John Harbaugh forced to clarify remark to radio caller

This is a golden age to be an angry football fan.

Instead of just booing at games, you can direct your anger towards your team on message boards, blogs, Twitter, and call-in radio shows.   (We want all your hatred right here.)  One of those fans called in to Ravens coach John Harbaugh’s show in Baltimore the other night and pushed some buttons.

Here’s what “Jim” had to say after criticizing rookie defensive tackle Terrence Cody: “Can you tell me why [defensive line coach]  Clarence Brooks still has his job?” he demanded, via the Baltimore Sun.   “If in five months, Terrence couldn’t be taught these basics of defensive play?”

Harbaugh initially tried to move on, but then re-visited the topic a minute later.

“I’m proud of this football team,” Harbaugh said. “I’m proud of our defense. I’m proud of our offense. We will fight our tails off to be the best team we can be every single week.   If that’s not enough for you, find another team to cheer for. If you’re not proud of this team, then you don’t know football.”

The question was out of line, and we don’t think Harbaugh’s response was a big deal.  Apparently a lot of Ravens fans disagreed, to the point where Harbaugh was forced to release a statement on the matter.

“I was directing my answer to the caller who suggested that one of the NFL’s best assistant coaches — and that’s not just our opinion — should be fired,” said in the statement via Kevin Cowherd of the Baltimore Sun.  “I fully understand that fans will not agree with everything we do. And they have every right to voice their opinion. My comment was directed at the one caller, and not all fans.”

In this case, we’d say Harbaugh’s response was appropriate.  Since when did jackasses deserve to be treated with such sensitivity?

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  1. Its incredible how kiss ass to the league this site has become in fear of people not talking to them. The caller had every right to say what they said. John needs to grow up

  2. “Since when did jackasses deserve to be treated with such sensitivity?”…

    Not since Eor’s bitch ass left Pooh and the gang…

  3. Maybe it’s not a great idea for a headcoach to have a radio show. Especially if he’s so tempermental he can’t take the heat of a pissed off fan.

    Did they come as a shock to Harbaugh (that he’d need to field calls like this)?

  4. Jim probably would, but ain’t know way he could fit into cody’s uniform…it would only be about 20 sizes to big as his ass is not that fat (nor that lazy) SEC is over rated…….we all get to laugh at Cam winning the heisman, and getting drafted in the 2nd rd, then being out of the nfl three years later. as luck goes # 1 in the draft an is the leagues MVP for the super bowl champs panthers in 2014. LMAO

  5. This is old news, the radio show is on Tuesday night on WBAL, the caller was a jackass. As an original Ravens fan & season ticket holder/PSL owner since 96, I had no problem w/ what Harbaugh said & thought he was justified in saying it. It wasn’t directed @ all Ravens fans, or even those who are frustrated or don’t agree w/ everything the team does. It was directed @ the a**hole caller. As far as I’m concerned, this idiot can go root for another team!! GO HARBAUGH, GO RAVENS!!!

  6. Sometimes when a person fails to learn a given thing, it can be said that the teacher failed him. And sometimes, you just have a person who is incapable of learning, no matter who is teaching them, or how it is being taught.

    I don’t know enough about Terrance Cody or Clarence Brooks to suggest which is the case here, but are any of the other linemen under Brooks having problems as well, or is it only him?

    I saw the Baltimore defense when they played New England, and they sure looked like they were giving New England everything they could handle.

  7. While I think that every fan has the right to question the team, coaches and players (since basically, we pay their salaries, although that’s a huge generalization), I think there is a better way to do it than “Jim” did. I’m glad Harbaugh stood up for his coach and would expect nothing less. Any fan who is offended by Harbaugh’s reaction to this guy needs to find another team or sport to root for…

    For what it’s worth, I’m not a Ravens fan at all…but do agree with Harbaugh in this case…

  8. people in baltimore are driving me crazy with this kinda stuff right now. it pisses me off how often i hear that this player should be benched or that coach should be fired. these are professionals. they are far better at and have far more knowledge of football than any jack-ass fan who calls in and thinks he could do a better job. plus, we’re 8-4, with a good shot of making the playoffs for a third straight year. is no one content? i get angry when they make mistakes, but i realize that everyone does, and i’ll support my team as they work to correct them. harbs is 100% justified, and i agree with him…even if that statement was directed at ALL fans, and not just Jim. f-in ay!

  9. Strikes me as this is a classic example of a fan falling into the trap of believing that all draft information worth knowing is available from a four letter sports network, and that Todd McShay is the greatest draft mind of all time. Buying into the hype on players is dangerous, but it’s easy to do.

    Right after the draft, everybody believes that all their picks were steals and that their GM is a genius… and that’s what’s great about the draft: it gives everybody hope. But in between April and August, draft steals turn into dumb rookies.

    Cody was an immovable object in college, but that’s pretty much all he was, and his conditioning was suspect. NFL defensive tackles need to be more than “immovable”. Things like gap responsibility, and proper hand technique are things that defensive tackles tend not to learn in college, where they get by on pure physical prowess alone, and so the adjustment to the league where nobody is significantly more physically dominant than anybody else is tough for those guys.

    I don’t want to rip Ozzie Newsome for taking Cody where he did, he took him pretty much where he should have been taken. But people who thought they got a top 10 value with Cody in the 2nd are idiots.

    Harbaugh’s comments were appropriate, not diplomatic, but appropriate.

  10. Dear freedom is popular. They left out one critical part of the story. Three weeks ago on a prior John Harbaugh show he was asked by a caller why our top draft pick, Terrence Cody, since “he is” since Sergio Kindle got injured, wasn’t playing more.

