Rex Ryan almost benched Mark Sanchez

Rex Ryan said after Sunday’s disappointing loss that Mark Sanchez was hardly the Jets’ only problem.  (That’s true.)

Then again, Ryan said he almost benched Sanchez for 40-year-old quarterback Mark Brunell.  As our buddy Bob Glauber points out, Sanchez has thrown eight touchdowns with eleven interceptions in the last seven games.   He also fumbled four times Sunday, and has nine fumbles for the season.

“I considered it, but when you look at it, I think he gives us the best chance to win,” Ryan said.  “I thought about it and I was like, ‘Nah, it’s not the kid’s fault.’ He’s not the only one to blame here. If I thought that was the case, I would’ve yanked him.”

Sanchez is a second year quarterback that left school as an underclassmen, so it’s not a shock he’s hitting some bumps in the road.  The Jets need to come up with some answers fast with Pittsburgh and Chicago coming up next on the schedule.

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43 responses to “Rex Ryan almost benched Mark Sanchez

  1. Yeah? But who is going to bench Ryan? Why wait so long? If Sanchez is hurting the team then sit him. It isn’t as though the Jets don’t have a reliable backup.

  2. Then again, Ryan said he almost benched Sanchez for 40-year-old quarterback Mark Sanchez.

    Are they related?

  3. Then again, Ryan said he almost benched Sanchez for 40-year-old quarterback Mark Sanchez.??? Did Rex build a time machine to travel 15 years into the future to bring back an older, wiser Sanchez?

  4. Sanchez was very highly over-rated by the Yets and their fans, coming into this season. The kid sucks, and proves every week that he is not the kind of guy who leads a team into the playoffs.

    The kid could learn a lot from Sal Alosi, the coach who wants a victory so bad he’ll trip an oppsing player running at full speed.

    Now THAT is a leader!

  5. Tic, tic, tic….All the big talk, bragging, Super bowl bound jets..are exposed.

    Losing Jones & Washington killed them…and as we all see, revis and Sanchez not those to ‘build’ a franchise on.

    43 years and counting jet fans..But, fear not, March is coming soon, and you all are unbeaten in March . ..But hey, you won your Super bowl in september…Well done dolphins.

  6. While the Sanchize talks like a knowledge dropping vet, saying things that start like: “This is the NFL and you can’t do that in the NFL…” the guy in New England says things that start like: “Coach is always telling us…” – not “Bill tells me…”
    But maybe attitude isn’t important to how your QB meshes with the team.

  7. The Jets can coast the rest of the season, having won the 2010 Super Bowl back in August.
    Don’t despair Jets fans, by the end of next year’s training camp you will be Champions again, behind your Super Bowl MVP quarterback and your #1 defense. How many rings does Sanchez have? Must be at least three by now.

  8. For the life of me, I do not understand why these overrated USC quarterbacks keeping getting the benefit of the doubt. In Cincy, you have the king of the overrated USC quarterbacks playing the same way year after year: mediocre and yet he is still starting. In New York, they keep thinking this Sanchez is going to be Eli-lite and yet he will produce a stinkbomb like today. At least the Cardinals saw the light.

  9. Mark Sanchez had one year of eligibility remaining when he left USC, but he was not an underclassman in the traditional sense when he left USC. To the contrary, he graduated in four years with a Mass Comm degree. Don’t let the memories of Pete Carroll throwing a hissy fit over Sanchez going to the NFL fool you; Sanchez spent four years at USC.

  10. The guy is overrated. He will have one good game and the media comes out and says he is well on his way to be Tom Brady like. Then he goes and has multiple bad games. Then has one good game and they all think he is godly once more.

  11. What?

    Those rugged, hispanic good looks. That arm! Those eyes No way he can sit.

    Besides there’s some old guy with blue eyes with a few rings, just down I-95, doing Stetson ads that needs to be put into his place….

    And the fans call him…..Captain America!

  12. You see the Play? He hit him with his kneecap.

    So, Sal Alosi “Kneecapped” a guy, in New Jersey. Wonder if he works for Tony Soprano. Not the Sporano with Miami.


