Jets strength coach Sal Alosi identified in tripping of Nolan Carroll

The person on the Jets sideline who tripped Miami’s Nolan Carroll during today’s game has been identified as Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi, a 33-year-old former Hofstra linebacker who is in his ninth year as an NFL strength coach.

The Jets confirmed that Alosi was the man dressed in green who committed the dirty cheap shot as Carroll was running down the Jets’ sideline on a punt. And Dolphins players are calling on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to come down hard on Alosi.

That is so dirty,” Dolphins linebacker Karlos Dansby told the Sun-Sentinel. ”Come on man. That’s dirty! It all trickles down hill. Their head coach [Rex Ryan] opened a can of worms over there, and now he’s got to fix it.”

Dansby was one of multiple Dolphins who said discipline is in order.

“They are going to handle it,” Dansby said. “I believe in Goodell! Goodell, come on man.”

Dolphins head coach Tony Sparano said the assistant coaches in the Dolphins’ booth saw the trip and were furious about it. Unfortunately, the officials missed it.

The Jets, however, were slow to admit Alosi’s responsibility. Greg Bishop of the New York Times reports that the team was at first pretending it didn’t happen. And Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports that security ushered Alosi away before reporters could ask him why he tripped Carroll.

But now that the Jets have admitted Alosi was the guilty party in one of the cheapest cheap shots we’ve seen in an NFL game, Goodell needs to make sure Alosi pays a heavy price for his action.

71 responses to “Jets strength coach Sal Alosi identified in tripping of Nolan Carroll

  1. Classless bums. They are going to get what they deserve…….. Jets are done….look what their popgun offense has done against good to decent defenses. Packers shut them out. Ravens held them to 9 points. Patriots (who’s defense might not even be “decent”) held them to 3 points. Dolphins held them to 6 points. …they have 2 good defenses coming up in Steelers and Bears….STICK A FORK IN EM’

  2. Dirty Cheaters! This is guy is Matt Walsh…he should be investigated by Congress! They should lose Draft pics and vacate wins…we’ll never know how long this cheating by Jets sideline people has been going on….hahaha

  3. If Carroll would have smashed that guy up, the NFL would be all over his a$$. The Jets suck and are reduced to dirty tricks. If I was Carroll I would have beat the hell out of the coach with my helmet. The NFL needs to fine the hell out of that guy and not allow him on the field for the rest of the season.

  4. Meanwhile…a skinny, slow, low round pick is drafted for a secret project involving a transformation from common man to super player…..

    Tom Brady is….Captain America!

  5. I say that you fine him the equivilent of his season salary(the team will probably pay it anyway), and suspend him the remaining 3 games. Goodell has to come down hard on this one. When the player isn’t expecting to get hit from O.B. and is in essence defenseless, this A-hole could have ended the player’s career. He is a bystander, not a player. He attacked a player in field of play. If another bystander, say a guest or fan allowed on field did so, they would be arrested.

  6. It’s hilarious how you guys will post something on every stupid little reality-TV detail that goes on with the Jets.

    Possible headlines you could keep handy:

    1. Jets linebacker doesn’t cover nose, sneezes on teammate in huddle

    2. Revis prefer Joe’s Os to Cheerios

    3. Rex Ryan switches shaving cream; Rob next?

  7. The Jets have become a bunch of over-compensating, classless bums… led by their coach. No one should be surprised by this. I hope they get torched.

  8. f&&& disgraceful. people like that should be banned from the NFL. talk about CHEATING hey? on top of that the jets trying to sweep it under the rug. pathetic.

  9. Whoa, whoa…. hold on a second. Yes, it was unnecessary, stupid, dangerous, and CHEAP beyond words but did you see how far out-of-bounds Nolan Carroll was running? It’s not like Alosi ran out on the field and pushed the bottom of his cleat into the dude’s face… whoops, sorry Haynesworth.

    Suspend him and make him a mockery as a lesson to other staff members, but let’s not get carried away here and crucify the guy.

  10. This has Rex’s fingerprints all over it. Position the staff as an impediment on the sidelines. This guy obviously took his assignment too literally.

  11. Hey, maybe the Jet’s should suit this guy up (Sal the tripper) they are going to need all the help they can get. That will be one way to try and stop Pittsberger trip them up. Seriously – Put the guy away.

  12. Nice knowing you Sal.

    Not good enough to get on the field but still tried to get involved anyway.


  13. To me it seems Alosi was stretching his quad muscle and did not see the Dolphins player running out of bounds. Should the NFL move all coaches farther away from the out of bounds lines? Maybe clear the first rows so they can take a seat. Give me a break, if you want to run out of bounds on the other teams side expect to get knocked on your azz.

