Sterger’s manager tries to strong-arm NFL into suspending Favre

We assume that Phil Reese thinks he’s helping his client, Jenn Sterger, find a new job in the media.  We assume that neither Reese nor Sterger realize that Reese is actually, in our view, doing more harm than good.

Reese’s latest attempt to change the perception that Sterger was at best a willing participant in some type of flirtation with Favre (thanks to the account provided by former Sterger friend Allison Torres) and at worst an opportunistic gold digger who is manipulating the situation either to enhance her career or line her pockets came on Thursday’s edition of The Dan Patrick Show.  Specifically, Reese told Dan Patrick that Sterger won’t sue anyone if the NFL suspends Vikings quarterback Brett Favre.

“If the Commissioner suspends Favre and puts in a program to make sure this doesn’t happen again . . . 100 percent.  Jenn would not pursue any litigation against Favre, against the Jets, against anybody,” Reese told Patrick.
Reese also is frustrated by the fact that a decision has not yet been made.
“I don’t know what’s taking so long here,” Reese said. “We have done everything to assist the investigation.  We have gone above and beyond.  We’ve been told the league is going to do the right thing.”
Um, Phil?  One reason for the delay is that your client waited for weeks to decide whether to “do the right thing” and talk to the league, presumably after exhausting all efforts to finagle a settlement and deciding not to sue Favre.  Reese also seems to think that the league should merely take Sterger at her word, without any attempt to resolve via objective evidence what ultimately appears to be a he-said, she-said conflict as to whether Favre took and sent intimate photos to Sterger while both were working for the Jets.
To the extent that some believe Sterger eventually will sue the Jets, possibly for ending her tenure after one year due in whole or in part to her alleged concerns regarding Favre, Reese gutted any such claim by making it clear that Sterger never said a word to the Jets about the situation for fear of losing her job.
“No, she did not complain to the organization,” Reese told Patrick, explaining that she instead confided in people in the industry.
From a legal standpoint, Reese essentially has placed Sterger in checkmate, without the NFL having to move barely any pawns.  From a practical standpoint, this entire episode is assuming (in our opinion) a Tonya Harding vibe, and for reasons neither known nor apparent Reese now wants the league to take a metal stick to Brett Favre’s kneecap.
Regardless of what the league decides to do, we know that no amount of huffing and puffing from Sterger or her manager or her lawyer will persuade the NFL to do what Sterger or her manager or her lawyer want the NFL to do.

56 responses to “Sterger’s manager tries to strong-arm NFL into suspending Favre

  1. The media protects its own. They circled the wagons for months surrounding John Edwards’ infidelity rumors (revealed by Enquirer) and to this day only give that story – about a guy who was within sniffing distance of the presidency – “buried inside” status…. Even the flowery tripe this week for Elizabeth Edwards – a woman who KNEW her husband was cheating and yet went on to campaign with him using her cancer for sympathy – further illustrates how media can’t get behind someone other than their elitist colleagues breaking a story …

    And they wonder why circulation is plummeting.

  2. Well there it is. Call their bluff. Suspend Favre for one game. The Vikes are out of it anyway. If they go away, then they get at least partial credit for keeping their word.

    If they still sue, then I will go along with all of the people on here who have been calling her a gold digger all along.

    The only caveat would be how it affects the starts record. Would that end if he didn’t start because of a league suspension? I would think it would only end if he didn’t start a game for which he was available.

  3. Actually, Sterger’s attorney has made it harder for the NFL to rule in her favor.

    If the NFL rules against Favre, it sets precedent that anyone can give the NFL an ultimatum like this and get away with it.

    I have always believed the NFL would not suspend or even reprimand Favre because there is no way that anyone could prove that any pics or text beyond the voice mail was unsolicited. Her attorney has made it a sure thing now!

  4. Tuck and Umenyiora may very well suspend Favre for the rest of the season on Sunday.

    The NFL will drag their feet until year’s end on this anyway…avoiding a black-eye for the League, and Favre…..or at least until Favre is back at home riding the tractor with a case of blue balls.

  5. This whole saga is ridiculous. The only thing “bad” about it is between Favre and his wife. Nobody just texts a pic of their junk to someone without first receiving some encouragement or indication it is OK. A “victim” of sexual harassment would never keep a memento of the occasion “for laughs”. What Favre allegedly did is a moral issue between he and his wife. Sterger is just running a scam to try to get money. I hope she can get in trouble for extortion, because it seems that has been her end-game from the beginning. She is owed nothing by Favre, the Jets, or the NFL. She never bothered to say anything about harassment when it happened and there was a specific procedure to be followed. She never did anything that a true victim of harassment would have done…confront him, report it; change phone number, etc. This is a poorly concocted money grab and her manager and lawyers are having a hell of a time trying to make it look legit.

