John Fox’s disconnect with the Panthers distilled into two quotes

After staying mum all season long, Panthers owner Jerry Richardson spoke this week to Panthers PSL owners through a letter.

A letter can only do so much, but it was a sensible and necessary way to apologize and attempt to keep the faith.  A key line in the note:  “I am committed to fielding a winning team, and I’m willing to invest the resources necessary to make it happen.”

At Wednesday’s press conference, coach John Fox was asked about his owner’s words and gave a priceless response, according to Joseph Person of the Charlotte Observer.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Fox said.  Twice.

That response once again shows the divide between the Fox and the rest of the organization.   The two men aren’t communicating and Fox can’t be bothered to cover for his owner.  (Fox is infamously vague answering any football questions.  Vague would have been nice here.)

Later in the press conference, Fox was asked about his team’s effort in their second half collapse against the Seahawks.

“I don’t think our team’s results have been related to effort at all,” Fox said.

Translation: Our players stink.

A letter from the owner was nice, but Richardson can only do so much while Fox is the face of the organization for another four weeks.

26 responses to “John Fox’s disconnect with the Panthers distilled into two quotes

  1. Fox should tread lightly here. He is a good coach and will get another shot, but don’t think other GM’s and owners aren’t taking note of his willingness to throw his superiors under the bus.

  2. Yeah I wonder how Fox would feel if a player did the same to him…No matter how you look at the situation this is a poor stance by Fox…He should be fired…Besides, even when they had good players, he was wildly inconsistent..

  3. Whoever takes this team over will have what looks to be a franchise QB. If I was a coach, I would want this job because of the possibility of having a run of 9-14 years with a winning record and maybe a superbowl or two.

  4. I tough game to pick between the Falcons and the Panthers this weekend.
    On one hand, the Falcons are 10-2 and the Panthers are 1-11. Fox is gone and the players know it. There is no way the falcons can lose.
    On the other hand, its a Division game. The Falcons played a tough, physical game against the Bucs last weekend. The week after this, the Falcons will play a Division game against the Saints, last years Super Bowl champ. That game should determine the Division champ and home field advantage. This “sandwich” game will be hard for the Falcons to get up for and the Panthers have nothing to lose.
    tough pick.

  5. @ blackqbwhiterb says:
    makes this Redskins fan feel better…………


    Don’t think so pal. Your mess of a team doesn’t even get the top pick that the Panthers will get.

  6. @thewardenbb

    are they planning on drafting a franchise QB? if you think clausen is that level think again. the RB’s are getting old, WR smith is getting old, i dont see any young recievers doing much. defense might be the only area of any thing close to being good. whomever take this job needs to put a lot of emphasis on the offense. clausen might be able to improve but not to a super bowl winner. ok as a back up yes.

  7. Hey Thewardenbb are you serious? Jimmy Clausen and the words “franchise QB” go together as well as fire and water.

  8. I think the owner threw Fox under the bus last year. They’ve let guys go without replacing them and drafted poorly. I don’t blame Fox for everything, it was a team effort making this team bad.

  9. Two coaches have been fired in season so far, why keep Fox for another four weeks? Put someone else in and see what he can do. What difference does it make. Even though Richardson seems like a sincere guy, he doesn’t have the right guys making the decisions on draft day and the free agent signing period. Those are critical slots that must be filled by an experienced football guy.

  10. the PSL holders are the ones who got thrown under the bus and NOT by John Fox.
    Jerry Richardson is a pompous selfrighteous jerktard.
    He built a stadium with season ticket holders money, now he owns it.
    He tore the team down to nothing but a bunch of rookies and young players NOT to get better but to line his own pockets under the pretense that he was ‘building for the future’
    how about asking those 30,000 PSL holders who dont travel to the games anymore who got thrown under the bus.
    They will quickly tell you “Us AND John Fox”
    Jerry Richardson won a bigger battle with his heart surgery. One just has to wonder where his “heart” is today.
    His open letter to the PSL holders was a joke and didnt explain anything worthwhile.
    Charlotte and the Panthers fans deserve better than this, especially from the man they made rich beyond his wildest dreams.
    Im only glad i didnt get sucked into the PSL deal he ran years ago.
    Ticket prices were also raised going into this season.
    Where did that extra money go ($3 x 80Kx8 games=1.92 millie)
    in Jerry’s pocket.
    he now has no coach and pretty much
    no team and fwiw his sons also left the organization.
    this has to speak volumes to anyone paying any attention at all.

  11. Jerry put the league ahead of his team and the fans when he put the equivalent of the Pittsburgh Pirates on the field this year.

    He cut almost all players over 30 years of age.

    Drafted Armanti Edwards in round , who hasnt seen the field all year, so that tells you about the level of his talent.

    Did they even sign a free agent?

  12. The RBs are getting old? Stewart, who figures to be their feature back next year and beyond is 23 years old.

    DeAngelo is 27.

  13. Three head coaches fired so far, not two. Maybe you weren’t counting one of Chilly or Wade or McDaniels as real head coaches, but there have been three so far this season.

  14. John Fox already has his next job lined up: Analyst & color commentator for ESPN’s World Cheerleading Championships. That’s a match made in Cleveland if I ever saw one.

  15. Richardson hasn’t fired Fox yet because he’s going to gut the operation at the end of the season. There’s no reason to name an interim coach at this point because he wouldn’t be auditioning for next year. And you can bet Richardson realizes that what Fox says is true: they’re not losing due to a lack of effort, and firing the coach won’t change that. Better to let Fox stink his way out of the building and start sending Bill Cowher gold bars and concubines in 2011.

  16. If Bill Cowher wants the job, looks like he’ll get it. Will admit I kinda wanted to see what he could do with the Giants, but Coughlin has probably saved himself. So if Bill wants back into coaching and this is one of his top two choices, he should take it.

  17. Deb’s right. Cowher has been waiting patiently for the Panthers HC job to open.

    Cowher will be the Carolina coach next year.

  18. average time in league for rb’s to be done? what like 6 years???? ok so stewart is 23, with no line how long will he last? williams is fred taylor for this next 8 years has e been on field all 16 games in a season?

  19. Mr Richardson didn’t get rich from Panther fans. He was a billionaire when he got the team. He made his money by owning more restaurants than anybody at the time he formed the Panthers. Richardson is a stand up guy. A true rarity in todays world of sports. He will lead the collective bargaining talks because he is universally respected by the other owners. The old school owners and the new owners all respect Jerry. He is also the only owner to have played in the NFL.

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