  13. i am not gloating when i said that i knew sanchize was garbage in the nfl before he took his first nfl snap.

  14. What I would like to know is why did Sanchez have 44 passing attempts? He is obviously not a QB that is going to take over a game.

    Garbage coaching once again. Jets are going nowhere fast.

  15. Hey ReJEcTS fan your idiot coach put a target on your stink’in team back before the season ever started. Even claiming he was not the leader of the team…then who the hell is? Bozo? I guess so. Clownish coach = Bozo.
    Any coach that has go out of state to beg and plead with a player to please come back to us and play cuz, gee whiz, you’re the best and we can’t win without you cuz you’re so nipper keen, we can’t do it without you guy, is the biggest Bozo no nothing idiot coach there is. Tsk tsk tsk it’s the same old Jets.
    Whose the next coach Wade Philips? or maybe Childress…any bets?

  16. richm2256 says:
    Dec 12, 2010 9:22 PM

    The kid sucks, and proves every week that he is not the kind of guy who leads a team into the playoffs.

    So last seasons playoffs don’t count?

  17. hahahah playoffs?!?! your talking about playoffs?!?! dolphins literally could have and should have beat the jets without even putting their offense on the field! so many dropped picks and fumbles it was like early xmas.

    3 turnovers and 134 offensive yards! u gotta try to lose to that!

    where are the jets fans now?? Pretty sure their out in the cold with their trash talking tongues stuck to that preseason PIPEdream!

  18. maybe Pete Carroll was right. Sanchez should have stayed another year at USC because he’s just not progressing the way you think he should. It may be because the coaching staff has no faith in him and they game plan for him to be a game manager.

  19. I thought Sanchez w over his predilection to cough up the ball? Hmmm. Guess Jets fans and the NY media were wrong after all.

  20. When will the media learn not to overreact to one game? After Sanchez had a last minute game winning touchdown pass against the Texans the media was singing his praises and acting like he was the next Montana. What they fail to realize is that he was throwing against THE TEXANS. The Jets barely defeated the Lions, Texans, Browns, and Bengals and were very lucky in three of those games in which they should have lost. The only team the Jets have beaten with a winning record was the Pats in week 2. I hate to say it but the team they share the stadium with is a much better team.

    Rex Ryan please shut your mouth and stop talking about how great your team is and how great your players are. Talk is cheap fatman.

  21. I love this article. Rex showing signs of doubt in his “superstar” QB. I wonder if he really took leadership of the huddle today……what a joke.

  22. Pastabelly says “The Sanchize is the next Brady (Quinn).”

    You see, this is the Braylon Edwards effect.

    His poor route running, inability to catch the football and Diva attitude kill quarterbacks!

    Look what he did to Quinn and Anderson in Cleveland!

    Edwards, at his receiving finest, could marginalize Rivers, Manning and Brees.

    Can’t wait to see him shipped off to one the bottom feeders!

  23. Does anyone else see the horrible playcalling of Martyball Jr. ?
    Terrible Playcalling for years now.
    Why have receivers ?
    Screen’s are a Joke.
    Get rid of that wildcat BS … its a drive Killer…
    You got receivers that can stretch the field Throw it to them.
    Look at San Diego’s Assault Via Pass…
    Hello Wake Up….
    Get a new OC ASAP

  24. Ha Ha Ha! Where’s all the bluster? How about saying the truth. I’ve been outcoached and my team of undisciplined overated players is now choking down the finish. The best will be when they lose to the bills to miss the playoffs!

    Steelers should have pick fest this weekend

  25. Better bench the receivers too. Sanchez put the ball in their hands and they watched as it bounced off them and hit the ground. Lack of focus. RR has lost them. Thank the Pats, this dogs spirit is broken.

  26. Sanchez is way overrated. I’m glad the Bucs have Josh Freeman instead. The Bucs are winning games because of Josh Freeman and the Jets are winning games in spite of Mark Sanchez.

  27. I would like to see a trade between the Dolphins and Jets for quarterbacks. Henne for Sanchise, but I am afraid both teams would be cheated.

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