  6. Both Reese and Sterger would have been better served saying nothing until Goodell made his decision.

    The Vikings would have been better served letting Favre stay in Mississippi this past August.

    Farve would have been better served not exposing his privates to anyone, much less a NFL employee.

    But since none of that is possible at this point, let’s hope the NFL makes a principled decision based on the known facts. Its bad enough the NFL looked the other way two years ago in the tampering case, that they can’t afford to cave in to BrINT now. For in January and beyond, the NFL will have to live with the precedent (or lack thereof) they set, BrINT will merely have to buy his wife a diamond the size of one of his balls. And the Vikings still wouldn’t have a QB. Who’s says there isn’t any cosmic justice in this world?

  7. “Reese also seems to think that the league should merely take Sterger at her word, without any attempt to resolve via objective evidence what ultimately appears to be a he-said, she-said conflict…”

    Ben Roethlisberger finds Reese’s ideas interesting and would like to subscribe to his newsletter.

  8. FinFan68 says:
    Dec 9, 2010 11:57 AM
    Sterger is just running a scam to try to get money.

    You’re right- that theory fits in perfectly with her manager offering not to sue.

  9. I’m sure a another bogus sexual harassment suit will do wonders for her career. I hear rothlisberger is looking for a new girlfriend.

  10. I might believe Sterger wouldn’t go to the team because she feared losing her job–if she’d gone to the league right after leaving the Jets. Instead she spent two years “confiding” in people. That’s how the info went public and damaged her employability.

    I’m not excusing married men catting around. But if a woman felt victimized, she’d act when she had the opportunity rather than being a gossip monger. And if all she wanted was justice, she’d have cooperated when the NFL got involved rather than holding out for $$$.

    To be some kind of sports broadcaster in a major market, she’d need to access to athletes. Going after Favre isn’t wining her points with other sports stars. Time to admit she screwed up and start looking for a job in a small market where she has less notoriety–before she screws that up, too.

  11. Dan Patrick has become a low life interviewer looking to create sensational forums for irrelevant topics. He is way overhyped for his journalistic skills. In fact. I grew weary of his high pitched, whiney voice years ago.

  12. Dare I say it… I’m starting to side with Favre on this one.

    They want Favre to open his checkbook and he isn’t doing it so they ran to the NFL to put more pressure on him.

    If I were him, I’d hang em up (due to injuries and the lost season), tell Sterger to get over it, and go sit on a beach and heal up out of the spotlight.

    He’s a Hall Of Famer, his time has come, and he needs to embrace retirement.

    If Sterger wants cheap money, just go do Playboy and go away.

  13. Give me a break.. this girl acts like 20 brothers from the FSU football team weren’t runnin up in that on a regular basis. Favre is a total DB, but this girl has got to be kidding herself. Jenn we all know many like you, full on skank denial.

  14. Also, a future tip to women thats careers are based on appealing to men. If you get in situations like this you need to handle them the same way a man would. In this case, be flattered that someone sent you naked pictures and not make a big deal about it and stop trying to get ahead at the expense of others.

  15. The offer not to sue is bogus! If the NFL suspends Favre, then that is evidence of his wrong doing and she will sue the NFL and Favre. The lawyer will then dance around the promise not to sue saying something has changed like the promise of an apology or something else.

    Believe me, this statement “100%” is worth nothing.

  16. This guy obviously isn’t very good at his job. I hate Brett Favre but come on, to go out and try and defame him is rediculous. This guy is kicking at a dead horse, he is only going to hurt his client and his reputation.

  17. barneyrumble says:
    Dec 9, 2010 11:44 AM
    Still need to put a pic of Jenn up when doing a story on her.


  18. Don’t forget the timing of the original story.

    The Jets talked Sterger into going public with this just a couple of days before their game with Favre. The original story had Rex Ryan’s handprints all over it.

    It is safe to assume that once the Jets got what they wanted (Favre rattled before coming back to play in NY), whatever they said to Sterger (to get her to go public) became ancient history. She was just a stupid tool in Rex Ryan’s game plan. Figuring out that she’d just been used by the Jets and discarded is probably fueling some of her irrational behavior.

    The idea that Ryan’s people talked her into going public to rattle Favre, and then decided to toss her out the back door like yesterday’s trash, fits with the rest of the Jets stupid frat-boy culture.

    Sterger is obviously being an opportunistic blackmailer, but she’s also just trying to get something out of being used by the Jets. Allowing herself to be a tool is a mistake that she needs to own, forgive herself for doing, and forget.

    Meanwhile, the NFL is going to do whatever it takes to protect its own reputation by helping to protect (household name, brand identity, future hall of famer) Favre.

