Skelton to start for Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are scraping the bottom of the barrel for starting quarterbacks.

Rookie John Skelton will make the first start of his NFL career on Sunday, and Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt didn’t hide the fact that going to Skelton was a last resort.

Didn’t really have a choice,” Whisenhunt said, noting that Max Hall is on injured reserve and Derek Anderson hasn’t been cleared to return from a concussion.

The only other quarterback on the Cardinals’ roster is Richard Bartel, who was signed on Tuesday.

Whisenhunt said Skelton has looked like he’s coming along in practice this week, but he was careful not to raise expectations.

“It doesn’t mean it’s going to be great quarterback play,” Whisenhunt added. “We’re hoping he’ll get in there and handle it well and make some plays for us.”

Meanwhile, Matt Leinart continues to ride the pine in Houston.

7 responses to “Skelton to start for Cardinals

  1. Jesus, Whiz, if you’re trying to lower expectations, I’d think being the last resort after Derek Anderson and Max Hall is sufficient in itself.

    Poor Josh McDaniels, they close the door on his nose at the food bank, just as the turkey is being served.

  2. I think Skelton will play pretty well this Sunday. He’ll definitely play better than Hall or Anderson have the past several weeks.

  3. Its very unfortunite that he shares the same name with a man here in Michigan that has kidnapped hit children and refuses to tell their whereabouts…just very ironic….as its not a common name.

  4. This is what happens when you have greedy management (Cardinals have 3rd lowest payroll in NFL this year) and you allow your star WR to be the GM. Rumors are that Fitzgerald forced the removal of Leinart from the team because Fitz hated Matt’s guts. The Cardinals sure could use Leinart right now.

  5. fezaz says: The cardinals sure could use Leinart right now.

    nah man.. having three sucky quarterbacks on your roster doesn’t help more than having two sucky quarterbacks on your roster. leinart had his opportunities, and he blew them all. there’s a reason he’s third string (behind rex grossman) in houston. people assume their quarterback situation would have been better with leinart at the helm, but just cuz the guy was coincidentally released the off season before their quarterback rotation went to shreds doesn’t simultaneously indicate there is a correlation between these two things

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