UFL players wait for their final game checks

When the UFL decided to enforce a transfer fee as to players signed to active NFL rosters, the UFL looked to be trying to raise some potentially easy money.

As it turns out, it’s possible that the UFL needed to do so.

Players were not immediately paid for the last week of the UFL regular season, or for the championship game.

Agent Doug Hendrickson, who represents Omaha quarterback Jeff Garcia and Las Vegas tight end George Wrighster, told us via e-mail on Thursday that his clients still had not yet received their final checks.  Hendrickson says the players were told it was a funding issue; another source said that the players were told that their final checks would be held for three weeks to determined if the player had incurred any expenses that needed to be deducted from the final checks.

Per another source who requested anonymity, the payments are being made.

Whether there’s a connection between that development and the influx of money from the transfer fee, which was cut from $150,000 to $25,000, remains to be seen.

9 responses to “UFL players wait for their final game checks

  1. Several players have now report finding their checks. In the mail! “Last place you’d think to look for a check”, laughed one sheepish player.

  2. I don’t know the financial condition of the UFL, vis-a -vis are they broke, but I DID see the Commissioner of the UFL on the side of the road yesterday, with a bag full of cans ……. is all I’m sayin’

  3. Wow. Between not paying its people and making it difficult for them to move on to the NFL, I’m sure players will be beating down the door to play in the UFL next year.

    UFL – Underfunded Football League.

  4. UFL should have made the transfer fee the exact same amount as the players’ salaries ($50K). That would have made sense.

  5. mrf47–Perfect Underfunded League!

    If there are any doubters, ask hotels, credit card companies and vendors!

    They have been paid late, a settled amount or not at all!

    How does Mr’s Pelosi, Hambrect, Cuban and Mayer keep their personal and professional reputation?

    I know that no one cares about this league, but how do these guys keep flying under the radar for not paying?

  6. Seems they’re either holding out payment to gain a little interest from the bank, or they’re in the red. Not good news for those investing in the new franchise here in Virginia.

    To be honest, the Va. franchise is doomed from the get-go, if they decide to hold their games in Va. Beach(a soccer facility no less). They’ll need attendance from more than just the south side of Tidewater to succeed, and most of us “Peninsula” residents aren’t willing to deal with the crappy tunnel traffic and other hassles in order to support a half-ass product.

    Yea, we’re a minor league market, and we do love to support our local teams. Sadly the transportation infrastructure has gone to crap(thank you overpopulation), and it’s just not worth it to venture to the other side of the water for overpriced entertainment anymore. It’s the reason the ECHL Admirals had higher attendance than the current AHL version. Even worse, they’re talking about $2 and $4 tolls to cross the bridges, so the UFL might as well fold the Hampton Roads/Norfolk team now, before they lose even more cash.

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