    As this goes on, the league will make sure the story shifts to Favre as victim and Sterger as cold-calculating villain. They’ll try to bully Sterger into dropping everything by making an ugly portrait of her the entire story in the media.

    It’s all very Purell worthy.

  19. She’s the next reality star on the apprentice or lost or vivid video and its all because she simply wants to make the world a better place through the use of her assets, what’s wrong with that? At this point since getting back into the media is not an option and blackmail is clearly not one of her strengths, sex is really her only career move left. Dirty knees equal decent money even in this economy for gal like Sterger. Now all thats left for her to do is drop this case and get out there and be somebody we can all enjoy.

  20. She’s a gold digger, she wouldnt have said anything had deadspin not posted the story without her permission. At first she claimed she wanted no part of the story and now she’s the “victim” after she claimed she kept the pix for two years “just to laugh at them”, and she’s emotionally distressed…please. Classic golddiggin chick.

  21. jimmylions says:
    Dec 9, 2010 1:00 PM
    Don’t forget the timing of the original story.

    The Jets talked Sterger into going public with this just a couple of days before their game with Favre. The original story had Rex Ryan’s handprints all over it.

    That’s total BS and you dont know what you’re talking about. The original story was published in the Summertime before the season even started. Rex Ryan had nothing to do with it idiot. This was a LOOK AT ME, GIVE ME HITS ploy by Deadspin, they published the story even when Sterger said she would deny every thing.

  22. Phil Reese, you should really reconsider representing people in the entertainment industry after your great Jen Sterger train wreck. What night school awarded you a law degree in the first place?

    Jenny Poo, Phil is doing more wrong then good. Jenny Poo hear me out for the sake of argument. Phil Reese was shown the door by Farve agent Bus Cook. Now he is being shown the door by the NFL. The NFL is not going to be shamed or bullied by Phil Reese?

    Are you getting it yet? Are all the chemicals from the spray on tan and hair products fizzing out what is left of your little brain? Phil Reese is not a closer.

    This is going nowhere. As a matter of fact this is now just a tiring, lame and beat up story. The majority of America probably believes something has happened. America has not been privy to any material evidence; without something to sink our teeth into, people just don’t care any longer. The American public has the attention span of a fruit fly. You waited to long to speak with the league. Phil spent too much time playing footsie with Bus Cook.

    In other words your 15 minutes have been up for a long time. Now please deliver everyone in America an early Christmas present and Go Away!

  23. I think her 15 minutes is up. The NFL and it’s fans are past this. Kind of funny the NFL begged her to come talk to them and she refused…..

  24. @reality police: The only one saying anything about not sueing is the manager, not the lawyers. The lawyers are looking for something that gives more credibility to her BS claim. If the league suspends Favre it would give the lawyers what they are looking for. The manager is looking to repair her reputation and make her more viable as a client that can make them money…the lawyers are looking to make her (and them) money. Look harder and you might actually see what’s going on. It’s an obvious attempt at getting money.

  25. Sterger “confided in people in the industry”. Unfortunately people in the porn industry are notoriously poor confidantes and advisers.

  26. What a bunch of scumbags. They couldn’t extort Favre directly so they’re trying to get some cash from him through threat of suspension. If the NFL plays along with this at all they’ll be no more sunday ticket sub for me….

  27. Party Monster says:

    She’s a gold digger, she wouldnt have said anything had deadspin not posted the story without her permission. At first she claimed she wanted no part of the story and now she’s the “victim” after she claimed she kept the pix for two years “just to laugh at them”, and she’s emotionally distressed…please. Classic golddiggin chick.”

    Um, no jackass. Because as soon as Deadspin printed the story the lofty media types like Floor-Boy immediately starting calling her a whore and gold digger.
    So what the league will do is tell Favre if he retires this goes away and they will drag their feet until he gives them his retirement decision. Favre is dead in the water. Deadspin’s editor has already testified the pictures and voicemail came from the same number. So unless someone is going to accuse Sterger of being a cyber terrorist he’s lied about what he has done.

  28. All this is just a leverage ploy to use the NFL’s ruling, reaching that their tactics will get Favre suspended, in a civil case down the line.

    Plaintifs case:
    “See, the NFL found guilt in the employee’s (Favre) actions. Now we want…… 1 Billion Dollars awarded!”

    *All the while holding his pinky up to the side of his mouth.

  29. Lol at this latest desperation move. Now that they know for a fact that they ain’t gettin’ paid, they try to push the NFL to a decision to avoid getting sued.

    Little late to take the high road there Jenn. We hope you enjoyed your fame but if you really wanted to get paid you should have sold the photos to Favre, not Deadspin.

    Florio ye ol’ lawmeister what was it about the statute of limitations? Can she even actually sue anyone anymore at this point?

