Jets can forget about division crown as offensive slump continues

There was no late game magic for the Jets this time.

Instead, there were constant dropped passes, misfired throws, and poor communication from the entire Jets passing game in a 10-6 l0ss to the Dolphins.  Mark Sanchez completed just 17-of-44 passes for 216 yards and an interception in the loss.  He fumbled four times, losing one.

All week, we heard that New York’s 45-3 loss to the Patriots wouldn’t carry over.  But New York’s mediocre play has carried over for most of the last two months since the team peaked in a three-game rampage through the AFC East in Weeks 2-4.

The Jets haven’t scored an offensive touchdown in nine quarters.  Sanchez is struggling, but a sluggish running game isn’t helping.

It’s a shame, because the offensive crapitude spoiled an outstanding defensive effort. Chad Henne only threw for 55 yards and the Dolphins only had 131 yards for the game.

New York (9-4) is basically out of the AFC East race.  They need to steady things in a hurry with road games in Pittsburgh and Chicago coming up.   The Jets are still in great shape for a wild card, but they still have to start worrying about 7-6 teams like the Chargers and Dolphins.

Yes, the Dolphins are still alive.  With home games against the Bills and Lions the next two weeks, it’s not that hard to imagine a 9-6 Dolphins  playing a meaningful game in Week Seventeen.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, that game is in New England.

55 responses to “Jets can forget about division crown as offensive slump continues

  1. The Dolphins are alive despite horrible offensive play calling and execution. The Dolphins defense is a very underrated unit. The secondary just can’t catch. So far this year they have dropped over 10 sure-fire interceptions and 6 of those were easy TDs. They could easily be 9-4 right now despite some of the worst offensive football I have seen the dolphins play in years.

  2. Hopefully New England will have clinched by then, and the Dolphins win against the scrubs. Then I can win my bet with a co-worker that the Dolphins will finish as well as or better than the Jets, since the Jets will obviously choke down the stretch. I will then take that $20 and convert it into a pool of pennies and bath in it while saying “Yaaaay, Kyle’s money, so smooth on the skin.”

  3. The Jets are too simplistic, stop the run and you beat them.

    Sanchez seems to be regressing, he can’t get it done without a dominant running game.

  4. As a Patriots fan there is so much I want to say…

    But maybe I’ll just shut my fat, old mouth. Because there is work to do. Real work. Ring work. Six games to go.

    How about those Cardinals?

  5. So what? Rex says they are the best team in football and should be Super Bowl favorites, in New York talk counts for a lot more than actual wins.

  6. Hey Yets fans, how’s that Super Bowl season coming?

    Terrific end-of-the-game, two-minutes-left, game-winning drive by the mighty Yets offense! I tell you, that Mark Sanchez is going to make every football fan forget Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, yessiree Bob!

    And that very clever stick-out-the-knee-and-take-out-an-opponent sideline move, what a stroke of genius!!!!!! A classy move by a classy team, yep.

    I am loving this complete self-destruction by this piece of crap football team, as they continue to trash talk about how great they are. On the rare occassion Sanchez doesn’t throw to the other team, can the Yets receivers hold on to even ONE catch?

    Even the fricking Dolphins have exposed these frauds!

  7. O V E R R A T E D
    One and done in the playoffs.
    Then fattty Rex can hold a ceremony and bury all of the hundreds of East Coast preseason articles proclaiming the J-E-T-S as Super Bowl contenders. Then the team call all count down 3-2-1 ….. and all at once scream HEY KOOL-AID !!
    And when fat a$$ Rex comes bumbling stumbling rumbling onto the field the idiot fans of New Joyzee can run onto the field and join the Kool-Aid man for a few more glass fulls of dreams, hopes, and delusions.
    Go ahead Rex, get your simple minded fans to believe that you will be going to the Super Bowl NEXT year, or the year after that perhaps.

  8. It looks like “Big mouth Ryan” ran out of snake oil. Just another fraud !

  9. Unfortunately for the Jets, the Patriots will probably rest people because a. NE wont need the game, and b. they might rather play the fins afterwards in the playoffs.

