Fisher “surprised” Vince Young hasn’t been to team facility

The fact that Jeff Fisher has remained head coach of the same NFL team for 16 years despite only six playoff appearances and one Super Bowl berth means that he’s damn good when it comes to at least some aspects of the job, including keeping the locker room in his corner.

When it comes to quarterback Vince Young, Fisher seems to be taking to the public his quest to keep the players on his side.

A day after an interview aired on NFL Network in which Fisher told Steve Mariucci that Young is likely better off not coming to the team facility given the players’ reaction to his post-game antics after a loss last month to the Redskins, Fisher now says he’s surprised Young hasn’t come around since the day he was reportedly asked to leave.

I’m surprised he’s not here,” Fisher said, per Terry McCormick of, possibly hoping to plant that same question in the minds of players inclined to support Young, like receiver Kenny Britt.  “He was not told to not be here.  But again, he’s following the guidelines of what we do with injured reserve players.  We’ve got several players that are rehabbing outside of Nashville that are not here for games, and we’ve got a handful of players that are rehabbing here and are here for the games.”

Fisher also said he’ll make no specific effort to meet with Young during the final three weeks of the season.  “I’m coaching this football team,” Fisher said.  “I’m not gonna go out of my way to do that, because that doesn’t have any bearing on what’s gonna happen tomorrow or this weekend or over the next three weeks.  He’s welcome to come in if he wants to.  We’re gonna address it when the season is over.  It will eventually be addressed.  There’s no rush right now as far as the last three games are concerned.”

Bottom line?  A battle is looming between Fisher and Young.  Though the final decision will be made by owner Bud Adams, Fisher knows that the inclinations of the players under contract for 2011 will be (or at least should be) a factor.

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  1. Young was told to leave the building when he arrived for work. That was confirmed. I don’t think any other IR players have been thrown out of the building.

    Then, through an ESPN mouthpiece, we were told that he’s not banned, he’s just not welcome at any meetings, practices, or games. That’s pretty much saying don’t let the coach see you in the building or he’ll throw you out again.

    I really think this is extremely personal with Fisher and he’s behaved just as unprofessionally as Young, if not more so since he is supposed to be the “mature” one.

    Is it now 6 playoff seasons out of 18 years of coaching?

  2. it’s a bad sign when a coach has to come out and appeal to the public and essentially contradict himself from one conversation to the next. it’s better that he isn’t here, and he doesn’t need to be here because it doesn’t need treatment, but I’m surprised that he hasn’t come by. The reality is, in the last 2 seasons, you have NEVER won a game that vince young hasn’t started. What is the difference in the team that started out 0-6 and the one that finished 8-2? Vince young. What is the difference in the team that started 5-2 and had the #1 scoring team in the league to one that went 14 straight quarters without an offensive touchdown? Vince Young (and Kenny Britt). So Vince Young doesn’t throw for 300 yards. So what. You know what he gives to this team in games? It’s not so much big passing stats obviously, it’s a reduction in 3 and outs as an offense. it’s converting some key 3rd down throw or being able to run it on a 3rd and 5 instead of having to throw. Kerry played ok yesterday, and the loss was not on him by any means. But this team was a better offensive unit, and in turn a better defensive unit, when vince young was on the field.

  3. When have you ever seen a starting QB get injured during the season & not be on the sidelines with a clipboard?

    He’s certainly doing everything he can to get into the hall of fame, isn’t he?

  4. Shouldnt matter what the players think – Keep in mind these are the same guys who worshipped Randy Moss when he came in – All these guys across the league are the same ones that vote guys into the probowl based on rep.

    If you brought in a badass pimp off the street, a literal pimp, they would kiss his feet. THAT IS WHO WE ARE DEALING WITH HERE.

  5. #
    macjacmccoy says: Dec 10, 2010 6:40 PM

    A qb is alot more vauleble then a coach that has never won in the NFL.

    Well, a GOOD quarterback is.

  6. The media is always bellyaching about Belichick not talking to them. Is it any surprise? If you don’t say anything, you can’t be accused of saying something stupid.

    Like my dad said, better to keep your mouth shut and look like a fool (or an arrogant coach) than open it up and remove the doubt.

  7. VY must have had amnesia 2 say hes had no support from the head coach, Fisher clearly covered up the suicide attempt & many other incidents like the quitting at playoff game vs Chargers.

    VY is immature, from the strip club fights to taking a limo to practice when you live 1 mile away. Great QBs don’t attempt suicide, cry about getting booed, curse off their head coach, or work 9-5.
    Can any VY supporters give me the name of a great QB that does any of foolishness?

  8. It’s official, Jeff Fisher is antagonizing the VY situation. One day when asked about VY, he says he just wants to talk about the team, and then the next day, he calls out VY like a baby. VY is not playing anymore this season, so shut your mouth Fisher and leave him be. If VY was a Democrat and Jeff Fisher was a Republican, all the craybaby liberals would be calling him a racist.

  9. Jeff Fisher has been exposed as an overrated egomaniac and now he’s scrambling to still seem like the “great coach” the media has tried to portray him to be.

  10. “If VY was a Democrat and Jeff Fisher was a Republican, all the craybaby liberals would be calling him a racist.”

    Speaking of crying…

  11. Take it easy Jeff, why don’t you sit this next one out, stop talking for awhile.

    Seriously, your team stinks, your career record is mediocre, and your team will be out of the playoffs again this year.

    6 playoff appearances in what will be 17 years. Good job, champ.

    I would be willing to bet that it will be Vince Young, not you who will still be in Nashville next year.

    Luckily for you, most NFL owners are glorified fans who suck up all of the smoke the NFL talking heads have been blowing up your a** all these years, so you’ll get another job.

    Believe me, I’m no VY fan. I think he is a spoiled, immature, buffoon. But there is no escaping the fact that every game the Titans have won in the last two years was started by Vince Young. And that makes his winning percentage a lot higher than yours.

    Maybe they can bring in Tony Dungy to hold his hands and wipe away his tears.

    Whatever, something tells me he won’t be your problem anymore after this year.

  12. Instead of trying to constantly sell the potential upcoming showdown.. why not throw out another possible scenario.

    Adams and Fisher have determined that Young isn’t the answer, and Adams is trying to preserve any trade value that Young still has be making it appear he is still in their long term plans.

    Your hypothesis is possible… but so are others, and sometimes you box your site in with the limited scenarios you try and sell.

    Anyway.. just a little feedback.

  13. bucks12965 says:
    Dec 10, 2010 6:27 PM
    When have you ever seen a starting QB get injured during the season & not be on the sidelines with a clipboard?

    He’s certainly doing everything he can to get into the hall of fame, isn’t he?

    He was told not to be on the sidelines as the coach didn’t want him around the team. You can’t blame Vince Young for that one.

  14. Replying to sdchargers25

    Im sick of dumb people like you saying VY is the scum of the NFL when you have other players actually commiting real crimes. What about the Panthers WR that murdered his pregnant girlfriend. Im not a big fan of Cry baby VY but you really need to get some perspective Dumba$$!!!

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