  14. Maybe the NFL knew what it was doing when they put the Patriots and the Jets in the same division.

    Hmmm, didn’t Parcell have something to do with each of these teams??? I wonder….

  15. If I were in charge of the Jets, I would have fired that guy before the end of the press conferences and issued an apology to Nolan Carroll. That was as unprofessional a display as I have seen since the Haynesworth headstomp. There is no reason that guy should keep his job.

  16. Well this is what happens when you just arbitrarily decide to change an alma mater’s nick name.

    Seriously, what’s wrong with the Flying Dutchmen?

    Did I mention Tom Brady is the NFL super soldier?

    Captain…frickin’…America, baby!

    Thank you, Robert Kraft. Go Patriots!

  17. Plain and simple the Jets need to fire this guy. As far as the league is concerned, I’m not sure what Goodell can do financially to him, but the rest of the owners could get together and be sure that this bum stays unemployed. Sal Alosi, you are a little punk ass bitch.

  18. If the Jets has tripped a Steelers player, the Commissioner would have given the Jets a trophy.


  19. Of all, people to do this, a STRENGTH COACH, a man dedictaed to the physical conditioning of NFL players, potentially injuring one ON PURPOSE?????
    “Yet team pretends it didn’t happen. Won’t even confirm.”
    “security ushered Alosi away”

    Classy, classy organization; first, a member of their staff tries to intentionally injure an opposing player, then they get him off the field and innocently start whistling before saying “what, ME???”

    Like I said last week, this organization stinks, from the inside out and from the top down, and karma is kicking their collective a$$es.

    The NFL needs to come down HARD on the Jets for this whole thing, and Alosi needs to be FIRED, not fined, not suspended. You can’t have a member of a coaching staff pulling crap like this on a sideline during a GAME.

    Fire Alosi, penalize Head Coach Rex Ryan (what the hell would this lard-a$$ say if this was a member of the patriot’s coaching staff?!!) and fine the organization itself for establishing a culture like this.

  20. The Jets will have more issues from Rodger and the NFL then dealing with Sal’s “issue”. That whole group of coaches/players are too close to the field and beyond the white line where they are instructed to stand! Perhaps Sal was the “get-back-line” who tells everyone to stand back and thats why none of them care!? Only Woody Hayes could do a better job then Sal did!!

  21. Now THAT’s Cheating, THAT’S Poor Sportsmanship, THAT’s Not going to run up the score at all.

    Goodbye CHEATERS

  22. Reminded me of that Buffalo Wild Wings commerical when the ref tripped the guy running for a touchdown!

    There should be no place for this guy in any organization after a disgraceful decision like that.

  23. Rex Ryan’s muscleman Salvatore “Strongarm Sally” Alosi was hustled away by bodyguards into a dark sedan with tinted windows headed towards the Jersey Shore.

    Concerned family members would like him to please contact them if he is able.

  24. So can someone explain to me why the relevant authorities (NJ State police, perhaps?) won’t pursue criminal charges against Alosi?

    This didn’t occur as part of the game or even on the field of play. Deliberately tripping someone in real life is a criminal act. Why hasn’t he been charged? There were hundreds of witnesses and clear video evidence.

  25. I can’t believe anyone is calling that a trip. The guy didn’t stick out his foot…the forward position of his feet never changed.

  26. How does the officials not see this , where is the side line judge? How much more do the Jets have to be involved with before God-del sees it. Just goes how this year has gone with all the extra activities beside the game.

  27. New York Cheats. No surprise, this is the same team that had the Bronco videographer working for them for two years.

    If they do make the playoffs, which I doubt, it’ll be tainted. I’m sure they’ve been doing stuff like this all season.

  28. The NYJ should be fined and have a draft pick taken, just to ensure the rest of the league understands this won’t be tolerated.

  29. @bbpats…I like it…

    Rex Ryacheat..LOL…this is so funny…watching all the Patriot haters hope and dreams slowly withering away as the Patriots march closer and closer to their 4th Super Bowl title (and 5th appearance) in 10 years…LOL…Love it…keep hatin’ haters

  30. The guy can’t help it, like mom always said, “you are who you associate with.” Therefore, he’s a classless dirtbag, just like the organization he works for. The Jets should give him an obligatory snack, make him dig the hole for the gameball and kick him to the curb.

  31. This is what happens when a loud mouth a**hole like Rex Ryan molds a team in his image. Disgraceful.

  32. I don’t think Fat Wrecks told his guys to do anything like that, what bothers me is all the BS that they cover up or don’t ackowledge.

    The Jets are the modern day “Mean Machine”.

  33. Goodell is a former Jets employee. He is the son of a former U S Senator from New York. He has forced a Super Bowl onto the NFL at Giants/Jets Stadium in an area that could be hit hard by a major winter storm, halting travel and all other sorts of activities.

