Javon Walker receives irrelevant suspension

At a time when he currently he has no job and no prospects, free-agent receiver Javon Walker will have an even harder time getting back in the league.

Per a league source, Walker has been suspended four games by the Commissioner.

Four-game suspensions are imposed either for violating the steroids policy or the substance-abuse policy.  If Walker violated the steroids policy, the violation would have occurred before he was cut by the Vikings.  (He also has played for the Packers, Broncos, and Raiders.)

If it’s a violation of the substance-abuse policy, it may have occurred since he was cut, if he already was in the league’s program and subject to unannounced testing.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, given that no one is interested in Walker.  They now have one less reason to be interested.

13 responses to “Javon Walker receives irrelevant suspension

  1. So Goodell’s now suspending people who aren’t even in the league? Willie Nelson should expect his suspension letter soon then.

  2. Boy, has this been one of the biggest meteoric falls in league history.

    This guy was all-world in Green Bay then agent / greed set in … blows a knee …heads west … and the thug-in-him emerges and kills a career….

    Summary: Another FSU Criminole.

    RIP, clown.

  3. 4sacroc, he witnessed one of his close friends on the team get murdered. You don’t think that had anything to do with it? He is a human and loses focus too. Some people think they know it all and have all the answeres though. If your gonna attack his character you better bring up some criminal facts to back up your claim….clown.

  4. Probably roiding given his situation. I don’t blame him though. Hell I’d roid up if I needed an edge to get back in the league. Millions of dollars potential reward with zero risk (assuming you weren’t going to make it otherwise).

  5. Walker tried to screw the Packers Karma Biotch
    Favre tried to screw the Pack 2 TERRIBLE years the good year ended with him throwing a game losing INT in another NFC Championship Game. Name another QB that lost more OT playoff games in history YOU CAN”T
    Lesson ok to leave the Pack but don’t try to screw them on the way out LOL

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