NFL Network will re-air Vikings-Giants

For those out of market fans that will miss Vikings-Giants on Monday night, the NFL Network has another alternative.

The league network will re-air the game in its entirety at midnight et.

The game is scheduled to start at 7:20 et and will be shown in the local markets and on NFL Sunday Ticket.

14 responses to “NFL Network will re-air Vikings-Giants

  1. Sorry canadianvikingfan, if you don’t have Sunday Ticket then you aren’t paying for the game. That being said, I’m surprised ESPN, the NFL, and FOX didn’t come up with some sort of package to air the game nationally. The Giants and Favre are huge TV draws, a double header of Monday Night Football with a kickoff at 5:0o pm EST would have been good for nearly everyone involved.

    I’m not going to whine about it though, I have Sunday Ticket, and I’m looking forward to watching the game.

  2. Do a little research online…there are websites that will stream them live…not going to post them here, but they are not hard to find.

  3. Those of us transplants on the West coast can have a moment of nostalgia: Monday Night Football at 9:00! Ahh, the joys of staying up until 1 AM for the end of the game, and then trudging to a chemistry lab at 8 AM.

    As for the East coast… well, that kind of sucks. Wish they would just simulcast it. Although ESPN might complain.

  4. I wish Fox would air this game in all markets. It should be a great game just to watch the fans. Sadly, this is more bad luck for the Vikings since they will miss their fans. I obviously hope that Favre will play, but it is more important that the Vikings beat the Giants. I think the game could go either way.

  5. Wish there were people at the networks and the NFL who were old enough to remember that the Giants were New England’s team before the AFL so we are still the local NFC market for the Giants and give us this game instead of Ravens.

  6. thank god i have sunday ticket, GO BIG BLUE!!!

    now i dont have to watch that crummy mnf game between the texans/ravens….not that i wouldve watched it anyway, i would rather play Battlefield Bad Company 2 on my ps3 online (psn: DonVCorleone)

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