Jets say “there is no place in the game” for Alosi’s behavior

In the end, the Jets huffed.  And they puffed.  But they ultimately didn’t blow Sal Alosi’s house down.

Said G.M. Mike Tannenbaum in a statement announcing Alosi’s suspension without pay through the end of the season, along with a $25,000 fine, for tripping Dolphins gunner Nolan Carroll on Sunday:  “After reviewing the facts and consulting with the league office, we determined that this was the most appropriate discipline.  I have spoken with Sal.  He understands the severity of his actions and has apologized to all parties involved in the incident.

There is no place in the game for this type of behavior and his conduct falls disappointingly short of our expectations for anyone associated with the New York Jets.  I have also reminded all members of the organization with sideline access that it is both a priority and their responsibility to maintain a safe environment.”

Sorry, but the Jets can’t have it both ways.  If there’s “no place in the game for this type of behavior,” then Alosi should have no place on an NFL team.

We’re not saying they should have fired Alosi.  But don’t say that there’s “no place in the game for this type of behavior” and then continue to give the guy an ongoing place in the game.

52 responses to “Jets say “there is no place in the game” for Alosi’s behavior

  1. If there is “no place in the game” for Alosi’s behavior then fire him.

    Why are coaches, players, and other sports franchise employees allowed to do things that would surely result in their firing given a pass.

    He surely will be hurting losing 25K and the rest of the season’s pay.

    But considering he is suffering a 3 game suspension, that’s pretty WEAK.

    So, again, when someone could make a statement, they cave like cowards.

  2. You’re exactly right on this one. You can’t say there’s no place for it and then keep the guy around.

    What a dope.


    If this is the way you really think, then you should fire him. . .

    Let your actions speak louder than your words for once. . . Everyone knows you never back it up on the field maybe you can back it up off the field.

  4. “We’re not saying they should have fired Alosi. But don’t say that there’s “no place in the game for this type of behavior” and then continue to give the guy an ongoing place in the game.”

    I wonder if he has a family to feed?

    Better yet, maybe he should shamelessly whore himself on the NFL blog scene, there’s always room for another sycophant.

  5. Agree, Mike. Don’t say there’s no place, when there’s clearly a place on the Jets.

    Maybe the league needs to articulate rules regarding coaches hitting opposing players so there’s no future, um, misunderstanding. 🙄

  6. So if you’re not saying they should have fired him, but suspending him for the rest of the year isn’t enough, what would you suggest? Suspend him for another season? Two?

  7. @aldavisisthenfl…maybe he should have thought of his family before he did it. There are times where I’d like to smash someones face in but I don’t because I think of the consequences. Thats called being an adult.

  8. Cannot believe this scum bag still has a job in the NFL. What a joke this league has become and the Jets are….all of these fines against players this year in which the league is trying to “protect” its players, then not make an example of this horrible, dispicable act?

    What message is the league trying to send? F*** joke. Kepp it up NFL, you are opening yourself up for a slew of critisism.

    Good luck to that sorry ass excuse of a coach when they travel to other cities….bad thing man, bad thing

  9. I hate the Jets, but this is a much more severe punishment then what Seymour got for smacking Rothlisberger. They got the same fine, but Alosi, unlike Seymour, got suspended and the fine will take more of a toll on him.

  10. Supposedly there will be a story soon by one on the NY beat writers concerning the coaching staff telling Alosi and the undressed players to stand there and get in the way of the gunner, but not trip him.

  11. What is it with this apology crap? Don’t do the deed, and then apologize and expect that to make it right. Just don’t do the deed in the first place. He has the nerve to say he ‘wasn’t thinking.’ No dude – the problem is that you WERE thinking – thinking about a weight room muscle-head like you interfering with the game.

    The problem is that boneheads like this guy spend their days around pro football players, and they start to imagine that they’re ‘part of the team.’ No you’re not part of the team – and you’re not a ‘coach, either – you’re staff, like the ladies who work in the office.

    This guido saw the Miami player coming up the field, and he decided – thought – that he could be part of the game by interfering with the guy. He probably imagined himself not actually hitting him, but being able to tell his Queens buddies how close he had been to actually doing it.

    If the Jets think he’s the kind of person they want representing their organization, then he should keep his job – it’s their reputation that’s at stake, who cares if they don’t? But the league should NEVER let him on to the sidelines of a game again. Why does the weight room guy need to be at the game, much less on the sidelines. Is there a weight bench on the sidelines? He should be banned for life from the sidelines.

