NFL issues statement on Giants-Vikings start time

The Giants are stuck in Kansas City overnight Saturday, and plan to fly to Minneapolis in the morning for Sunday’s game.  Despite that, the NFL says Vikings-Giants “could” still begin at noon CT.

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello released a statement via Twitter Saturday evening.

UPDATE: We continue to closely monitor the weather in Minneapolis and remain in regular contact with both clubs and local public safety authorities. We will continue to do so and are prepared to make adjustments in the schedule as necessary,” Aiello wrote.

“The Giants are spending the night in Kansas City and plan to fly to Minneapolis tomorrow morning at 8 am. Because the flight is less than one hour, the game could begin as scheduled at noon CT. If conditions in Minneapolis dictate otherwise, we will move the kickoff to later in the day and announce it soon as we have the information.”

There are a number of reasons why the NFL would want to keep the start time the same if at all possible.   (And money would be at the root of most of those reasons.)  For the Giants, it would be a long day.

“The sound you heard with that announcement? It was Tom Coughlin’s head exploding,” Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News wrote.  “He can’t be happy with that possibility.”

Giants P.R. maven Pat Hanlon notes the team would have a 6 am wakeup call, with a 8am flight getting to Minnesota an hour later.  The team would ideally arrive at the stadium two and a half hours before gametime.  It could be a bigger challenge for the team’s support staff than the players.

Still, it sounds like a noon kickoff remains the goal if possible.

“If all goes as we hope, the NYG will be lined up for kickoff at noon central time, which is exactly what we want to do,” Hanlon writes.

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  1. They needed a LOT of hotel rooms on very short notice — were they able to book enough so everyone could stay in one place?

    And some hotel in the twin cities is going to have a lot of unexpected availability this evening.

  2. It is hard to believe that as much attention to detail that each NFL team puts into everything from stadium sound to logo placement, that something like not traveling a day before a blizzard could even happen. There should be a penalty if they can’t make it on time.

  3. Easy solution! The Vikings used tosnow, have them drive to play the game there as the Chiefs are out of town!

  4. Early pictures coming out of K.C. suggest the poor Giant players will be complete zombies by the time they get to Minnesota.

  5. As much as I like causing Tom Coughlin grief, please, please, please NFL reschedule that game. Going to be tough on the fans getting there for a nooner. Plows aren’t even supposed to start getting serious about the snow until 2am.

  6. Maybe after the game they can drag their feet long enough to get rerouted and delayed by the same system.

    It’s not often the Travel Coordinator gets put on the PUP list.

  7. I wish they still played at the Old Met now that would be a fun game to watch. I still hope they have a blizzard in NJ/NY when the Super Bowl is played there.

  8. awww, so the giants show up sunday morning ,” BE HAPPY YOU GOT THERE ” being from a snowy land yourselves you should know ” ABOUT SNOW’
    You shoulda showed up yesterday , knowing what was comming in ,” and you can’t say you didn’t know what was comming in to minnesota , that storm had the whole nation watching ” . if you lose tommorrow , it’s your own fault for not leaving before the storm

  9. It seems to me that – if your team declines the option of leaving a day early, knowing that there is a blizzard ready to blanket your destination – it should be a clear-cut forfeit if you can’t make the kickoff time. It’s not like this was a random plane problem or freak storm that caused their delayed arrival… it was a deliberate decision to wait and leave later. Why do kids have to forfeit games they don’t get to on time, but adults don’t have any repercussions?

  10. What’s wrong with leaving the time as it is and allowing the Giants the normal time to get ready? If it starts 45 minutes late, so be it…the fans will just be a little restless and buy mor overpriced concessions

  11. i agree with fortphil…….the giants declined to leave on friday to get to minny, they should be given no considerations. even young kids know the rules of sports and if you’re not ready at scheduled start time……tough luck, forfeit. The whole country heard about this snowstorm since last tuesday.

  12. What the hell is wrong with you people? The Giants should be penalized? I even saw someone write they should have to forfeit if the game had to be pushed back. How is that even an option? I understand where they came from…they were generated by brains the size of peanuts.

    The Giants charter left earlier than the charter usually would have for this game. They didn’t get there in time. They also practice on Friday’s in East Rutherford. There are rules on what you can make the players do, and holding them for practice and then forcing them to get on a plane could be precluded.