  10. Couldn’t be happier for such a dirty team!
    Fromt he coach, to the staff, and the players…bunch of thugs to join the likes of:
    Pittsburgh Steelers
    Baltimore Ravens

  11. Aah Rosenthal…what’s this garbage about a SHAME that the “outstanding” defensive effort was spoiled. Henne sucks big time…the true Jests’ defense is REALLY what you saw against the Patriots.
    Don’t give us any of this OUTSTANDING defense garbage. Take a peek at what Tom Brady did to them.

  12. I think the HC with his bluster and his big mouth led people to believe this team was better than it is. Not the case!

  13. all of a sudden Rex Ryan seems really soft smoken. Guess it’s hard to be heard with your foot in your mouth

  14. Yea Jets fans . You been talkin sh!T all season long how you are going to take the STeelers out . Well big boys you wish has come true . Next sunday at 415 you get the Steelers . No more time for you . Steelers are going to burry that team . You think the Dolphins have defense . SEe you sunday big boys . Steelers nation

  15. Hard to blame Sanchez in this game even though he wasn’t great.
    Holmes had a TD hit him right in the facemask when he was wide open in the end zone.

  16. The Jets are 3 games back, not 2. The Patriots have the tie-breaker. If NE wins next week, the Jets are playing for a Wildcard position.

  17. Now thats the colts,ravens,steelers ( got beat close to as bad as the jets ) , jets , Patriots rolling over everyone in the NFL , Defense is balling as well , see you in Dallas Jerry

  18. “Unfortunately for the Dolphins, that game is in New England.”

    So the Patriots can lock up home field throughout the playoffs, and then play the scrubs against Miami and knock the Jets out of the playoffs? Yesss!


  19. As a Giants fan who has heard all the jet crap since preseason I have to say

    The jets are who we thought they were the red headed step child of NY NJ Fooball

  20. Jets are done….look what their popgun offense has done against good to decent defenses. Packers shut them out. Ravens held them to 9 points. Patriots (who’s defense might not even be “decent”) held them to 3 points. Dolphins held them to 6 points. …they have 2 good defenses coming up in Steelers and Bears….STICK A FORK IN EM’

  21. Yeah, but his wife is a super model.

    Really tho, From giving the middle finger at a MMA event, to Braylon (Dougie Dance) Edwards’ drunk driving, to sexual harassment on an Aztec reporter, to tripping an opponent on your sideline to the constant, constant, constant trash talking of Jet fans, to the verbal diahrea of Rex Cryin, is it any wonder this franchise is the laughing stock of the league?

  22. I bleed Nautical Blue….

    I just wish Howard Cosell were alive to call Monday Night Football games with the Patriots now….

  23. the Jets have been overachieving against poor teams all season, and now they have finally been exposed as the frauds that they are…Brady is the best ever, pats are gonna win it all, end of story…anybody who thinks any differently is delusional…this is the start of two or three back to back titles, maybe more….and as long as the Jets continue to build around Sanchez, they will be lucky to claim second best

  24. and another thing…Brady is going to start week 17, and he isnt gonna allow his streak to end by throwing the game…like they are supposed to be afraid of the Jets or something? Jets will be out in round 1 of the playoffs anyway…

  25. It’s been a good 6 days.

    1) Pats do a BEATDOWN on the jets, go up one game in the AFC East

    (BIG game coming up in Chicago)

    2) Pats do a BEATDOWN on the bears in ‘bear weather’ in Chicago while the jets manage to find 6 points somewhere (at least 8 quarters since their last offensive TD) in new york while the fins stomp ’em, Pats are up 2 games and clinch a spot in the playoffs, while ‘mighty mouth’ Ryan has surgery to get his foot out of his mouth

    3) I celebrate my 67th birthday happily watching #2

    Ergo – Life is good

    My work here is done – I gotta take the dog for a walk

  26. profootballwalk says:
    Dec 12, 2010 8:35 PM
    So the Patriots can lock up home field throughout the playoffs, and then play the scrubs against Miami and knock the Jets out of the playoffs?