  12. They said there is no place for his behavior, which is correct. This does not mean they should fire him. This means he should eliminate such behavior. Don’t be a retard.

    If it was a player that did this, would they be banned from the league? No. Would they be fired from the team? Probably not as long as they aren’t already on the roster bubble. How is this different? If it would have been a player, they probably would have received a one game suspension and a fine. Any more and the union would be up in arms.

  13. It is not inconsistent to say there is no room for the behavior, take measures to modify and punish the behavior, and possibly give the guy another shot. You may fire the guy or you may not but clearly the man has pretty poor judgement. Someone with a family to feed should think about that family before pulling a bonehead stunt like that anytime, let alone on national TV.

  14. If there were no room for second chances in this lifetime, I would’ve given up on this site long ago. Some days it’s really good… other days it leans towards disappointing me.

    I’m not a Jets fan, but if the guy were put in that position (by say… his coach) then there’s no earthly reason why he should be fired. Sorry…. it was the wrong thing to do, but he’s being fined AND suspended. Enough said. He didn’t kill someone nor did he torture dogs. When this is over, he will have done his time for the crime and is entitled to have his job back.

  15. This stinks of a team afraid that the employee will talk.

    What do you want to be that 25k gets recouped somehow? consulting from some affiliated business, some stupid radio endorsements, or a year end bonus.

    Nothing to see hear. Move along.

  16. “There’s no place in the game for him, that’s why we had him stashed on the sidelines. Whodda thunk?”.

  17. One more thing. If I intentionally give a charlie horse to a coworker, or a competitor, you can bet I would be fired instantly, with cause.

    There is no way that some meathead workout warrior wannabee is so important that the Jets need to fall on the PR sword for him. There is more to his retention than his job performance or loyalty.

  18. skidoc46r says:
    Dec 13, 2010 8:29 PM
    It is not inconsistent to say there is no room for the behavior, take measures to modify and punish the behavior, and possibly give the guy another shot. You may fire the guy or you may not but clearly the man has pretty poor judgement. Someone with a family to feed should think about that family before pulling a bonehead stunt like that anytime, let alone on national TV.

    —-Agreed. I don’t see the inconsistency.

  19. Maybe the league needs to articulate rules regarding coaches hitting opposing players so there’s no future, misunderstanding…..Got to agree w/ nepatriot128154…”but this is a much more severe punishment then what Seymour got for smacking Rothlisberger. They got the same fine, but Alosi, unlike Seymour, got suspended and the fine will take more of a toll on him.” Seems like Seymour should have gotten suspended also – there needs to be consistency amidst the NFL and the teams. Let’s hope the investigation delves deeper into if this was a one off incident or a pattern of team/coach behavior. If it was a one off and Alsoi acted independently —-an instance of bad judgement; the guy deserves a second chance – just like Vick and Ben.

  20. Breaking News — Charles Manson apologizes, is fined 25K and released with time served!

    Alosi should have been fired and banned from the NFL! It is not out of the realm of possibility that he could have ended the career of Nolan Carroll.

  21. @hgl4969

    While the fine/suspension is more severe in terms of Sal Gillooly’s personal income, I would argue the severity of his actions are much higher.

    No one on the sideline should affect the play on the field. (please don’t say Carroll was out of bounds — gunners are always pushed out of bounds — it doesn’t mean a meat wall can finish the gunner off.)

    Coaches, regardless of the rank in the organization, should be held to a higher standard in this regard. They should never touch a player on the field of play, especially an opposing player.


  22. I’m glad the dumbass Jets kept him – one more distraction going forward.

    Wait until next season – cameras will be all over him… scutinzing his every move… especially whenever the a**hole looks like he’s getting too close to the sideline… it’ll be hilarious…

    You deserve this type of BS, Jets. HAHAHAHA!

  23. If a player trips another player its a loss of 15 yards.
    If a player does drugs its a four game suspension.
    Ask yourself this question.
    Which one of these best represents what happened?
    He did the crime and will now do more than the time he deserves.
    Justice has been served.
    Get off your high horses.

  24. Reminds me of the Monty Python Meaning of Life Rugby Match scene…

    Regardless, you really gotta admire how Rex Ryan’s bold prediction “Soon to be Champs” on the ESPN Bus has turned to “Soon to be Chumps” so quickly.

  25. A totally non professional move, and very dangerous. Ban him from any sporting event sideline, not just football!

  26. Why can’t all you people understand that
    everyone loves when Ben gets punched in the face just because you don’t.
    Every woman and every man who loves a woman stands up and cheers when he gets hurt.
    So nobody cares about Ben.

