Cowboys say DeSean Jackson is “disrespectful”

For Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson, scoring a 91-yard touchdown Sunday night wasn’t enough: He also had to show up the Cowboys by stopping short of the goal line and falling backward into the end zone.

That drew a 15-yard celebration penalty, and it also drew some criticism in the Cowboys’ locker room after the game.

It was disrespectful,” Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins said. “He knew he was going to score. That’s him. We beat him three times in a row last year, so he was going to come back and try to everything he could.”

Orlando Scandrick used the same word but didn’t seem quite as bothered by it.

“We’re good friends and hang out in the offseason,” Scandrick said. “He’s just being himself. Some people might say a showboat. But we all play this game. It’s fun, and what goes on between those lines gets left out there. Is it disrespectful? Possibly.”

Of course, the Cowboys have no one to blame but themselves for letting Jackson run through their secondary. Cowboys cornerback Terence Newman, in particular, should be called out for his poor effort: After giving chase and getting within a few yards of Jackson, Newman just started jogging at about the 10-yard line. In college Newman won the Big 12 title in the 100-meter dash and the 60-meter dash, and if he had been going full speed there’s no way Jackson would have had enough time to taunt the Cowboys.

Scandrick understands there’s a simple solution to opposing players taunting you.

“Don’t let him get in the end zone,” Scandrick said, “and he can’t dance.”

UPDATE: Here are highlights from the game, including Jackson’s celebration:

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79 responses to “Cowboys say DeSean Jackson is “disrespectful”

  1. “Don’t let him get in the end zone,” Scandrick said, “and he can’t dance.”

    Finally a Cowboy who actually makes sense!!
    It’s a shame Keith Brooking couldn’t be reached for comment as he is STILL crying about last season’s playoff BLOWOUT loss to the Vikings!

  2. We have no idea what was being said between the players on the field. For wall we know, the CBs were saying disrespectful things to DeSean. Anyone else notice its mostly against the cowboys that he ‘showboats’ and is ‘disrespectful’? Maybe, just maybe, theres a reason for it? Scandrick is right. Did anyone on the Eagles say it was ‘disrepsectful’ last year when the Cowboys ran the score up? Nope. But Keith Brooking was the first to whine about it when it happened to them, wasn’t he? Instead of worrying about the other team, maybe the Cowboys should worry more about executing.

    Scandrick, however, understands there’s a simple solution to opposing players taunting you.
    “Don’t let him get in the end zone,” Scandrick said, “and he can’t dance.”

    If you say anything else, you must be a whining cowbaby. Wonder what Brooking thinks about that?

    Turn out the lights the party’s over…

    You can now crown them as the 2010 NFC EAST CELLAR DWELLERS.
    The cowboys got on their knees tonight and begged for a Philadelphia Eagle’s QB signiture. How embarrassing.
    Sting dey AZZ? Ya, Dat AZZ got Stung!

  4. No fan of either team but this is funny- Cowboys for years have been the biggest shucking, jiving, crowing and any other adjective you wish to enter team of them all.

  5. I think everyone that isnt an Eagles fan already thought that…? Watching him drop the ball at the 1 yard line a few years ago comes to mind (I think that was against Dallas too, lol, he is more concerned with celebrating than he is about actually crossing the goal line with the ball). DeSean is the type of guy that everyone hates, he wont show you how good he is, he has to tell you how good he is, and rub salt in the wounds after he makes a great play…. If I was an Eagles fan, I would love him, but everyone else thinks he is a douche

  6. If you could tackle him you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

    God forbid people have fun in the game of football.

    Didn’t the Cowboys get penalized earlier in the season for over celebration?

  7. Also, was it disrespectful of the Refs to not call facemasks and late hits against the Cowboys, or not start the game clock on the last Cowboys kick off that should have run 6-8 seconds off the clock?

  8. I saw the highlight of this pass, catch, run, & score – and two things ‘bother’ me. That was a phenominal play by Jackson, but how many games have we (fans) seen where a player just begins celebrating or ‘showboating’ and BOOM an opponent crushes them with a strong tackle, trips up that player before they get to the end zone (ie Seattle kick returner), or the tackling player gets the ball out. When he turned around he was exposing himself to a potential vicious hit.

    AND how do the ref’s call him for ‘celebrating’ prior to scoring?? This NFL officiating is horribly uneven!?! We are all witnessing one bad call or non call game after game.

    FYI Vick got leveled – and no call, yes he was a ‘runner’ at the time and heading out of bounds. But no one here can deny if that had been Brady, Manning, or Brees (because they don’t usually scramble) – every ref would have thrown a flag.