    My guess is that he will slap the Jets on the wrist for this when, in fact, what he needs to do is fine the head coach a minimum of $50,000, or more as he fined the Broncos head coach because one of his staff video taped another team’s practice, even though McDaniels wasnt directly involved in it.

    Goodell has turned the NFL into the the NPFL, The National Pansy Football League and he needs to be fired by the owners, or at the least, severly and publicly reprimanded and told to stop being a dictator. Or else, sayonara baby.

  34. It’s funny how jets fans can actually make an excuse for what alosi did. If it was one of the dolphins coaches that tripped up a jet player the jets fans would be crying murder. I’m not even a dolphins fan but I am a fan of the game and seriously, even if it was my favorite team(pats) that did that I’d still call it dirty. Don’t defend somehing when you know it wrong. NOW THAT WOULD MAKE YOU A BAD FAN

  35. It was funny how the Jets’ coaching staff were pretending on trying to help Carroll when he was lying on the field when in reality it was just a little way to cover up what they did.

  36. “Unfortunately, the officials missed it.” If there’s one line to define the 2010 season, that’s it.

    Good grief, Dansby, the film of Alosi was on YouTube before the game was over, Goodell has no choice but to address it. After all, he’s very conscious of public perception. So you didn’t need to grovel–“I believe in Goodell! Goodell, come on man.”–to get his attention. Ewwww.

    A strength coach should have known the injury potential of tripping an unsuspecting player running full out. He ought to be fired.

    And Goodell, you also need to address the Cowboys player who knocked Vick into the Eagles bench. Last time I checked, the player benches weren’t on the field of play. Apparently no one told the refs. I’m getting tired of seeing defenders make illegal hits on QBs–mine and everyone else’s–without being flagged while you blather hypocritically about enforcing the rules. If you only intend to enforce them when it involves Tom Brady, at least have the cojones to say so.

  37. Deb, I know Vick is taking some questionable hits tonight, but that wasn’t one of them. Clearly Vick was being hit BEFORE he went out of bounds.

  38. 8man Brady was a SIXTH ROUND flier. No magic eight ball, super owner mojo going on there. If your QB doesn’t get hurt and force Brady into the line-up he’s just another journey man clipboard holder. Great for you, but realistic.

  39. Deb says:
    Dec 12, 2010 10:15 PM

    Good grief, Dansby, the film of Alosi was on YouTube before the game was over, Goodell has no choice but to address it. After all, he’s very conscious of public perception. So you didn’t need to grovel–”I believe in Goodell! Goodell, come on man.”–to get his attention. Ewwww.


    He is obviously being facetious. Surley someone of your high level of education can see that.


    vahawker says:
    Dec 12, 2010 10:50 PM

    8man Brady was a SIXTH ROUND flier. No magic eight ball, super owner mojo going on there. If your QB doesn’t get hurt and force Brady into the line-up he’s just another journey man clipboard holder. Great for you, but realistic.


    Dude if you think Brady, arguably the best QB in the league, would still be holding a clipboardyou are in some serious denial.

  40. If you’re gonna pull something like it against the patsies or someone worthwhile! Since I could care less about either of these two minor league teams, it was pretty funny! GO STEELERS!

  41. To all my fellow football fans;

    As a long time Jets fan I have to say Im totally disgusted,angry,and embarassed by what took place on that sideline yesterday. I will in NO way support or defend the actions of this low life jerk or ANYONE who knew it was going on. He should have been fired before the games end and an apology issued to Nolan Carroll.
    Furthermore the HEAD COACH as far as I see it is supposed to be in control of ALL personel on that teams sideline and should now have his fat feet held to the fire for this!
    Its bad enough to be watching (yet again) another Jets collapse…*L*..Im used to that!…but this dirty ,cheating, disgracefull behavior is just …well….embarassing and I have to say …today Im ashamed to be a Jets fan…..I hope more Jets fans come out and tell it like it is!.

  42. @MDS …

    et tu, Brutus?

    Would love to know what in my original post warranted censorship. Are you seriously trying to tell me the expression piss and vinegar is off limits? I think the big boys have probably heard it before. I would even say that to my mother–the most delicate, ladylike, Christian woman in the universe. She’d tell me not to say it again, but still … You guys are really scaring me.

    @8dollarbeer …

    And you didn’t detect anything facetious about my post??

    @richm2256 …

    Know the announcers said he was barely in, but I thought he was already out. And barely in or barely out, that shove was uncalled for.

  43. What’s the matter with you guys?
    Why don’t you get it?
    Alosi is a “strength coach”.
    What do you think that job means?
    As that “coach” he is responsible for the players becoming stronger.
    There several ways to do this and some are surely against NFL rules.
    And the last thing the Jets need is a disgruntled former employee to spill the beans if you know what i mean.

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