Figuring out Sal Alosi’s punishment

At this point, it seems inevitable that Jets strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi will be punished for tripping Dolphins special teamer Nolan Carroll on the sideline during Sunday’s game.  (Alosi says he’ll accept any punishment.)

But how much will Alosi get fined and will he get suspended?

Football Night in America’s Rodney Harrison and Mike Florio (name sounds familiar) talk about the issue in this week’s one-on-one segment.

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26 responses to “Figuring out Sal Alosi’s punishment

  1. I work for a major US Corp.

    If you were to do anything like that against an employee of a competitor, especially at a mutual event. Like tripping a competitor at a convention where he’s rushing something to the podium.

    You would lose your job without discussion, PERIOD!! Corp. America doesn’t put up with anti-social behavior or silliness.

    Meh … I’m forgiving … I say fine him 20% of his salary & suspend him the rest of the season. He needs to reflect on that major brain fart.

  2. In all fairness, Carroll looked like he embellished a little bit…..but then again, if he hadn’t pretended to get hurt; nobody would have gone back and caught what actually happened.

    Alosi should probably look for employment elsewhere. I know that it was a lapse in judgment, but it was such a petty thing to do.

  3. flOREO would you please hire someone to dress you…Between your color combinations and the collor of your shirt sticking outside of your suit, you look like another fashion victim! ha ha ha

    Oh and Alosi should be fined and suspended for the balance of the season…

  4. Dirty pool. What purpose does a strength and conditioning coach serve on the sidelines anyway? The league should reduce sideline access to just those critical to the game, such as cheerleaders.

  5. Today is an embarassment to be a Jets fan.

    Since the Jets can’t tackle their coaches need to cheat. Guess that what it means to play like a Jet !

    The implosion has begun. Sanchoke is not an NFL QB but could become a very good career backup.

    Congratulations on another paper championship !

    J ust
    E nd
    T he
    S eason

    41 years soon to become 42 years and counting !!

    Another great day with alot of layughts in New England today.

    To all Je(s)ts fans SHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I would just fine the guy and the team. I wouldn’t fire him over this. It was wrong and very stupid but for the guy to lose his job is a little much.

    Take away a chunk of his pay but don’t fire the guy.

    BTW: Didn’t something like this happen on an episode of Married with Children?

  7. I appreciate the fact he manned up and admitted his error. In an era in which athletes routinely test positive for banned substances and blame everyone but themselves, it’s good to see he does own up to it.

    Because of that, I think the punishment should fit the crime. He should be forced to run down the Dolphins sideline and have someone trip him.

    Kidding…I think suspending him for two games, then ban him from being on the sideline for a year is fair. I believe the strength and conditioning coach should be on-hand to witness the performance of the players for whom he’s responsible, but he lost that privilege. I’m sure there’s an assistant who can be his eyes and ears.

  8. What’s there to debate? He needs to be fired. What a fraud team…. All bluster and talk. A strength and conditioning coach cannot be associated with bringing harm to a player.

  9. Alosi should be fired immedately if not sooner. What he did yesterday was, without a dought, intended to hurt or injure Nolan Carroll. What was this idiot thinking? You dont accidently bend your knee to trip someone running full bore, without intent to injure. This borders on criminal intent and that idiot, Alosi should be fired. But its the foootball media that only asks for a suspension. I read one comment stating Carroll embellished this incident. What a crock of sh&%.

  10. One more thing;
    Where were the officials when this tripping incident took place? The officals flagged Carroll earlier in the game for unsportsmanship for being run out of bounds and not returning to the field in a timely fashion. But the officals didnt see this incident? I dont believe that for a min. The offcials watch every player run out of bounds.

  11. I have to say it was a cheap thing to do, but if it had been another player on the sideline that tripped the dolphin would anybody be calling for him to lose his job? No. This guy should definately be suspended if not for a year then at least the rest of the season. Big fine for the coach and team should also be added to the punishment.

  12. The league needs to come down hard on this to make sure it doesn’t happen again. No way that NFL players should have to worry about things outside the field of play tripping them up.

