Alosi suspended for rest of year without pay

Jets strength coach Sal Alosi did not suffer the same fate as the late Woody Hayes.  But Alosi has absorbed a significant punishment for tripping Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll during Sunday’s game between the two teams.

Jay Glazer of FOX reports that Alosi has been suspended without pay for the rest of the season, including the postseason.

We still think that this shouldn’t conclude the matter.  There’s too much evidence to suggest that the Jets align Alosi and others on the edge of the field in situations like that, and it’s important that the league investigate whether and to what extent the Jets, or other teams, have engaged in such actions.

UPDATE:  The team has announced the move.  It includes a $25,000 fine.

55 responses to “Alosi suspended for rest of year without pay

  1. It was a total Dick move. He shouldn’t be retained next year. The guy next to him should be gone too.

  2. Nice job ruining X-mas for the family, Sal.

    How about a banishment of all Jets non-essential game personnel from the sidelines for the next year? That would seem to be appropriate given the circumstances.

  3. This seems like an appropriate punishment to the person that committed the stupid act.

    Now, if there is any support to your implying the team had something to do with the picket fence tactic, not sure if that is against the rules or not if they are standing in permitted territory.

  4. I hate to stick up for the Jets, but this is about the 719th thing you guys really need to let go. 13 games into the season – I’m pretty sure there’d be a penalty flag at some point if that “phalanx” were illegal.

    And if Rex Ryan is pushing the rules to the limit with his strategic sideline personnel formations then more power to him. As a coach it’s his job to push the envelope as far as possible and it looks like the league has no problem with it.

  5. Does this mean the league suspended him or the team susupended him? I understand the team announced the move, but not sure here.

  6. I’m sure this guy isn’t paid much and this will hurt but the Jets sacrificed him and will probably make it up to him next season.

  7. I would suggest complete removal from the sidelines for the rest of his employment plus the wearing of the scarlet letter “D” across his head, for D bag, of course. The rest of the Dbags should be removed also and relegated to water boys only on the sidelines.

  8. He got off easy; sure he is taking a bullet for the team. I am not a big believer in coincidences, so I don’t believe that these guys were shoulder to shoulder, as close to the field as legally possible, right next to the gunner. No doubt following instructions. Small wonder the Jets hustled him away last night so they could get their stories straight and assure that he wouldn’t spill the beans.

  9. Is Jabba-da-Rex gonna bury this guy at the practice facility as well?
    How about bury himself after the season? kinda like when a whale washes up at the beach, they just bury it in place…

  10. I’m glad something like “suspended for rest of the year” was given. The problem no one is mentioning is that IF the coaches decide to phallanx up and block a runner one of two things is eventually gonna happen:

    Either the players absent an incentive for opposing coaches/personnel not to get in their way will provide an incentive themselves (in the form of running 20 mph at least with 50 pounds of armor on – i mean seriously you wanna engage a juiced up armored pro athlete whose hyped himself up to be as effective a hitter as he can for the few special teams plays he’s on the field?) resulting in :


    Someone engaging in similar behavior will get seriously and I mean seriously injured. Think of how these guys approached a wedge trying to keep them from hitting the runner – and now imagine a guy in the wedge with no pads, or training, and is like 40 years old or older. How long you wanna roll the dice before something get’s damaged (my money is not on the athlete with the helmet on).

    Personally for his safety I’m glad the guy is gone for the rest of the year because if he came back and someone wanted to retaliate in a similar situation (i.e. running by the guy) whose to garuntee another “accident” wouldn’t happen. And Alosi is a hell of a lot more vulnerable than a football player in this situation.

  11. What is interesting is the fine. I suspect he gets paid as a yearly employee, not per game like a player.

    Thus he has lost 4/52 weeks pay. I’m going to guess that he makes in the neighborhood of 100k, but significantly more or less would not surprise me. Assuming 100k as the baseline, that means he’s lost $7700 IF he doesn’t apply vacation to the suspension.

    The $25k is the kicker that hurts. Will he have to pay it, or does he get a $25k bonus after the season to shut up.

  12. The guy should never be on the sidelines again. What is he doing there – I see no guys lifting weights. He’s just a hanger-on.

  13. he should be fired. Blatent cheating by a no body on the team. Karlos Dansby got it right in his locker room interview post game. If coaches can trip, he shoulda triped harrison and taken the fine and flag plus a super bowl ring, rather than playing Football. No wonder this league is having issues with legal hits, the coaches are even using illegal hits.

  14. A new era dawns for the N.Y. Jets, of which historians will say, “The flesh was weaker, but the spirit was willing.”.

  15. Missing three weeks pay and a $25K fine ….. he got off EASY.

    Jacka$$ should have been fired. I hope Carroll presses criminal charges against him for assault. This is far from over folks, I’d have to agree that this looks very much like an orchestrated thing. Break out the videos of every Yet’s punt return for the past two seasons and see if Rex’s goons make this a habit.

