Mike Shanahan needs work on his clock management skills

Forget about replacing Donovan McNabb.  The Redskins may have to consider replacing Mike Shanahan at halftime after a ridiculous clock management performance to end Sunday’s first half against the Bucs.

The Redskins, who rushed for 174 yards in the first half, had third and goal from the two-yard line with roughly 40 seconds left.  With two missed kicks, it was clearly four down territory.

So what does Shanahan do?

He lets the clock go down to 20 seconds, then calls his third timeout.  That basically tells the Bucs the Redskins have to pass the next play.  Then the Redskins don’t get a play in on time, and get called for a delay of game.   (Donovan McNabb frantically kept trying the team’s fourth timeout.)

McNabb predictably threw an incompletion on third-and-seven.  The Redskins lead 10-3 at halftime, but the score could be so much worse.  McNabb isn’t the only one that has been struggling with pressure.

11 responses to “Mike Shanahan needs work on his clock management skills

  1. It’s not that Donavan tried to take the FOURTH time out. He tried to take back to back timeouts, which you can’t do. He gets made when people question his mental capacity, but he doesn’t seem to know many rules. A)how many time outs you get B) can’t take them back to back C) overtime rules (yes he was in Philly, but he has shown a constant lack of mental capacity. Oh boy……..

  2. How can a vet of Mcnab’s tenure NOT know (especially as you know a QB and Captain) you can’t take back to back time outs like that. OR how many timeouts he has. I’d pull him. THINK. Geez. Mental midget.

  3. Hilarious.

    It will be very interesting to see how Shanny manages to blame Albert Haynesworth for that one.

  4. What you all left out is that after the Shanahan clock management debacle, and after McNabb tried to call the Redskins 4th timeout, back-to-back, he did not throw the ball into the endzone – he tried to complete it short with 2-3 defenders on the guy, and there would have been no time to run another play, because you can’t spike it on 4th down.

    And speaking of throwing short, have you ever in your life seen a QB throw so many short passes in the dirt in front of the WR?

    I finally understand why Philly fans were on McNabb’s case all those years.

    After trading away 2nd and 3rd picks for this loser, the Redskins HAVE to cut their losses in the offseason and DO NOT honor that ridiculous contract extension that McNabb mysteriously received for playing so badly.

    Why is this team so cursed???

    Dan Snyder = worst owner in professional sports.

  5. Yeah, how many of you mental midgets are aware of all the rules and McNabb’s not the first QB OR HC to try to take back to back timeouts. Not making excuses but some of you have shown that you don’t have a clue about other rules but you sure want to get on him.

    As for Shanahan, not the same coach before or after Elway and he pissed away a playoff berth when he decided to insert his rookie QB into the starting lineup. Bet the veterans just loved him for that one.

  6. the bucs crushed the 4skins again…omg…worst org in the nfl. my boys win tonight 4skins in last place……where are all the htrs now that talked crap all year? gonna be a great week at work sticking it to the 4skin fans….

    HAIL SUCKAS!!!!!

  7. Boysrollpt1. Please for the love of all of cowboy nation please stfu. If we do win we will still be in last place. And a one point win due to a missed field goal is not a crush. Last we all know you are the only one talking crap all year. That is unless our boys loose and your the first to go hide. But yes we will win tonight.

  8. Wow, I didn’t think the arrogant little rat had any time for mistakes? Only a matter of time before the Danny puts his footdown, remember it’s just about Redskin’s Superbowl time! Gas up REDSKIN ONE:)

  9. Dmac threw short of the goal line with no time outs and the clock running down quite a few times during his time her in Philadelphia. At press conferences he was always surprised that people thought it was a bad idea, and could not seem to get it through his head that it is better to kick a short field goal as opposed to score no points as time expires. Apparently Shanny has no more luck coaching him up on this point than Andy did. I did not think it would be like this, but I am glad he is gone.

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