    As a Pats fan, I don’t want the Jets out. I would love to play them again in Foxboro.

  27. Dryheaveone: Patriots (who’s defense might not even be “decent”

    Hey MENSA member, have you seen the Pats D the 3 weeks? They have slapped people silly.

  28. This Jets team has a lot of dubious characters. When everything is going great, well they are good. But once things start to go south, I look for players to start sniping at one another, or at the coaching staff.
    On another note, last week before the Pats game, during warmups, they showed LT, and one of the talking heads said these are the type of games LT came here for. And my question to all football fans is, when was the last time LT showed up in a “big” game?

  29. Did you ‘bring yo’ popcorn’ to watch Braylon Edwards?

    The incredible man had one catch for 17 yards!

    As the games get bigger, Braylon gets smaller and smaller!

    Who do you think he’ll be with next year?
    Carolina? Cinci? Denver? Seattle?

  30. I am not Pats fan but I have to admit to loving the fact that Rex Cryin (thanks habsman) is getting exactly what he deserved.

    Deliver then talk about it ala Belichick AND not vice versa…

  31. Great start to the season, followed by a late season collapse…. Same thing that got Mangini fired in NY., except this time it isn’t a 40 year old Favre choking away the season, it is the golden boy Dirty Sanchez, which should be a MUCH bigger concern than to the Jet’s than Favre’s inevitable declining skills. Are Jet’s fans calling for Ryan’s head yet?

  32. “New York (9-4) is basically out of the AFC East race. (Down two with three to play to New England.) They need to steady things in a hurry with road games in Pittsburgh and Chicago coming up.”

    I think you forgot one little tiny factor here Rosenthal. The Patriots aren’t going to lose the rest of the season so the Jets are officially out of the race. They have no chance. If Rodgers was going to play next week I might have given the Packers a punchers chance but since this is his second concussion this season there is no way he is ready to play. Dude could barely lift himself off the field yesterday. Patriots will finish 14-2, which just happens to be there lucky number (see, 2003 and 2004). Trophy town gets another this year.

  33. Maybe Ryan will now shut his mouth.

    Jet fans, bad news, the game is played on the field, not the press. Sorry.

  34. The Jets are a classic “front running” team – very good when things go well, but prone to going on extended losing streaks when things start go wrong. Ryan must learn, if he’s to be a successful head coach, that games are won on the field, not in the press. He sets the tone for this team and has clearly established a culture where it’s not what you do, but what you say that defines who you are. So, call yourself a Super Bowl champ and voila – you’re a Super Bowl champ! That works fine until you actually play, you know, a real Super Bowl champ. The Patriots continue to set the bar for the rest of the league. Listen to Brady talk after a near flawless offensive display on the road, in a blizzard, and against a top 5 defense – he doesn’t talk about how great they are, how tough they are to stop, etc., he talks about how they haven’t accomplished anything yet, have lots of work to do, don’t have everything figured out yet. Man, the contrast between Brady and the Patriots vs. the pretenders out there (hello Jets) is remarkable.

  35. #
    benjaminbreeg11 says: Dec 12, 2010 9:23 PM

    New York Post
    AFC Standings…..

    New England Patriots 11 2
    New York Jets 9 4*
    Miami Dophins 7 6
    Buffalo Bills 3 10

    * Caught choking

    Hahahahahahahahahahaha, I think you missed something though. Because one could argue that sticking your leg out to trip an opponent on the sidelines is cheating, right? I’ll fix it for you:

    New York Post
    AFC Standings…..

    New England Patriots 11 2
    New York Jets 9 4*
    Miami Dophins 7 6
    Buffalo Bills 3 10

    * Caught choking/cheating

  36. Whoever wrote this article didnt watch the game, because if they had they would have seen the Dolphin defense, without question, completely shutdown and stomp the JET offensive team. It looked like the Dolphin cornerbacks were in the JETs huddle. Oh and lets not forget the tripping incident where a JET employee, with foresite and intent to injure, tripped Nolan Carroll while running down the sideline. Typical JET responce to getting their ass kicked. JETs, JETs, JETs.

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