Stewart Bradley suffers dislocated elbow


Eagles middle linebacker Stewart Bradley has suffered what could be another devastating injury.

NBC’s Andrea Kremer reports Bradley suffered a dislocated elbow.  It bent backwards after landing on the ground in nasty fashion, knocking him from Sunday night’s game in the second quarter.  Philadelphia’s struggling rush defense will have to get used to life without their middle linebacker once again.

The Eagles and Cowboys traded touchdowns on their opening drives.  Since then the defenses have taken over.  You can watch the game and chat with Florio at SNF Extra.

13 responses to “Stewart Bradley suffers dislocated elbow

  1. Oh great. It’s a shame the guy just can’t stay healthy. He does a great job but he’s injury prone. Perhaps Andy’s Reid should FINALLY put some emphasis on drafting a linebacker for once in his drafting career. It has always been the Eagles’ thinnest position under the Reid regime. There’s a ton of quality linebackers out there and they are huge difference makers for their teams. Come on Andy, this latest injury is a huge step backward. Time to learn from your mistakes and spend an early pick on a LB.

  2. Why does fat Andy have plays that he has Vick running, and then he complains when he gets hit? This is the NFC East. If he doesn’t like it, he should formally request to have his team moved to the NFC West.

  3. it’s odd that Bradley’s injuries have been so varied, it’s not a recurring injury to a particular part of his body.

    tonight was no where near as nasty as the Koy Detmer elbow dislocation, I think that was a Sunday night game too, against San Fran.

  4. I dont get the injury prone comments. He blew out his knee it happens. Every player in the league gets concussed atleast once. And now an elbow.

    Injury prone is when a guy get hurt doing nothing constant ankle, knees, etc. problems. Guys like Bob Sanders, Victor Abiamiri, and Shawn Andrews are injury prone. Bradley had 2 freak accidents big deal. If he starts getting injured on routine plays then you can call him injury prone. Right now hes just unlucky.

  5. Also I dont get the struggling run defense comment. The Eagles have had 3-4 bad games other that they have shut down some of the best running backs in the league. Ryan Grant 18 yds 0 tds B Jackson 18 yds 0 tds, MJD 88 yds 0 tds, Frank Gore 52 yds 0 tds, Michael Turner 45 yds 0 tds , CJ 66 yds 0 tds,D.Brown 50 yds 0 tds, Bradshaw 29 yds 0 tds Jacobs 10 yds 0 tds, Foster 83 yds 1 td, Felix Jones 41 yds 1 td.

    Except for the Lions,Redskins,Redskins, and Bears games I think they’ve been just shy of dominate against the run.

  6. Eagles struggling run defense???? Mr Rosenthal, you might want to do some homework before you post your articles. Philly has done quite well vs the run for most of the season. I think the first game vs Wash. was the only poor performance Philly has had all season. They have shut down Michael Turner, Frank Gore, Chris Johnson, Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs and now dallas’ RBs as well. I dont think any of these players rushed for more than 60 or 70 yards vs the Eagles. Arian Foster had 83 yards, but it took him 22 carries to get it. A 3.8 avg is nothing to brag about. Hopefully Jamar Chaney can continue to hold his own next week vs the giants. It should be a good one.

  7. I am hearing reports Bradley could miss the rest of the season. I don’t understand why. If it is dislocated, pop it back in a get out there. He doesnt need to throw the ball, just tackle.
    The Eagles need to take the best middle linebacker available at pick 32 in the 2011 draft, They cant keep trying to find MLB in the 3, 4 and 5th round.

  8. If it was just a dislocation, and nothing is torn/broken, he should be good to go next week. The guy is having ‘freak’ injuries. Its not like he keeps pulling a hammy or has lingering knee issues etc. A dislocated elbow because of the way he fell isn’t exactly a common injury, or anything he could have avoided.

  9. I can’t call him injury prone. A blone ACL and elbow injury like that were freak things. Bad luck maybe but he isn’t brittle. Too bad the Eagles don’t value LB too highly and have had a bad track record of drafting them. Mike McCoy was a bum as was Quinton Caver and they were both 2nd round picks.

  10. I’m glad all the doctors have decided to chime in at the PFT comment section. Dislocations are often very damaging to the soft tissue surrounding the joint and take time to heal. This isn’t Die Hard.

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