Dolphins-Jets one-liners

The Dolphins’ 10-6 win kept their season alive.

The two teams got similarly bad performances from their quarterbacks.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano had high praise for his punt team.

Said Dolphins LB Channing Crowder of Jets QB Mark Sanchez, “He’s got a lot of glitches in his game and we took advantage of them.”

Dolphins LB Cameron Wake had two sacks on the Jets’ final three plays, giving him 14 for the season.

Said Jets coach Rex Ryan, “Something’s got to change. Because this isn’t good enough.”

Jets WR Santonio Holmes had a touchdown pass go right through his hands and said afterward, “I dropped a ball, I’ll make up for it. Never excuses.”

Jets RT Damien Woody left the game early with a knee injury.

After he had 49 yards on 19 carries, some in New York are saying that RB LaDainian Tomlinson is slowing down.

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  1. Dolphins have not had much to cheer about on offense and if our secondary could catch better, the record would be 9-4 or 10-3 and the phins would be in contention. Cameron Wake has been great this year. There were many fans (mostly of other teams) that said getting rid of Porter and Taylor was dumb and it would wipe out the sack numbers…Wake (14), Porter (5), Taylor (4). Where are those fans at now? The defense has been very good and should be better next year. Smith has been in a position to run 4 interceptions back for easy TDs but he dropped all of them. (Not just a potential pick but cakewalks untouched into the end zone) Nolan had at least one of those and so did Davis. Jason Allen had at least two…that’s a lot of points that could have helped our anemic offensive production this year. Hope they can get better at that.

  2. Crowder was initially going to say that Sanchez had “a lot of blemishes and zits in his game”, but caught himself in time.

  3. very strange that whenever AND FOR EVER a qb gets pressured he releases the ball too soon, becomes a worthless thrower, fumbles the ball, becomes inaccurate , etc. ALL BECAUSE THE JETS OLINE STINKS! TANNEBAUM AND RYAN DIDNT ADDRESS IT EVEN LET FANECA GO NOW WITH MORE INJURIES AND EVERYONE IS BLAMING SANCHEZ.

    the opposing lines in that game was constantly doing battle 3 yards BEHIND the jets line of scrimmage. the blame is tannebaum/ryan!

    Just last week peyton manning was called a bum 11 intercepts in 3 games of constantly being hit.

  4. We need a new starting QB (though I have no idea who), Henne has proved himself only to be a capable backup. If he’s our starter the next season (whenever that will be), might as well throw out that season.

  5. 5 of 18 for 55 yards with one TD, now if that was a stat from a pee wee football game that would be a nice stat for a kid 7 and under, but nope that is Chad Henne, starting QB for an NFL team. He needs to be traded, his confidence is shot, he needs a fresh start with a new team, get a back up role and learn the NFL game.
    Best bet for Dolphins is try and trade for Carson Palmer, he is done in Cincy. Draft a young QB, keep Thigpen as your back up while developing a young guy for two to three seasons. Palmer can still play, but Cincy needs a change as well as the Dolphins.

  6. Huge Dolphin fan here and it is depressing that the Miami Brass put so much faith in Henne when he is CLEARLY not cut out for the job. Orton and Cutler had no problem connecting with Marshall over 100 times each season but Henne doesnt even know the guy exist. Henne is a deer in headlights and it shows. He gets more than ample pass protection and makes horrible reads and seams to check down immediatley regardless of the pressure he is under.

    Got to put this on the GM and coaches. If they think this guy is the future then we are gonna be a .500 team for quite a while.

  7. Why is it surprising about LT slowing down? Everyone knew he had run out of gas over a year ago, he got a little adrenaline push from being “wanted” by a team but no one outside of T-Rex and LT thought it would last. Maybe Rex can think of a new way to cheat and strap a rocket launcher to LT’s slow azz.

  8. Holmes accepted responsibility for his groaner, and promptly dropped to the floor and gave the reporters 25 pushups.

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