Gary Kubiak could give Bob McNair an easy out

We’ve written a few times lately what a difficult spot Texans owner Bob McNair is in.

On one hand, the lack of progress with his team is disturbing.  Something needs to change within an organization that put together one of the worst defenses of the last decade.

On the other hand, head coach Gary Kubiak was given a contract extension last year and he directs a very productive and stable offense.  Do the Texans want to throw away the one thing they do well and start over?

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote an article Friday wondering if Kubiak could leave for the Denver Broncos head coaching job.  Granted, this is a trial balloon mostly filled with air right now.  But if a reporter as widely respected as McClain can mention it, far be it from irresponsible rumor mongerers like us to avoid the issue.

The key to a Kubiak connection might be a guy whose name rhymes with Don Smellway. As Florio has mentioned, Elway is elbowing in on an executive role with the Broncos.  If he helps choose the next coach, the Denver Post believes Kubiak could be his first choice.

We’ve got a long way to go before that happens.  The Texans have four games to play, which will affect Kubiak’s future.

But let’s say Houston finishes 7-9 again and the Broncos came calling.   It’s hard to imagine the Texans fighting for their right to pay the rest of Kubiak’s contract when his team annually appears stuck in neutral.

9 responses to “Gary Kubiak could give Bob McNair an easy out

  1. I could live with Kubiak.

    Elway on the other hand…. not such a good judge of talent and character.

  2. Why would Denver want a mediocre coach with a losing record? 36-40? Denver would be better off hiring him as a line coach or maybe (big maybe) QB coach.

  3. I’d love to see Kubiak come in as the OC – Phillips in as DC, and someone like Cowher over it all. Wouldn’t happen – too many former head coaches on one staff. Maybe John Fox would be more believable, and I’m not sure if Kubiak would take not being a head coach.

  4. Kubiak will stay in Houston, and wade phillips will come in and run Defense. I don’t think Kubiak will go to Denver, I could see Bill Cowher, John Gruden, or Harbaugh from Stanford going to Denver. Kubiak’s offense has seen a different light this year, they got a run game! Bring in a good D coordinator and that’s a playoff team. Bob McNair would be a moron to fire Kubiak. Also, that Defense is really young, paticularly in the secondary.

  5. Don Smellway was a fine quarterback in his own right. Right up there with Mo Fontana and Stan Torino.

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