Super Bowl 2012 banner removed from Lucas Oil Stadium

Given the current labor climate in pro football, news that the powers-that-be in Indy have taken down a large banner at Lucas Oil Stadium that reads “Home of Super Bowl 2012” will be regarded by many as the latest piece of lockout leverage from the league.

It isn’t.

Per WTHR-TV, the NBC affiliate in Indy, the banner has been taken down because it is placing “undue stress” on windows at the facility.

Though we pretty much never believe anything, we have a feeling that, for once, we’re all being told the truth.

Then again, maybe Peyton Manning didn’t like the fact that the stadium in which he plays his home games already is rubbing in the fact that he’ll only be attending Super Bowl 2012 with a ticket.

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  1. as a bears fan living in Indiana I admit I am loving the way the season is going for manning and the colts. but your obsession with peyton is a little scarey. the guy is having 1 bad year out of the last 10 and your writing him off?why don’t you wait untill he has a healthy team around him and has the same type season before you say he is done?you have been trying to find something wrong with him since he came into the league and consider him a phony.the only thing you came up with is he mooned a teammate in college and some bimbo trainer was offended.big deal!maybe people like him and tebow realy are who they present themselves to be,why can’t you accept it?if they are not it will come out eventualy.but your constant attacks on them are realy getting old.

  2. How is that a fact? This season isn’t even over yet and you are predicting next years Super Bowl? A bowl that may not happen with a lockout? I’m saddened that you would put “fact” Florio. Perhaps “rubbing in the possibility that he’ll only be attending” would have been better. Come on Florio. Don’t show off your anti-Colt bias too much.

  3. Maybe its because its a little early to be advertising for Super Bowl 2012. I mean, we’re only at like Super Bowl 45, right?

  4. It is a little early to say Peyton Manning won’t play in upcoming super bowl. Predicting over a year out seems kind of nuts.

    If the end of the world nuts are right there won’t be any games after 12-21-2012. So hopefully the last one is a good game. (sarcasm)

  5. That stadium may be awesome looking, but they always keep the roof closed unless it is 70-74 degrees outside with no wind and 0% chance of rain.

    Football shouldn’t be played indoors, ever, in a climate that doesn’t demand it. I can see a dome in Arizona where it’s 100 degrees in September, but in most places football is an outdoor sport.

    The indoor games do seem to fit their pansy fans and their soft finesse team, though.

  6. Metalhead your intellect (Ha) is “a little scar(e)y”. You are misspelling five letter words like scary.

  7. cardiovascularendurance says:
    Dec 9, 2010 10:36 AM
    Maybe its because its a little early to be advertising for Super Bowl 2012. I mean, we’re only at like Super Bowl 45, right?<<<<< HAHAHAHAHA… awesome

  8. We are still in the 2010-2011 season unless I slept through the last four weeks and playoffs, and the Colts are still in the hunt to win their division. Yeah the Pats look like the team to win it all this year just like they did when they lost to the Giants in the Superbowl, so let this year play out before dumping on Manning and the Colts in Superbowl Feb 2012.

    Just because you postrd this Florio, Manning is going to light it up tonight. 4 TD’s and no INT’s.

  9. Yeah put a fork in Manning, he’s done. I seriously doubt he’ll ever win another game in his career. (Note: prediction may not survive the next 12 hours)

  10. So let’s say there is no NFL season next year….Does Indy get skipped in the Super Bowl rotation? Or does everyone get pushed back a year? I was also wondering the same thing about the draft. Teams like New England have multiple picks in the first few rounds. If there is no draft do they get screwed over?

  11. Wow, Florio, didn’t realize you were a prophet. Isn’t a little early to be predicting NEXT year’s Super Bowl?

  12. You need to read between the lines here.

    Sound bounces better off of windows than it does cloth. The banner was probably muffling Polian’s piped in crowd noise.

  13. cardiovascularendurance says:

    Maybe its because its a little early to be advertising for Super Bowl 2012. I mean, we’re only at like Super Bowl 45, right?

    That’s awesome, but of course it’s Super Bowl XLV!

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