Jim Irsay has latest NFL go-to Twitter page

Plenty of NFL players and media have Twitter pages that have become mandatory follows.  There’s an owner with a Twitter page that has, almost out of the blue, become appointment tweet viewing.

Already this week, Colts owner Jim Irsay has provided an advance “scratch” list for injured players, and he broke the news that the team will be placing safety Bob Sanders on injured reserve.

Today, as the Colts prepare to face the Titans in Nashville, Irsay provided some comic relief in describing his visit with Tennessee owner Bud Adams, via Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com.

“Went to breakfast with Bud, service to slow at Hob Knob, Bud gave waitress the Finger, we both got kicked out!!! We’re appealing commish fine!”

Last year, Adams drew a $250,000 fine for pulling out a double-barreled middle finger from his suite during a home game against the Bills.

Why do we suddenly have a feeling that this receiver-needy team will be making a play for Twitter fiends T.O. and Chad Ochocinco?

5 responses to “Jim Irsay has latest NFL go-to Twitter page

  1. “Well damnation”, said Bud, “That thar lil gal had this real short skirt on, y’see, like them waitresses wear some times, and she was bent over the table next to us clearin’ dishes. From where I was sittin’ it looked like her thong was real uncomfortable, so I jes stuck my finger in there to loosen it up a bit, and next thing I know there’s cops all over the place…”.

  2. he lets his thought be known. imagine TO with that manning guy???

    @hobartbaker big ben wasnt around was he?? farve wasnt n the phone?

  3. As a Pats fan I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE the Colts. But Irsay is cool. Would I want him as the owner of the Pats? No I love Mr.Kraft and wouldn’t want him to be that outspoken. But still, Irsay comes off as a fun type dude.

  4. Florio. Twice today. Two stupid comments about the Colts (first saying Manning will watching next years Super Bowl is “fact”). Do you really think the Colts would sign TO or Ocho? When have they gone out of their way to sign big name free agents? Never is correct. Garcon and Collie are up and coming and Blair White has a chance to be better with more playing time. No way they ever sign either of those two jokers and you know it.

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