    Harbaugh answered the caller by saying that Terrence was having problems with keeping his pad level low….had trouble getting off blocks…AND was running “around” blocks. These are three basics of defensive line play. The caller simply wanted to know why after OTAs, Mini camps, and 5 months after training camp began in July these were still an issue for Cody and thence his limited playing time.

    Funny how this critical part was left out of the story.

  11. How is the caller question out of line?
    Seems you left off part of that call or your writing sucks. I bet the latter.

    As for your comment – Since when did jackasses deserve to be treated with such sensitivity?

    I wonder the same thing, when they ban commentors on here.

  12. “In this case, we’d say Harbaugh’s response was appropriate. Since when did jackasses deserve to be treated with such sensitivity?”

    Just like you! Why do you censor so many of our comments? Why so sensitive, you jackass?

  13. Baltimore fans are just dumb. When the chiefs played the ravens last year I was walking out of the stadium after the game and I was told by the fans that the redskins suck and I should go back to washington…I was there for the chiefs

  14. Mr. Rosenthal….you also might want to check the original story posted by Jamison Hensley and notice you DID leave that part of the story out of your piece.
    Selective editing I suppose.

  15. same harbaugh who defended the multi-team failure cam cameron for calling his ” joe flacco – joe pisarcik imitation” near midfield too . harbaugh said “we like being aggressive late in game”. hogwash. the problem not his hirlings but the lot of them from harbaugh on down.where it started, instead of safely running the clock down

  16. Most Ravens fans aren’t pissed about what Harbaugh said, the fan who called was out of line. The people who keep calling and whining about an 8-4 team are idiots, the fans who agree with Harbaugh have jobs so they don’t spend all day calling a radio show

  17. Never, ever call out the fans. Whether you’re a player or coach or owner, doing so never yields good results.

  18. As I stated before, I wouldn’t touch Cody with a 10 foot dinner utensil. He is extremely fat and grossly out-of-shape… add in a big-time rookie contract (compared to what he and members of his family had made before the NFL) and it is a recipe for a slovenly disaster. Cody shouldn’t have been drafted. I think Harbaugh’s a good coach and the Ravens are a good team, Newsome is certainly an excellent GM… but they swung and missed on Terrence Cody.

  19. A bigger question is why are Head Coaches putting themselves in a position to be baited like this. At very least the callers should be screened for appropriateness of their questions and the inflammatory “fire/cut that guy” hung up on.

  20. What he should of been asking is why were they still throwing the ball when then could of ran it then maybe punted and won the game

  21. If you think the ravens players are whiners you should hear the fans. Harboh’s right, the other team in MD is the Skins go head down 95 to that dump of stadium and throw your money away to the Danny. Win the next 4 games and raven’s still win AFC North.

  22. I have a more stupid question. Why didn’t Cody learn these things in high school and college?

    I mean my high school and college coaches certainly beat such things into my head.

  23. Where is Mt. Cody? Has he been playing? Is he hurt? I know I talk a lot of smack, but I forgot all about the big guy.

  24. Unfortunately coaches are forced to explain themselves from time to time, against idiot fans who think they know more than them. I like that he didn’t apologize.

  25. “I was walking out of the stadium after the game and I was told by the fans that the redskins (sic) suck and I should go back to washington (sic)…”


    Give the fans partial credit. They knew that the Redskins suck.

  26. He should have answered… we are a great football team, but you have to remember as great as we are… we are not as great as the Pittsburgh Steelers….

  27. I know one thing….if Harbaugh keeps morphing into a Brian Billick he’ll get a phone call from Steve Bisciotti to come up to his office just like Billick did.

  28. @waccoforflacco – with all due respect my fellow Ravens fan, the caller was not simply asking those questions…he was asking why Clarence Brooks hasn’t been fired.

    I don’t think the question is out of line – as fans, we can ask what we want. It’s just a stupid question, because you wouldn’t fire a guy like Calrence Brooks because a ROOKIE hasn’t developed yet!

    …and Harbaugh was not out of line either. he’s right. hey, if you don’t like us & can’t be proud of us, then find someone else!

    Whatever, not a big deal.

    LASTLY – ON TERRENCE CODY…I think it’s hilarious that everyone is writing this guy off. He’s a freaking ROOKIE…and a rookie who looked good in the pre-season & has shown flashes during games. Give the guy a break and give the guy some time to develop. Is Ziggy Hood, a FIRST ROUND PICK in his 2nd year teraing it up in Pittsburgh? NO. He has been pressed into action due to injuries & done well…but I’m sure he’s nowhere near the player he will be in another couple years. Just wait until 2 years from now when Cody is our NT and Ngata our DE in a 3-4…or those guys are side-by-side DTs in a 4 man front with Sizzle on the edge. We need to bring in some LBs, ala the Steelers Timmons & Woodley draft & we’re set. This guy has a future…just ridiculous everyone has written him off a few months into his career!!! Lest we forget that Ngata came into the league with a tag of taking plays off as well.

  29. How was the question out of line? The Ravens lost that game with all of their dumb mistakes. I don’t like the Steelers one bit but have to hand it to them in that they normally don’t beat themselves.

  30. I think the question was fine and the response was fine. The economy is bad now a days and I guess a lot of unemployed people have the time to make mountains out of molehills.

  31. Caller has every right to make that remark. The coach had an opportunity to edify him. Talking about pride is irrelevant. Telling him to root for another team is fanboy nonsense. Fans should expect more from a an NFL Coach.

  32. The old saying goes: “If you listen to the fans, eventually you’ll be sitting with them”

    Even the most knowledgable fan probably has a grip on about one-tenth of what goes on with their team behind closed doors.

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