    How about you people either read a book or step away from the keyboard. Good God.

  13. Hello Bookie… I’d like to bet all of my earthly possessions on the Vikes. What’s the spread again?

  14. Here’s a great example: The Giants granted the Dolphins permission to practice in their bubble for Friday and Saturday. Now, obviously, the Jets wouldn’t have given the Dolphins the go-ahead to practice in their facility, even if they were coming up for a Broadway show. Obviously, the constant in this is that the Dolphins get a practice and a walk thru for the game.

    The Giants had nowhere to go. There aren’t two teams in Minnesota. And why the hell should they have to sacrifice a Friday practice AND a walk thru to fly out and sit until noon Sunday? That’s a competitive disadvantage. They have the right to get their practices in.

    Also, the Dolphins request to use the Giants facility came weeks ago. Even if this storm was being discussed for 5 days, I find it hard to believe the Giants could make arrangements allowing them to get their time in in Minnesota.

    What you hammer heads are essentially saying is that they should have to give up 2 days of practice time, even if they did leave early, or they should forfeit. Idiotic at best.

  15. The giants organization may have good football sense when it comes to building a team.But in regards to common sense,they have none.This storm was predicted all week and they had ample time and warning to fly in a day early and they chose not to.”Better safe than sorry”….boneheads!

  16. I can understand not forfeiting the game because of the TV revenue lost and such, but come on……

    The Giants knew of the conditions and made the conscious choice not to leave a day early. There should be HEAVY ramifications on them, and THEY should be responsible for any and all costs involved in their delay. The organization itself should need to fork over $$ cause of this!!!!!

    Watch for the Giants and/or fans to blame a loss on not being there, not being able to do their walk thru, being tired, etc.

  17. I’m so old I remember when the Vikings played outside in blizzards – yes kids, I’m that old…

    And you know what, the games went on.

  18. Weekends like this I wish the Vikes had an open air stadium. Not that I want to sit in the butt ass cold on purpose, but it would be fun to watch from home. If it snowed during a game like it snowed all day today it would be hilarious. Couple that with some sub zero temps and those big boys would be earning those millions, if only for a few hours.

  19. Well everything is pretty much shut down in MN and snow totals have reached 20 inches in some areas around the cities and it is suppose to continue to have blowing snow all night. Hopefully the airport is able to plow but that is a lot of snow and they have to deal with snow drifts on top of that!!

  20. Antrel Rolle is complaining the Giant left too late for Minnesota.

    He likes to arrive early to avoid this possibility.

    Oh wait…..

  21. Wow … a Viking thread and not a mention of Favre.
    I pretty sure Favre has something to do with this … maybe he needs more time to heal but the leagues refuses to cave.

  22. I don’t understand why they can’t just move the game to a 4:15 (3:15 central) start. Wouldn’t that be simple enough or hell even give us two Sunday Night games.

  23. Yep. So in the end it’s not the late arrival of the Giants that forces the game change. It’s the fact that the moron Vikings… in Minnesota… can’t handle the snow. That’s some serious stupid there… you betcha.

  24. @pooflingingmoney
    I am the only real book here. The Minny line will move to about Minny+1 1/2 or +2…and the Browns/Bills game will move to a pick.

  25. #
    jimmysee says: Dec 11, 2010 7:11 PM

    They needed a LOT of hotel rooms on very short notice — were they able to book enough so everyone could stay in one place?

    And some hotel in the twin cities is going to have a lot of unexpected availability this evening.
    Any updates to your “hotel watch” are anticipated with rabid attention, as in we all here get rabies just thinking about the implications for hotel booking when it snows. No more captivating entertainment can be found. Anywhere, any time.


  26. ummm Mooney, you’re the idiot. teams leave Friday quite often. you said yourself how the Dolphins decided to come watch a show on Broadway. it’s called planning. you plan around it. you read a weather report. the storm has been on it since Tuesday. you practice Friday, leave that evening, wow, that was hard. and my brain is the size of a peanut? that must make yours like an uncooked grain of rice. why is it so much to ask the team to plan ahead? before you answer, go try and even count how many times teams have left on fridays… hell, now teams can have away games on a thursday night after having an away game on a sunday. you think anyone cares about having to compress a practice once in a while to beat a storm compared to that crap? you* go read a friggin book, moron.

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