  9. If Newman kept going he would have been able to knock the ball loose for a touchback. Quitters.

  10. HaHa! Seriously?! Wasn’t this the same Cowboy team that was flagged over and over earlier this year for excessive celebrations? Give me a break!

    This is also the same Cowboy team last year that taunted fans from the sidelines at Lincoln Financial Field during the 4th quarter. Sorry your feelings were hurt Mikey. Stay classy Dallas 😉

  11. @masteel:
    Vick was clearly already out of bounds. The penalty should of been called whether he was a runner or not.

    But I agree, officiating has been horrible.

  12. Learn the rules please. They even explained it on TV for “amateur” fans like yourself.

    bleedgreen says:
    Dec 13, 2010 9:19 AM
    Also, was it disrespectful of the Refs to not call facemasks and late hits against the Cowboys, or not start the game clock on the last Cowboys kick off that should have run 6-8 seconds off the clock?

  13. Wait doesn’t Miles Austin jump up and down and celebrate acting like he just won the Superbowl after every time he catches a ball for a first down?

  14. Poor little “America’s Team”. If you don’t like it, here’s a though: play some defense and tackle the man. Otherwise, QQ more. Same Cowpukes that couldn’t stop the Vikings last year and cried when they “ran the score up”. I think these Pukes just want the games to be handed to them.

  15. Doesn’t Roy Williams always over celebrate a first down? Look, I’m an Eagles fan and admit Jackson can be over the top at times but the Girls have no right to complain. I find is ammusing that Keith Brooking is quiet. Washed up bum that he is.

  16. sounds like the cowboys need to take a trip in a wahhhhhbulance. you got beat, shut up. i like the showboating antics in the NFL, we need more of it. after all it is entertainment, God forbid someone does something that fans enjoy.

  17. Jenkins also thought it was disrespectful when the Eagles started the game with a 60 yard pass.

  18. These cbs for the cowboys are a joke. It’s hard even understanding what there saying and I don’t wanna hear how much of a friend D Jack is to you. Thats a slap in the face. I want my cb’s to have more pride then that. These cb’s are an embarrassment to the team. They are horrible. All of them gotta go. There all jokes. Peace your overpaid underachieving no talent 3rd stringers. The slow and and out of postion safeties gotta go to. EPIC FAIL is what the cowboys are this year. They are a bunch of losers with a couple good players sprinkled in between. D Jackson is a moron and only morons would be a fan of his and the whole city of Philthadelphia and the dog killing Mike Vick will be out before the Championship game in dallas. Write it down. Peace

  19. BleedGreen-

    It’s not just against the cowboys, he’s been pulling idiotic showboat stunts since highschool, they even aired a few of them last night

  20. Just more of the punk culture pervasive in sports. NFL will be the NBA is five years …. Unwatchable. Most games are that way already.

  21. Incidentally, I was 90% certain that Bob Costas and Miles Austin were going to start making out after trading french expressions. There was fire in their eyes. Ware looked a little uncomfortable.

  22. I think the Cowboys would be a good team if they would stop playing 11 on 7..the DBs they have are pathetic..maybe the league is adding 4 officials to their team to even it out..I am so sick of the Cowboys and their fans whining when their team stinks..Face it wasnt the coach..its the team..

  23. “Anyone else notice its mostly against the cowboys that he ‘showboats’ and is ‘disrespectful’?”

    I guess you didn’t see his little celebration highlight clip.

  24. Oh but it was Ok when coke head Michael Irvin would catch a 2 yard out, come back in bounds and dance and point and do all that nonsense. Get over it Dallas, your season is over, your terrible.

  25. Coming from a team where that bum Marion Barber gets up and dances after a 1 and 1/2 yard run, and shakes and stomps his foot down. Give me a break.
    Wow, A giants fan sticking up for someone on the eagles.

  26. johnabis says:
    Dec 13, 2010 9:33 AM

    Wait doesn’t Miles Austin jump up and down and celebrate acting like he just won the Superbowl after every time he catches a ball for a first down?

    Yea, but it happens so rarely these days you can’t blame him for not acting like he’s been there before.

  27. Looks like Brooking is rubbing off on his other defenders — except Scandrick, who appears to have a clue.

  28. #
    johnabis says: Dec 13, 2010 9:33 AM

    Wait doesn’t Miles Austin jump up and down and celebrate acting like he just won the Superbowl after every time he catches a ball for a first down?

    No, that is Barber that does that. Austin doesn’t do anything except a handshake after a TD because the refs love to call him for excessive celebration.

