Matt Cassel not practicing Friday

Two days after an emergency appendectomy, Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel was mostly a spectator at practice on Friday.

The accompany this post taken by Kent Babb of the Kansas City Star shows Cassel’s minimal level of involvement.  (Cassel is in the white shirt.)  Cassel may throw some light passes, but Brodie Croyle is being prepared to start Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.

All indications at this point are that Croyle will get the call Sunday and Cassel will do his best to return for Week 15 against the Rams.  It’s possible nothing official will be announced until gametime.  The Chiefs can essentially end San Diego’s season with a win.

UPDATE: Cassel is officially doubtful on the injury report.

6 responses to “Matt Cassel not practicing Friday

  1. Ugg…well, looks like Croyle is the man. Just go out there and protect the ball. At least give your running game/defense/special teams a chance to win it. That’s what happened in the Mon Night game. On the other hand though…it would be pretty sweet for Croyle to stick to the nay-sayers and put up about 500 yds and 4 tds…LOL

  2. Of course Croyle is being prepared to start. It would be completely negligent to not prepare him in the case Cassel can’t go. If Cassel can go Sunday it’s not as though he needs the reps so you might as well give them to Croyle. Saturday walkthrough and he’ll be ready to go.

  3. How in the hell is Cassel going to play Sunday? If he does, watch his jersey for that Roy-Hobbs blood stain on the jersey.

    Oh, 3G:

    “but Brodie Croyle is being prepared to start Sunday’s game against the Chiefs.”

    Care to shed light on how Croyle wound up on the Chargers?

  4. How could anybody who has just gone through an appendectomy be ready in a few days to play QB in the NFL? This is ridiculous. He’s not playing and it’s KC’s fault for having Croyle as a backup.

  5. KC fault for having Croyle as a backup? Are we going to have a discussion about the best B/U QB’s in the NFL?

    Croyle has spent time as a starter. The biggest reason he never stayed as a starter is he was always injured.

    I think the timing sucks going into a game like this, but I think you could do a lot worse than Croyle as backup QB.

  6. Croyle will be fine. This is why teams have back ups. Look at what the Steelers did with their 2nd and 3rd string backups early in the season. Plus KC is #1 in rushing and they have a good defense.

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