    The organization should want to fire the guy. The league should want to ban him from the sideline indefinitely.

  13. ncoolong says:
    Dec 13, 2010 9:29 AM
    I appreciate the fact he manned up and admitted his error.

    Yeah, what courage and maturity he showed.
    I don’t understand why all the calls for leniency for this POS. If you do this to a competitor in the real world your rear is on the street. He needs to be fired.

  14. What’s all this talk about fines and suspensions? He’s not a player that made a mistake or played too aggressively – he’s a civilian. He has to be canned (and if you want to bring criminal charges that’s okay too)

    What’s the deal with all this second chance crap that pervades the league? These guys are farther out of the real world than politicians.

    oh – and somebody please get Harrison a thesaurus for Christmas ( the trip was “degrading”?)

  15. He manned up and admitted his error because he realized it was caught on tape and wasn’t going away. Why do you think the Jets pretended it didn’t happen at first? Why do you think Alosi was escorted off the field by security without going anywhere near the press? They wanted to see if they could get away with letting it blow over. It didn’t, so the Jets immediately wrote up an “I’m sorry.” hoping it would mitigate the damage.

    Point is, what he did was a momentary lapse of reason, that doesn’t change it for me. Suspend him for the year and a huge fine, minimum. Firing him is on the heavy side, a demotion would be fitting.

  16. He didnt come clean and admit anything. he was caught on tape. what else was he to do ? this is like saying guys like andy pettite and giambi came clean about cheating with steroids. no, they lied and were caught.

  17. Satan’s Valet is Correct.

    He did NOT admit to it … accounts say he tried to act like nothing happened.

    He was hustled away by security right away.

    No doubt … Jets legal & PR dept flew into Damage Control … all of those apologies & statements are CONTRIVED … they’re cookie-cutter statements that lying lawyers & PR folks foist on the public every day … not a peep from the perp/turd in his own words.

    He’s gotta go!! The Punk was punked by video!!

  18. I would have fired him before the end of the post-game press conferences. That is bush-league crap. He is not a player, so a suspension would be pointless. It was a momentary lapse but the lapse was huge and speaks of his lack of character and professionalism. Firing him should be a no-brainer and the longer they go the worse it looks.

  19. With all the focus that the No Fun League is putting on player safety, it is inexcusable for a COACH to do something like this.

    Not only should he be fired, but sanctions should be taken against the Jets as well. Now before you Jets fans complain it was not the entire team’s fault, it was one player, remember that the Patroits lost a draft choice due to cheating. Many players and coaches may not have known it was happening, but the penalty was for the team as a whole. Same thing here!

  20. I think the punishments should go further up. After all, isn’t there someone who is supposed to be responsible for these guys on the sidelines? Is there not some sort of “boss” or “Game manager” or “coach” that is responsible for behavior on the sidelines?

    I think the following should happen.

    1. He should be fired, or suspended one year and fined.
    2. The Jets and Rex should be fined.
    3. One Jets fan suggested an asterisk for the Patriots next to their name for Spikes “cheating.” Well, I think the Jets should get one for “cheating,” as this was BLATANT cheating.

    No way around it. The Jets were caught cheating and violating league rules. How are we supposed to know this wasn’t sanctioned by that loudmouth Rex? He may have gotten pissed at losing all the time now, and instructed his guy to go ahead and take a knee out if they get the chance. Rex is responsible for the sideline. Someone on the sidelines was caught cheating, period. Maybe they should lose a draft pick too.

  21. Past 2 on the eastcoast and they still have not fired this guy. That’s the type of lousy cheaters these JETS are.

    What are they thinking about? That a coach tripping a player during a live play in a game is not an act worthly of dismissal?

    Well, maybe not if the JETS condone or even encourage that type of stuff.


  22. New York Jets’ “strength and conditioning coach”, Sal Alosi needs to be fined at least 1/2 of his annual salary for the next 10 years AND FIRED NOW!!! The sorry sleaze is “sorry”!!! Yeah, we know!!! Only the sorry likes of him does something so suzzy!!!! Sal Alosi, you’re a pungent hag!!!! Jesus the smell!

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