Friday morning one-liners

Shocker: Nasty weather could be a factor in Buffalo on Sunday for their game against the Browns.

Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall is eager to get back on the field after learning a lesson from Tony Sparano.  “I think the great players around the league want to be put in position to help the team,” Marshall said.  “But, sometimes, like Coach [Tony] Sparano taught me and is trying to teach me still, some days it’s a shot glass, some days it’s a wheelbarrow.”

The Patriots say that guard Logan Mankins’ nastiness is contagious.  (That’s a good thing.)

The Jets know their running game is not where it needs to be right now.

Ravens linebacker Jameel McClain is appealing the $40,000 fine he was slapped with by the league.

Bengals offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski calls Terrell Owens very “coachable” and is happy the team signed Owens.

Browns fullback Lawrence Vickers is the unsung hero of the team’s powerful running game.

The Steelers expect to get right tackle Flozell Adams back in the starting lineup this week.

One day after the Jaguars heard a talk about nutrition, quarterback David Garrard ordered the entire squad pizza.

All systems are go for Texans tight end Owen Daniels as the team returned to practice on Thursday.

Former players from around the NFL are rooting for Broncos interim head coach Eric Studesville.

The worry over losing Matt Cassel for such a big game is a reminder for Chiefs fans how far Cassel has come.

Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey is still waiting for his first post-Halloween reception.

The San Diego Union-Tribune points out that turnovers may be the biggest difference between the Chargers are Chiefs.

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett may want to re-check the rules when it comes to Dez Bryant attending team meetings.

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy has evolved into the most productive receiving running back in the league.

The Giants aren’t afraid to use running back Ahmad Bradshaw in short-yardage situations, and he usually comes through.

Lavar Arrington breaks down some keys for the Redskins offense this week against Tampa.

Bears tight end Brandon Manumaleuna may actually be worth all that money the team is paying him.

With improved health, the Lions running game actually has some life.

The moment Jermichael Finley was lost for the season, Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings started to step up.

Minnesota is thrilled to see the Sidney Rice of 2009 back in the mix.

The Falcons are trying to just stay focused and ignore Carolina’s record this week.

Panthers cornerback Captain Munnerlyn is no longer overlooked after going undrafted in 2009.

Less people are paying attention to the Saints, which is just fine with them.

In one week, Cardinals backup quarterback Ronald Bartell has gone from hunting wild hogs to battling Broncos.

49ers offensive coordinator Mike Johnson admires Alex Smith’s “tremendous knowledge” and seems to be the one who pushed for Smith’s re-emergence as the team’s starting quarterback.

ESPN’s Mike Sando has noticed that Seahawks tackle Russell Okung just likes to hit people.

Here’s a good look at the Rams-Saints matchup, from a man who would know.

7 responses to “Friday morning one-liners

  1. Just as the rest of the league is happy that T.O. is with the Bungals…….it’s kinda like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Without T.O. last year the Bungals have a winning record and make the playoffs…….with T.O……well, we all know that the earth revolves around HIM. Even a high school football coach knows it’s a team game and that making one selfish player the focus of the team becuz he wants “his stats”, isn’t going to lead to a winning team. Maybe next year the Bungals should sign Randy Moss too, that would give them a trifecta……Moss, Ocho and T.O.

  2. So – nothing about the Vikings but you use a photo of Sidney Rice? That doesn’t even make sense.

    More surprising is that you didn’t have anything to report about my favorite (only) team at all. Refreshing.

  3. Why is there a continue button on every article rosenthaal writes? What happened to having the whole thing on one page?

  4. From the sound of Robert Kraft on WEEI this morning, Patriots will probably get a long term deal done with Mankins. He proved his point to management, ownership, and to his team. It’s time for Belichick to swallow his pride and pay up.

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