Bengals draw first blood in the ‘Burgh

The Bengals, hoping to extend an unlikely run of success in Pittsburgh to four wins in six years, have extended to 21 their streak of unanswered points scored against the Steelers.

Taking the opening kickoff 59 yards in eight plays, quarterback Carson Palmer lobbed a touchdown pass to tackle Andrew Whitworth for a 7-0 lead.

Down 27-7 on a Monday night last month, the Bengals scored 14 points before a potential game-winning drive sputtered inside the Steelers’ 10.

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  1. Ben flagrantly whacked hard in the side of the head again – of course not flag. Different rules for different teams.

  2. Another week, more people whacking our QB in the head without getting flagged. I have an idea: Whenever someone whacks my QB in the head without being flagged, James Harrison ought to be able to whack the frickin’ ref in the head without being flagged. Then midweek, Ben ought to get to whack Goodell in the head. And Tomlin should get to whack VP Anderson in the head.

  3. On 2 questional ref calls the Bengals score.

    okay – here we go- you Stealers – from your owner to your coach to QB on down are the biggest whiners in the NFL – God.

    both those calls were good – you’d have to be an utter moron not to see them.

  4. I’m gonna go ahead and say it. The fix is in. The refs are missing so many calls I have to assume it is for the purpose of point shaving /affecting the spread. The steelers have 24 holding penalties against this year and very few for. They also have the best edge rushing tandem in the league. Not to mention that the Bengals should have at least 3 roughing calls for hits on Roethlisberger to the head or after the pass. Doesn’t add up. I will operate under this assumption until proven otherwise…

  5. I will go ahead and accuse the league of rigging the games for gambling purposes.

    I don’t actually believe that–I’m just trying to poison the well–but there is such an obvious officiating bias, now. Roethlisberger has been hit three times in the head and he’s been hit late twice and there has not been a single flag.

    I don’t care if they get fined; I WANT THE FLAG.

    Not only that but the opening drive was assisted by two bogus penalties, and the Bengal’s o-line has been mugging Steelers’ pass rushers all day.

    After what happened last week, with the non-calls on the roughing penalties, you would think the officials would get it right this week. But no–5 missed roughing the passer calls.

    So even though I don’t believe it, I’m going to accuse the NFL of rigging games for betting purposes because there is obviously a second set of rules when it comes to playing the Steelers. I don’t know why the second set of rules exists, so I’m going to maintain that it’s for gambling.

  6. Wow, just the second half has started. P’burgh’s offense has now what 6 FG in the last 9 quarters???? Don’t even start with the TD against B’more as the D put them inside the five.
    That is absolutely pathetic that must be the worst offense playing in the league right now. Can’t move the ball at all and when in the red zone can’t punch it in … just horrible, horrible football.

  7. Are you serious thirdngoal? The refs missed 2 huge helmet to helmet hits against the Steelers and you’re whining about those? They were legit calls anyway. Dude was holding Chad right off the line.

  8. Those calls were legit. Woodley certainly was offside and Taylor was grabbing the receiver. I have no issues with either call. What I have issues with Re the blow Big Ben takes to the head and the blatant late hit later in the game. At what point do the refs start to protect ALL QBs and not just some of them?

  9. ha – you Squealers are such friggin whiners – Palmers got his just as much and as hard as PigBen, just that Carson doesn’t jump up wanting a flag after every touch – what a douche this guy is.

  10. @somesome …

    Good enough to beat you guys, baby.

    @peytonwantsaflag …

    ROFL You’re soooo predictable. If there’s an article about the Steelers, you’re on the board to demonstrate how threatened you feel. Aw … the widdle Pats fan doesn’t wike da big bad Steewers so he sticks out his tongue at their fans on every board. 😛

  11. nice- fighting at the end of the game – typical Pittsburgh scum – can’t even win with class.

  12. peytonwantsaflag

    Ben only asks for a flag when he is hit by a bungle player 4 steps late. Or when there are 2 plays where he gets hit in the face… without a flag. I recall Carson crying after every pass that results in an incompletion. Or the last meeting between the two, when the ball was over thrown and T.O was prancing around for a flag and he got it 10 seconds late. They showed the replay, and their was no contact. Even the announcers where punching themselves in the balls. That is because there is an anti Steeler bias, and its becoming obvious.

  13. Hey Bungal fans, hitting the QB anywhere on the helmet is a penalty. Doesn’t matter though, Steelers are back to dominating your pathetic excuse for a team.

    10 straight losses??? 18 of 20 years below .500?? I wonder what names TO and Ochostinko will call Ben this week. Obviously, they care more about their show than playing football. TO dropped an easy pass…guess it was too cold. Ochostinko didn’t drag his foot on an easy catch. LOL!! Man, the bungals stink!! And Carson “Bust” Palmer can’t play when troy is on the field. THANK YOU CARSON FOR THE PICK 12!!

    WE DEY! WE DEY!! WE DEY!!! LOL. Your team is worse than the Cleveland Clowns!! WHY would anyone PAY to see the bungals??? Cincitucky fans are morons.

  14. If the penalties on the Bengals only scoring drive were good, I’ll agree to that if you bungal fans admit Ziggy Hood was held on the play that Matt Millen pointed out the hold and Mendenhall was interferred with on the play that Millen pointed out.

    You know the Bungals got way with those and the hit on Ben’s helmet (yes, any hit on a QBs helmet is an automatic 15 yard penalty. Read the rule book).

  15. You have to be on the side of Steelers fans after watching the last two possesions before half time. How two not one officials in the back field can not see these hits to head and late hits is very confussing. Especially after all the coverage this weeek on hits to Ben.

  16. I’m starting to think that GODell ordered his refs beofre the start of the season, “No matter what, don’t EVER throw a flag when that piece of sh*t Roethlisberger gets hit, no matter how flagrant it may be.”

    I mean, what else am I to think??????

  17. @peytonwantsaflag,

    I’m assuming you’re a pats fan, which just makes your user name ironic because the only qb who cries for a flag more than Carson Palmer is Tom Brady. He has to be the biggest crybaby in the NFL.

  18. Tom Brady is a drama queen who wouldn’t play if he had 1/4th the injuries of Big Ben. Big Ben gets killed every week and plays through. Tom Brady rarely gets hit. And would miss a game for a hang-nail. I wish NE’s O line was as bad as PITT’s current makeshift line. Pretty boy Brady would fake an injury to put his backup in. Brady is a great QB no doubt, but he is a wussy.

  19. ….and that dagger the Steelers have put in the Clippers, I mean Bengals, heart over the last 20 years is now sticking out of their back.

  20. thataintchocolate says:

    I’m gonna go ahead and say it. The fix is in. The refs are missing so many calls I have to assume it is for the purpose of point shaving /affecting the spread. The steelers have 24 holding penalties against this year and very few for.

    Steelers fans complaining about a game being fixed is some of the most hilarious irony on the planet today. It happens ALL THE TIME too, and yet, it never seems to get old.

    24 holding penalties? Yes, Flozell Adams will do that. Why you think he got run out of Dallas in favor of a nobody from Northern f-ing Illinois, who already allowed the sack that ended Romo’s season?? He’s garbage, that’s why.

    Not that the rest of the Steelers line is much better, which, just maybe, is why there are so many penalties. You’ll continue to claim it’s a conspiracy though, and I’ll continue to laugh at you every single time.

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