  30. Does anyone else get the feeling that Mike Florio might be receiving text messages from Brett Favre of a lewd nature? I listened to that interview, and it sounded like someone exasperated with the NFL to me, and it makes sense. Favre getting 300 straight starts is good for ratings and their wallets…why would they go after him? On the other side, you have a woman with nothing to gain having said she would not prosecute him. As for her being a gold digger, she didn’t even release this things and her email to A.J. Daulerio @ Deadspin certainly don’t reflect comments of a woman who was trying to make a spectacle of anything. The reality is, it is a spectacle now, her name was soiled, and she’s doing what she can to clear it. I’m sure she waited so long to move forward because she was probably just hoping it would go away, like any of us would. I’m pretty sure the girl on the receiving end of this stuff deserves as much of a benefit of the doubt as the guy with his d*ck hanging out 🙂

  31. I hope that manger and that woman get what’s coming to them. NOTHING but ridicule. If they would have had all of the FBI experts that dillweed manager said they had, verifying the texts and photos I guess they would know those pic’s aren’t Favre there’s no abdominal scars he’s had for over 20 years from a car accident in college. I find it interesting that all of a sudden they want this over with it took her 2 years to leak the story then 3 months to talk to the NFL. Idiots…

  32. As much as I’d like to see this dude sitting on the bench of my favorite team (or at home mowing lawns), I can’t wait for this little slu t to go away. Tease.

  33. This might not be a case of goldigging anymore. It could be self-preservation now. If Sterger tries to sue she has virtually no chance given how this has played out, and an NFL decision to suspend Favre doesn’t change that. HOWEVER, if the Favre camp has conveyed to her lawyers that they might intend to sue her for defamation of character stemming to the Deadspin story, an NFL suspension might at least help her show she wasn’t a willing participant and at least help her win that case. If the NFL doesn’t suspend Favre, he could very well sue her at this point for releasing dick pics and claiming they were his (especially if she cannot prove they were.) And he might have to sue her in order to insist to Diana he didn’t do it. Wether it’s true or not. Just a conspiracy theorist thought.

  34. xli2006 says:
    Dec 9, 2010 12:36 PM
    If Sterger wants cheap money, just go do Playboy and go away.

    Hell she posed over 2 years ago. the photographer is still looking for the lens cap she um “snapped up”

  35. Guys, it may be that Florio needs permission to run one of Sterger’s photos.

    @bigmitchraider …

    Agree with you. If she wanted a sports broadcasting career, she’d leave New York for a smaller market and start over. But these days people usually resurrect their careers on reality TV. Don’t know about “The Apprentice,” though. Would Trump help out a woman that had tried to extort a famous older guy who’d hit on her? 🙂

  36. Lord Favre sure knows how to play the media. At this point, he’s starting to look like the sympathetic person. Go figure.

  37. The NFL will drag it’s feet until the season is over and then the D-Bag can finally “retire”. Lord Bret doesn’t want his almighty streak to end before 300. If the NFL was really serious about image they would suspend him right here and right now.

    Sexual harrassment is serious business.

  38. They NFL doesn’t know what do about their Golden Calf. This isn’t going to end well for ‘ol Brett. Idiot. I can wait. It will be sweet.

  39. Brett Favre is the man! Texted her, sent some spam meat mail. Hell, he may have even checked her tonsils. Sent her dumb ass down the road after he used her and she tried to get even. Jenn,you gold digging swine,don’t you know The Iron Man is untouchable?? WI is full of trash like you but at least those wenches knew not to mess with Baby Cheesus…

  40. Ummm….first Jenn (allegedly) tries to extort Favre and now she’s trying to blackmail the NFL?? How crazy is this woman that she has taken on two pretty formidable entities?

  41. It seems like Sterger’s camp keeps changing their story. They stalled and stalled some more before they talked with the NFL and now they want them to be in a rush and punish Favre? It sounds like the NFL probably isn’t going to suspend Favre according to King & Mortenson, so they are freaking out.

    The Sterger camp may also be finally realizing that they don’t have much of a leg to stand on when it comes to trying to win a lawsuit, so they might be hoping that by pressuring the NFL into suspending Favre it will somehow vindicate her previous gold digging attempts and she will be able to get better career opportunities (she won’t either way, her Versus show bombed in the ratings both before and after the scandal) and to sell more books or whatever tell all stuff I’m assuming she’s going to try to do to make money off this thing.

  42. Brett: But Honey she looks alot like you. It is a compliment I don’t want anyone but you or a younger version.
    Deanna: Brett have you figured out what my 50% comes out to yet? Wait you’ll just change the amount or lie about it! Have you read the Lorena Bobbitt story? I like do-it-yourself books

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