Free Vikings-Giants tickets gone in 90 minutes

Detroit is ready for some free Monday Night Football.

30,000 tickets were given away in 90 minutes on Monday morning before the Lions had to cut off the line distributing tickets outside Ford Field, according to Tom Pelissero of

They could have given away countless more tickets, but the remaining room is being saved for fans that had tickets to the game in Minnesota.    Monday night’s game will provide a strange atmosphere for in Detroit, but we know the place won’t be empty.

Heck, it may be too crowded.

Judd Zulgad of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune quotes the Lions President as saying the game may be a “little oversubscribed.”  The Lions also released a statement saying that admission is first come, first served.  A ticket does not guarantee admission.

16 responses to “Free Vikings-Giants tickets gone in 90 minutes

  1. They gave away tickets in Detroit, that don’t guarantee admission? And they gave away more than the stadium could handle? Why do I think there might be a riot?

  2. “Monday night’s game will provide a strange atmosphere for in Detroit…”

    Rosenthal, for the love of God, PLEASE start proofreading your “articles” before posting them. The number of mistakes that litter all of your posts is ridiculous. I’d be embarrassed if I called myself a professional writer and routinely posted the amount of mistakes that you post. Poor grammar, spelling mistakes, extra phantom words that have no place, they’re all there.

    It’s not like your posts are very long, it would take no more than a minute to slowly re-read them before posting them, so the fact that you or someone else isn’t doing this is just laziness?

  3. Not only did they give out too many tickets, you can also gain entrance if you went to the Lions-Packers game on Sunday and still have your ticket.

  4. Well at least Detroit finally gets a MNF game. After that snoozefest this weekend I’m sure they’ll appreciate a couple decent teams in there.

    Yes I realize the Packers beat the Vikings twice this but based on what I saw yesterday it is very hard for me to call them the better team. Not anymore anyways. Packers are gonna be losing a LOT more games this season. Wouldn’t be surprised to see them end up with the same record as the Vikes!

  5. Hahahahaha!
    Bring your marshmellows to Detroit tonight.
    That place will be ablaze oh, say around kickoff time?
    I knew armogedden would start in Detroit ……………

  6. With higher than expected demand, ticketholders are asked to leave their shopping carts, pets, mattresses and tarpaulins outside the stadium.

  7. Hopefully Favre gets to play. The crowd figures to be his demographic. Compsed largely of greying, unshaven, middle aged men with assorted injuries, who are facing court appearances.

  8. Disappointed Viking fans from out of state found out the tickets were gone in 90 minutes. Then they found out their cars were gone from the parking lot in 60 seconds.

  9. jbl429 says:
    Dec 13, 2010 11:24 AM
    This will likely be the most competitive game they’ve seen in detroit since the superbowl was hosted there.

    Are you talking about Super Bowl XL? The 1 that the yellow & black jersey wearing officials gave to the Stillers? The game the Seahawks were ripped off & the Stillers picked up a then 5th tainted SB Championship, the 1st 4 being fueled by steroids in the 70s.

  10. Wow. Anti-Detroit bashing. How original.

    Despite the Lions history of hopelessness, Detroit fans love the team and love football. The fact that two out of town teams will play before a nearly packed house speaks volumes about their passion for football.

    And dienavinjohnson, its called “Devil’s Night”.

  11. Great so the home field advantage goes to the Giants. This is the worst decision I think I have seen out of the NFL!

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