    I wonder why no one is pointing out that Jackson knows he has a MASSIVE target on him now. That is why he dove to the ground like a little girl the next time he touched the ball and saw Ware steaming towards him with his tomahawk ready to snap #10’s arm.

  29. Mike Jenkins sucks. All the yappin he does out there on the field for a mediocre corner. He’s just mad because he was covering Jackson. Someone needs to ask Jenkins if it was disrespectful for him to shy away from a tackle against Green Bay. Now that’s disrespect idiot.

  30. That was not celebrating a TD; it was taunting. Great play, but low class. All these celebrations are kinda dumb. It’s one thing to get excited about scoring but it is a totally different deal when these guys go into a scripted routine like they are auditioning for a high school talent show. Some of these idiots actually run down the field for 15 yards thumping their chests for making a tackle on a guy that just made a first down. It’s basically the equivalent of the McDonalds fry guy hopping the counter and spiking the bundle of napkins in the crowd…because he didn’t forget the salt this time.

  31. HAHA the Cowboys whine after a loss more than my little sister. Don’t let him score then losers.

    FYI Jenkins… you’re just about the worst “premier” corner I’ve ever watched play the game, so maybe you should just take it easy… HAHA lovin it.

  32. @ finsfan

    Worry about your bum offense and brutal qb. At least the Eagles are well familiar with the endzone. Your boy Channing Crowder always does a ton of chirping after making a routine tackle so calm down champ.

  33. The Cowboys’ secondary lost the game for us last night. As for DeSean, 13 years down the road I’m seein’ another TO.

  34. Please, this coming from a team that had the king of end zone antics, Michael “cocaine sniffing, girlfriend beating” Irvin. Get over it, he out ran the whole team on a bad ankle. You don’t hear from Brooking because he is too busy thinking up his pre-game bull for their next loss……

  35. At least DJ scored. Every Cowboys game I watch, I have to deal with Roy E. Williams’ 10 second celebration after every first down catch he luckily makes. So, it is disrespectful for someone to showboat after a very impressive 91-yard play, but not for someone whose production warranted just a fourth or fifth round pick rather than a high first? DJ has clearly outplayed his draft status, whereas Roy isn’t even the second best WR on his own team.

  36. DJax is my favorite player and I am a true Eagles fan, I will bleed green if I am cut. However, I think that what Desean did was embarassing and he has to learn to wait until after he crosses the goal line. I do not care what you do after you cross that line but do not “showboat” until you cross. Also do not give anything to the other team, especially when it is not like you are blowing them out. Just act like you have been there before.

  37. Perfectly understandable why fans of other NFC East teams would hate Jackson’s antics as much as they hate the fact that he burns/embarrasses their DBs so badly and so often.

    He ran the last 15+/- yards backwards on a TD vs the Giants a few weeks back. It was very funny.

    I love his creativity and sense of humor, and I laugh my ass off every time he torches the other team.

    Mike Jenkins has been getting disrespected all year. He just doesn’t have the intelligence to realize it.

  38. Why did the Cowboys just plain old GIVE UP on that play! He would not have been able to fall into the endzone like that if the defense didnt give up!! THAT’S what you all should be mad about… DJax will do this a lot! So get used to it!

  39. People just gotta chill. It’s just him kidding. I’m shocked Jenkins commented he stays out of the media normaly. Screw Brady

  40. cleverbob says:
    Dec 13, 2010 10:02 AM
    johnabis says:
    Dec 13, 2010 9:33 AM

    Wait doesn’t Miles Austin jump up and down and celebrate acting like he just won the Superbowl after every time he catches a ball for a first down?

    Who is Miles Austin?? Is that the guy who got overpaid for having one good season? Oh yeah, that’s him.


  41. This is why I have no problems with teams running up the score on other teams like the Patriots (allegedely) doing it on the Jets. These are grown men making millions of dollars. Who cares about their feelings.

  42. I find that stuff to be immature. But it’s probably just as immature to whine about it being disrespectful.

    I have to say, one reason I’ve warmed up to Vick, even after everything he’s done, is that (at least in this incarnation) he’s not a showboat trying to draw attention to himself and he doesn’t whine. A good example for everyone, in this way.

  43. Jackson can be a little punk from time to time…but who are the Cowboys to be crying about excessive celebrations. Hello?! Take a good look at your team, you fool!

  44. Disrespectful??

    For years we’ve been forced to watch the cowgirls showboating around, dancing and praising god in their celebrations.

