Jason Taylor has a lot of money on the line the next four weeks

With the Dolphins and Jets playing this week, it’s an approriate time to look at Jason Taylor’s contributions to the Jets.

While he played fairly well early in the year when Calvin Pace was out, Taylor has mostly been a non-factor since.  He only played 15 snaps in last week’s blowout loss to the Patriots.  Taylor hasn’t complained about his playing time at all, although Rex Ryan publicly said this week he wants Taylor on the field more.

His lack of production could cost Taylor money.  Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com notes that Taylor has four sacks on the season and needs seven to get a guaranteed $750,000 for next season.  The guarantee would rise to $1.25 million if he recorded 10 sacks on the year and $2 million with 12 sacks.

It’s looking like Taylor will be one-and-done in New York.  Florio reported he’s expected to retire after the season.  Taylor just hopes he can write a Michael Strahan-like happy ending in the meantime.

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  1. Jason Taylor would be like Strahan, except that Strahan was a force in his final season and stayed with one team for all 15 of his years in the league. JT has stayed three years too long and has bounced around in that time. He likely wouldn’t be an integral part of a Championship like Strahan, who had 9 sacks in ’07 and sacked Brady in Super Bowl 42.

  2. I don’t get the impression that money is the driving motivator for Taylor – didn’t he turn down $500k to work out for the Redskins during off season, the same year he was due to earn some ridiculous money ($9 million?) and he manufactured a way out. His official reason was to spend time with family, which is cool, and why I’m just not sure he’ll be losing sleep over the amounts quoted.

    (p.s., am I wrong about the $’s he was due at Washington? If I remember right, it was a lot of dough.)

  3. Taylor was a great player in his day, but Strahan is in another class with the Likes of Reggie White and Bruce Smith. A great DE against both the run and pass, a team leader that made everyone around him better. Super Bowl champion on top of all that.

  4. Wow! Rosenthal posted an article without an unnecessary “Continue Reading – ” link. Those are awesome though, hopefully we get some later!

  5. #
    db105 says: Dec 10, 2010 1:50 PM

    Taylor is a one dimensional player. Novice football fans measure a DE’s ability based on sacks

    #2…HE HAS 553 TACKLES
    #3…HE HAS 131.5 SACKS

  6. I cannot believe this guy forfeited $12 million from the Washington Redskins!!!

    I would’ve stayed there and said to myself … “I can only earn $1-1.5 million later in life. Let’s strike rich as I have poorer statistics.”

    I don’t think he’ll retire because he has no entertainment gig. Reality show stars don’t get acting jobs often and those who spread that notion are talking out of the butts and make crap up like Skip Bayless.

  7. Too bad the Jets don’t play the Vikings, then Brett Favre can give him his sacks as long as he doesn’t touch the shoulder. Jason gets paid and the Queen gets to keep the almighty streak alive. Win win!

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