stadium).

  36. And another thing, why the hell cant these guys just shut up and play? You dont hear anyone complaining about field surface 5+ years ago. Athletes have become babies nowadays when the setting isn’t perfect like they are used to.

  37. It’s okay Mike!

    Skip Bayless got into Vanderbilt … and we know how smart and hardworking he is (Troy Aikman liking men, Maurice Clarett being NFL ready, Mike Williams = HOFer, Favre getting the Jets to win 12 games in 2008).

    By the way … if you’re good enough to play the game you can go anywhere (except class).

  38. The only thing dumber than the Bear’s fans are the equally idiotic Eagles “fans”. Both are inept at procreating outside of their respective family members. Kind of like Florio ………

    Bears get the upset …………..

  39. Yea all you people mentioning the resodding shouldn’t think of that as improvement. They do it almost every month. It’s just replacing the torn up grass for more grass. But the Bears have slipped all over the damn place this season too(particularly Tillman), including home losses to WAS & SEA. It was not the reason they lost.


    I like your analysis, especially crediting Lovie as above average. I’m not sure why you’d call the Bears “sub-par playmakers”, and can only assue your referring to the skill positions on offense since everyone knows the Bears D makes plays in their sleep.

    So skill positions, nothing through the roof but Hester, Knox, and Bennett have all made considerable plays in clutch time. Without spelling them all out, just look at Bennet’s breaking tackles for 15-20 extra yards or basically any of his or Knox’s 3rd down catches. Playmakers making plays. And then there’s Matt Forte, who’s stunted by a weak interior in his line but still turns in great reels when his number is called.

    Finally, I think you acknowledged this, but just in case I think Cutler is one of the more consistent playmakers at his position, whether it’s fitting the ball in a tight window, staying alive in the pocket, or rushing for first downs… or, you know, throwing picks(had to be said).

  40. @ sleeper692

    Actually since Woodhead and Welker are shorter, they have a lower center of gravity. Therefore, they will not be slipping and slideing like you say. But still, I give this game to the Bears 21-17.

  41. As a Eagles fan, I really wish all the Eagles fans on here would shut up about the turf, refs, luck, or whatever other excuses you are making. It’s the NFL! The better team makes adjustments and goes out and wins the game, period!

    We were flat against Washington the first game and thankfully, we had a second opportunity to prove who’s the better team. Hopefully, we will get the same opportunity vs. Chicago. I don’t think the outcome will be the same, however, I’m not going to make excuses. The Bears were better that day.

  42. The field is what it is. My Eagles lost there but then again, the Bears played on the same field too and that’s why you have pregame warmups, so you can gauge the field. With that being said, a pro field should be in better shape. Only field that’s worse than Soldier is Heinz field.

  43. Who cares what Cutler says. Oprah,deep dish pizza and the Cutler led Bears. The 3 most overrated things in the city of flatulence.

  44. indyeagle says:
    “It’s the NFL! The better team makes adjustments and goes out and wins the game, period!”

    Exactly! At last some common sense. Any coach or player worth a damn knows that if something isn’t working, you make adjustments. If you don’t, you most likely will lose the game. And sound like a whiny beyotch like mad55555……..

  45. Cutler complains about the surf at Soldier Field.

    “Hey, I’m trying to hang up six on the board and those damn little ankle biter waves send me all Eskimo Roll, like some dumb Goat Boater crashing my wave, man. Not groovy.”.

  46. The field is crap.
    Too many events held on the field and too many re-soddings in the dead of winter.
    Over the last few years players from several teams, including the Bears, have said this is the worst playing surface in the NFL so now Cutler is whining?

    Grow the hell up people.

  47. pervyharvin says: Dec 9, 2010 5:03 PM

    Who cares what Cutler says. Oprah,deep dish pizza and the Cutler led Bears. The 3 most overrated things in the city of flatulence.

    Prince, Target and fat bloated men in Cindy Brady wigs.

    Giving Wisconsin hope every day.

  48. pervyharvin says:
    Dec 9, 2010 5:03 PM
    Who cares what Cutler says. Oprah,deep dish pizza and the Cutler led Bears. The 3 most overrated things in the city of flatulence.

    Who doesn’t like deep dish? What are you, counting calories? I’d suggest you’re a woman, but no woman would speak ill of Oprah, who by the way is more succesful in an hour than you will be your entire life. Cutler, too.

  49. @pimpexmadechina

    Wow, really clever to bring up a Santa reference in regards to Philly fans. That is such a FRESH take on things and gee, I haven’t heard that reference since…….. Look, I’m sorry you fat Bear fans care barely squeeze into your seats at Soldier field. Too bad they didn’t widen the seats when they re-did the stadium. Oh, your Cubs will suck as ususal.

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