    I think their level of play was disrespectful to cowgirls fans, don’t quit on the play next time boys

  45. Cowboys fans are incrediblly delusional.
    You have the most undisciplined team in football and your record shows it. Desean Jackson scored a 90 yard touchdown to ice the game… good reason for celebration.
    The only disrespect here, is the Cowboys inability to lose with any semblance of dignity.
    You think they’d have figured that part out, they’ve had a lot of practice…

  46. Dude was just having fun. All you haters – if it was the guy on ur team it would have been ok. Give me a friggin break. What a bunch of duchones!!

  47. If they don’t want him to be disrespectful, do not let him catch and run 91 yards for touchdowns. These are the same guys who complained after the Vikes torched them in the playoffs last year. Crybabies.

  48. I’m a CAL fan and am a huge fan of DeSean. The guy is simply electrifying and tough to stop. That said, I really wish he would cross the frigging goal line before celebrating. His antics have already cost him two TDs in his career (high school and NFL). You’d think he’d have learned by his lesson by now. His agent/PR folks/ handlers/ posse need to sit him down and tell him to knock that crap off.

    Keep making plays, DeSean. Just CROSS THE GOAL LINE FIRST.

  49. phillybirds says: Dec 13, 2010 9:17 AM

    It was disrespectful when Anthony Spencer continued his illegal hits on Mike Vick after he got away with one on the sideline

    bleedgreen says: Dec 13, 2010 9:19 AM

    Also, was it disrespectful of the Refs to not call facemasks and late hits against the Cowboys, or not start the game clock on the last Cowboys kick off that should have run 6-8 seconds off the clock?

    Learn the rules.
    Vick was in bounds when the contact was initiated.
    The game clock does not start until the ball is in the field of play. The endzone is not the field of play.

  50. @johnclaytonswag

    FYI..the championship game will definietely not be in Dallas. The Super Bowl will be…please enjoy watching the eagles play in it.

    write it down. peace.

  51. you’d think the dallas DB’s would have learned something by watching a Saints DB chase down Roy Williams and strip the ball just before Roy made it to the end zone.

    what a bunch of fools.

  52. If the Cowboys could stop someone they wouldn’t have this problem. Was DeSean being disrespectful? Of course, but whenever the Cowboys get beat it is a reoccuring issue about disrespect. According to Keith Brooking last year the Vikings were disrespectful “running up the score”.

  53. Jackson’s an ass and a thug. He’s going to keep getting concussions and hurt because defenses will be gunning for him.
    And if that’s not a celebration I don’t know what is. Sure TO doing situps and such after the TD is surely celebration, but he had no one near him when he did that. He is also known for flipping into the end zone. Flag him and keep on doing it until he learns he’ll draw a flag for acting like an idiot.
    Go watch Andrea Kramer interview after the game. He couldn’t keep his F*&%ing mouth shut while she was talking to Vick. He hit Vick in the back of the head and I think Mike was about to treat him like he did his dogs.
    So for all you Eagles fans saying for Dallas to stay classy, you do so yourself.

  54. DJax is used to falling down or running out of bounds before contact, being his scared self, just fell down backwards this time.
    Don’t forget the week before he was crying his eyes out on the sidelines.

  55. I still don’t understand why he was penalized. All he did was fall into the end zone. I thought it was pretty funny.

  56. Of course what he did was disrespectful. He’s nothing but a young punk who likes to run his mouth and showboat while dropping the ball at the one-yard line thinking he’s getting a touchdown. I wouldn’t expect anyone to notice the disrespect because it happened to the Cowboys. Had it happened to the precious Pats, or even those overbearing Steelers, all you classy talking heads would be jumping down Desean’s throat, tearing him a new one. And comparing Jackson to Michael Irvin? Irvin is a Hall of Famer…come talk to me in 10 years and let’s see where Jackson will be. I will take votes for different penitentiaries across the country.

    And the Cowboys getting called for so-called “excessive celebration” at the beginning of the season is a ridiculous point to make. Marc Colombo falls over and gets flagged, while the next week Adrian Peterson goes to his knees after a touchdown but he’s excused because he’s “praying?” Give me a break. You want to talk about disrespect? Be objective and look at the facts.

  57. DeSean is a turd and he continues to prove it on a regular basis.

    I wish they all could be like Wes Welker.

  58. A bit hypocritical coming from the Cowboys, America’s Hot Dog Team. Personally, I thought the act by Jackson was innocent fun. My first impression was of a kid falling backwards into a swimming pool.

    I see the flag came late. The Commissioner, a good friend of Jerry, must have called the official and told him to throw the flag. There is only so much perceived insult Jones the Great can take.

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