  16. The punishment is appropriate. The coach’s action was something you’d expect from a junior high school boy, not from a grown man, let alone a coach in professional football. I think he should also have to teach sportmanship to high school athletes in the off season.

  17. Ridiculous, the coaches are on the sideline standing behind the out of bounds white border. Are the coaches supposed to go up into the stands everytime there is a punt? You’re really reaching on this one.

  18. Sad, but it had to be done. Hopefully he isn’t fired later for this. Seems like a good guy, just got way too caught up in everything. Wonder how much he makes? $25K is probably a huge chunk of it.

    Bellichek cheated and won Super Bowls because of it, and he wasn’t fired. Why should this guy?

  19. With all the Jets front office has put up with off the field you would have thought out of respect for the game he would have been lets say, let go than fired. Totally unacceptable from an individual wearing a jet organiztion uniform.

  20. 4 game suspension + 25K is Not good enuf. Behavior is unacceptable. I have seen opposite end coaches help with an injured opponent. That is respect for the game. To do the opposite is disrespect for the game.

    Nothing less than termination is the proper response.

  21. ReallY!? How much does this guy make yearly? 25k seems a bit high since he isn’t getting paid either…I want to know what NFL charities are getting all this fine money…

  22. It’s clear Rex is behind this cheating. The NFL must take a stand and invoke serious sanctions. Strip the JETS of draft picks, the permanent ban of Alosi from the league and a lengthy suspension for flabby Ryan.

    Player safety must come first.

  23. The fact they didn’t fire him shows how Alosi is merely the one who got caught. All team’s behavior eminate from the head coach and that line of thugs ready to trip the winning team is simply the mentality that Rex Ryan has created in New York.

    If there’s any justice, their streak will continue and the Jets will outright miss the playoffs.

  24. In further news.. Alosi has hired Jen Sterger’s attorney to try to recoup his lost pay and fine from the mastermind of Tripgate, Buddy’s kid.

  25. How would aligning the coaches that way be illegal?

    They aren’t on the field, are they?

    It may be cheesy, but is there a rule against it?

  26. There’s a simple solution to this – soccer has a rule that says coaching staffs have to be at least a meter away from the sideline. Paint a line a meter away from the sideline, and if anyone crosses it while running a play, throw a flag for having too many players on the field. If it’s costing them field position, coaches will pretty much start policing it themselves.

  27. Interesting… Belichick is fined 500K and the Pats lose a draft pick and are fined 250K for something that had “no impact on games”…. and this clown does something that could have DIRECTLY influenced a game and he gets off with a 25K fine????

  28. The players should come together on this.

    I don’t mean the Dolphins. I mean [The League].

    The next 3 teams to play the Jets should make it a point to kick ONE out of bounds punt per game with an unbalanced formation to the Jets sideline. I’m thinking at least 3 players who can lay some wood.

    Run straight through Rex Ryan, Mike Westhoff, and any other Jack-hole who is near the sideline.

  29. Tripping on the field is a 10 yard penalty. This guy just lost his income for the rest of the season for what was without question a bad decision.

    Why was a Miami special teams member running out of bounds for that many yards, and more than once in the same game? Seriously. I appreciate the Jets “witch hunt”, I know what PFT is all about, and where most of you stand regarding the Jets, but if it was a Jets team member everyone here would have been criticizing him for running out of bounds for that many yards. Don’t even try to deny it.

    The punishment is suitable. Closed case. Please direct your witch hunt elsewhere. If you need to buy lives, message me and I will try to send you $20.

  30. This creep got off too easy. He should be fired and banned from the NFL for life.

    It’s pretty much a zero game suspension since the Jets’ season is basically over already.

  31. I guess I’m the only one that thinks this way but…..why does a coach get suspended for interfering with a player who has run out of bounds by at least five yards and for ten yards downfield. Suppose it wasn’t a coach who popped his knee out but a reserve player moving down the sideline when the guy (who ran out of bounds mind you) happens to collide with him…Should he be suspended as well?

  32. Suspended the rest of the season? What’s that, 3 games? Cause we know those J-E-T-S will S-U-C-K it right out of the playoffs! haahhahahahaha!!!

  33. What would a grown man be thinking to do something like that? The player could have been severely injured. I like the poster who said that if players hit a 40 year old standing on the sidelines……..he would be seriously injured.

    I see that some posters think the coach is in on actions like this. If he is and it can be proved, fire him.

    UT players (Texas) get suspended for three games for having pot in their car. What Alosi did was much more likely to injure someone permanently.

    What a full grown jerk.

  34. What about the obvious question? Why was he running up the field, full steam, “Out of Bounds”? I don’t condone the tripping but, why wasn’t the player in bounds? Then the trip might not have ever happened!

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