Police use stun gun in arrest of Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes

Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes was arrested on misdemeanor charges of trespassing and disorderly conduct Monday morning, according to the online records of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office.

The public record shows Hayes’ picture, birthdate, and lists his employer as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He was released on $750 bond at 5 a.m after getting arrested at 2223 North Westshore Boulevard, which is the location of the International Plaza in Tampa.  We’ll update you on more information as it becomes it available.

UPDATE: The Tampa Tribune reports that officers used a stun gun on Hayes after he was told to leave the Blue Martini nightclub.  The report said Hayes was belligerent as he was escorted to the parking lot.  Hayes then returned a short time later and was confronted with the stun gun and arrested.

16 responses to “Police use stun gun in arrest of Bucs linebacker Geno Hayes

  1. Oh, dear. This won’t end well for him.

    Goodell isn’t going to be in a very tolerant mood after the whole Alosi incident. I see pain…..

  2. I live in Tampa and no one that I know of goes to the Blue Martini on a Sunday night because it’s “Thug Night” there.


  3. This should not be that shocking to pepole. Football is organized violence and can not be just unleashed only on a football field. Go Bucs!

  4. Kind of misleading because police only used the threat of a stun gun and did not actually use a stun gun onthe guy. Of course when will NFL players learn that hanging out in clubs only leads to trouble for them.

  5. Someone told me the refs gave the Redskins an extra down–effectively a 5th and 4. Anybody care to elaborate? Haven’t read anything about it. Was there some kind of incident just before their last TD?

  6. cowboylover:

    Ya, it appeared, at first, like they got 5 downs. I guess, unknown to the announcers, the catch made at the 2-3 yard line was called a first down. So, when the yard sticks said first down, it was right, even though everybody thought it was second down. So, in the end, it appears they got it right, unless they got the initial call of first down wrong. Either way, the Redskins couldn’t even kick an extra point and the Bucs received another gift as they definitely didn’t deserve the game. But a win is a win.

  7. @coloradobucsfan holy crap I can’t believe there is another Buc fan in colorado!!! Got any tips on where to watch the game, besides the house?

    Geno is going to be fine, police in Tampa probably recognized he was a team mate to aqib Talib and tazed him as a precaution. Go BUCS!!

  8. Since Geno is so talented and a household name, they’ll let him off easy …………………………
    Tampa, it’s not just for normal humans anymore …………………

  9. it baffles me, how can these guys be making millions $$$ and still hang out at local niteclubs, dude with that kinda money fly to vegas for the nite, i can find several things to do other than hanging at a local bar. asking for trouble you will find at any bar if you got $$$ you’re a target and also under a microscope. when will these guys learn if ya got $$$ hang with the $$$ crowd not the locals or you will get tazed.

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