Jaguars one win away from clinching division

The Raiders had a ten point lead midway through the third quarter Sunday and a chance to get the ball back to their offense.

That’s just the type of situation the cardiac 2010 Jaguars thrive in.

The Jaguars won 38-31 Sunday, yet another thrilling finish for Jacksonville in a season full of them.  Maurice Jones-Drew had the game-winning 30-yard touchdown run with under two minutes left, but it was backup Rashad Jennings’ score midway through the third quarter that seemed to turn the tide.

Facing a third-and-two, the Raiders got in a short-yardage defense.  Jennings ran right through it for a 76-yard score.  Jacoby Ford fumbled the ensuing kickoff and a fun back-and-forth battle continued through the fourth quarter.

While the Raiders’ playoff hopes are on life support at 6-7, the 8-5 Jaguars can now look forward to a monster game in the AFC South next week.  Jacksonville could knock the Colts out with a win.   (The Jaguars would hold every tiebreaker over Indianapolis.)

Winning on the road in Indianapolis isn’t something the Jaguars usually do.   But this Jaguars team is getting used to defying expectations.

18 responses to “Jaguars one win away from clinching division

  1. Yeah, but there is three games to go and they have to play the Colts.

    Until someone else actually puts the Colts away, I won’t believe it.

    The Texans suck and will be pummeled Monday night. The Titans are just a mess because of injuries and drama. The Jags….well…you’ve got your chance next week. Personally, I don’t think you have enough to beat Peyton Manning and 10 other guys.

    Any ten other guys.

    I was at this game , Very exciting to see and the building was full of energy !! Next weeks game is the biggest one for this team since 1999. I feel things are going the Jaguars way and that this team and community are bonding like never before. We know what is going on behind the scenes with the national media pushing for a team to cover in LA and the perception Jacksonville is not a good football town. I beg to differ, This city is falling back in love with this team, The arrow is pointing up and the immediate future is looking bright.

  3. @8man

    They already beat Manning…and the 10 other guts. The jaguars have beaten the Colts in Indy more times than any other team, outside of the Chargers.

  4. tdk24 says:
    Dec 12, 2010 5:20 PM
    Campbell sucks.
    Obviously someone who still can’t get over the fact that Gradkowski wasn’t the answer.

    Nevermind that the defense gave up 31 points in the second half, allowed 2 players to go over 100 yards rushing or that the special teams fumbled away a kick off and gave up a huge return with 1:50 left in the game.

    Sure Campbell wasn’t perfect. Although his 324 yards, 2 TD’s and 0 INT’s might say otherwise. But it wasn’t his fault that Cable wasted a time out on a bad challenge and the defense couldn’t stop the run.

  5. tdk24 says: Dec 12, 2010 5:20 PM

    Campbell sucks.

    He had some bad plays, but the Jags solved Oakland’s defense in the second half, and the coaching staff made stupid decisions. Again. Direct snap to Ford? Come on.

  6. Scobee won’t be able to save the Jags this time around. The Colts are going to be well rested and FIRED up to take the division. LET’S GO COLTS! One down. Seven to go!

  7. Typical nose dive for the faders. the only bigger losers are the Raider Nation, their trailer parks, their 5th wives, etc….

  8. daffy87 says:
    Dec 12, 2010 8:12 PM
    Grats to the Jaguars and their dozens of fans lol
    I truly hope you’re a 15 year old girl b/c I’ve never seen a grown man use “lol”. Seriously. If you’re a man you need your man card revoked asap. By the way, do you notice any lame jokes on here like yours. No, for a reason. Try coming into 2010 genius.

  9. Big John Henderson probably regrets his pregame comments now that the jags made him look like a fool… 234 net rushing yards and both back over 100.

    Lesson learned: When you’re washed up you should probably keep your mouth shut.

  10. well lets face it …it was one of those would of could of, should of games for the raiders…raiders played great except for the costly turnover by ford, and a couple of those big plays…they shut MJD down to 70 yards until they had to let him score on the 30 yard play with less then 2 minutes to play in the 4th just so they had a chance to tie. That kick off return after we tied the score was a killer as well….. Cable wasted a challenge on the one play only to have the jags score a TD that wasn’t a TD, but raiders were out of challenges.

  11. masteel says:
    Dec 13, 2010 11:45 AM
    How did Raiders get scr#wed by refs? I looked at stat line and they had 4 penalties for 25 yards

    Just wondering what you mean …?

    I think what he means is how every week the raiders get screwed…they lead the league in penalties, (also lead by landslides in defensive holding, (87% of these calls were on third down plays where the pass was incomplete, lead the league in pass interference also where 82.6% of these were on third down plays where the pass was incomplete, and also lead the league in offensive holding, where 71% of these calles negated the play where the raiders got a first down. ) They also lead the league in coaches challenges / booth reviews , and also have lead in calls overturnned by challenges….it a bit to staggering to believe for any raider fan that it is all just a coiendence.

    As far as yesterday I think he is refering to the offensive holding call on Zach Miller where McFadden had his (4th, or at the time his 2nd) touchdown taken away, the fumble where the refs on the field called it a fumble, only to go to TV break to come back on to where they said the receiver was down on the ground. Thus resulting in a challenge by the raiders (yet once again) that was overturned and was then a fumble that it was origanlly calll, and the obvious incomplete pass in the endzone on the (once again) third down play which was ruled a touchdown. Sad thing is CBS would not even show the review, although does. Even worse the ref was there and could clearly see the player’s foot was on the white line.

    Bottom line The Jags won the game, so give them props, but for the nation we just realize week in and week out it is very tough to beat the refs… don’t need penalties to get screwed…..aka Tuck rule.

  12. @radrntn
    I know what you mean about the refs and the calls, but every team can say that every week. Even with the Jags yesterday, that phantom helmet to helmet call on Jason Campbell by Middleton. He was getting off the ground and hit Campbell in the numbers for the sack and his helmet barely touched Campbells faceemask and that bogus call took away a defensive touchdown for the Jag by Knighton. That call put you guys back in the game b/c you scored on that drive later. It is what it is. Sometimes you get’em, sometimes you don’t.

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