  27. If he comes back in a marginally similar position, to where he was, then this is a really bad job by the Jets. They hopefully will just not renew his contract this summer, as he has no place on the Jets sidelines. However, given the fact he’s been straight up here, i think some other team can give him a chance if they want.

    But I have to ask, if it were the Rams or some other team that no one cares about who’s coach did this, would we really care as much and be as livid as we are about how this guy got off w/ just a slap on the wrist? I think everyone needs to put down the cup of Gang Green hater-aid and just dial it down a few notches. And PUH-LEEZ quit your crying about the Jets are cheaters and stop writing about conspiracy theories. Because it’s not like we video taped a practice or anything…or had a former coach busted for the same offense.

  28. Tripping on the field is a 10 yard penalty. This guy just lost his income for the rest of the season for what was without question a bad decision.

    Why was a Miami special teams member running out of bounds for that many yards, and more than once in the same game? Seriously. I appreciate the PFT “Jets witch hunt”, I know what PFT is all about, and where most of you stand regarding the Jets, but if it was a Jets team member everyone here would have been criticizing him for running out of bounds for that many yards. Don’t even try to deny it.

    The punishment is suitable. Closed case. Please direct your witch hunt elsewhere. If you need to buy lives, message me and I will try to send you $20.

  29. “They’re cheaters,” Dolphins inside linebackerChanning Crowder said. “They do what they do. They cheat. They talk junk. But we beat the hell out of them today. ”I wish they’d tripped me. I’d have broken that old man’s leg. He should be ashamed of himself. A grown man from the coaching staff? That’s high character.”


  30. as a fan who could care less about either teams. At least it was funny. Im sure alot of people have thought of doing that, this guy just happens to be the first guy who actually followed thru. Next time at least be smart, and pretend to turn around as your heel makes contact with a member of the opposing team. That way at least you have some sort of plausible deniablity

  31. aldavisisthenfl says:
    I wonder if he has a family to feed?

    I was all set to change my mind about this guy after reading this …… then I wondered……. did Alosi stop and wonder “Does Carroll have a family, who may see their breadwinner’s career end if I destroy his knee with this trip?”

    Get my point?

    I can’t believe the Yets didn’t fire this a-hole, but then again, that’s what they’re all about from the top down, right? And I can’t for the life of me understand Mike Tannenbaum’s statement about there not being a place in the game for this, and then KEEPING THE GUY IN HIS JOB!!!!!

    Maybe he meant to say “there’s no place in the game for this, for the next three weeks”? Which raises an interesting question. Given that he’s suspended for three weeks, and there’s three weeks left in the season, are the Yets saying he was suspended for the remainder of the season? Does this mean that if the Yets – as unlikely as it looks – somehow manage to stop their losing ways and make it to the Wildcard spot, this clown will once again be free to bring his blackjack to the Yet’s sideline for the playoffs?

    Better yet, will the Yet’s staff STILL be allowed to line up at the sideline like a gang of thugs, in the coming weeks?

  32. Latest word from the Jets, as I scoop PFT and the entire NFL media world;

    Sal Alosi HAS BEEN FIRED tonight, and his replacement has been named:

    Tonya Harding

    Said Mike Tannenbaum: “We were disappointed in the conduct of Sal Alosi, particularly in that his attempt to injure Nolan Carroll failed. Ms. Harding has a proven track record of getting the job done”.

  33. Alosi might make $100-$150K a year. That is not a lot of money in New York/New Jersey. $25K a year is big money for a guy like that, a bit shy of 20%. I hate the Jets and their fans, but the organization handled a lose-lose situation fairly well in my opinion. They hammered him, but didn’t fire him despite immense outside pressure to do so, and that shows a lot of character and loyalty. Had there been an injury to Carroll, Alosi would/should have been justifiably fired and probably sued. Why do we need to see this guy ruined for making a ridiculously stupid decision? Isn’t that the sort of over-reacting, neanderthal behavior that makes the us hate Jets fans to begin with?

    With that being said, the Jets are a popcorn fart, an absolute joke with an offense that laid down against a beat up Dolphin team that has less talent, but better coaching. It couldn’t happen to a more classless bunch of loudmouthed clowns. That’s you Jets fans, and that sound you hear is the rest of us laughing. They’ve got a nice record, but if you saw anything out of that team over the last few weeks that tells you they have a chance AT Chicago and AT Pittsburgh, then I’ve got a bridge I want to sell you.

  34. @nepatriot128154 and hgl4969 …

    Despise Goodell and am concerned about nonflags for hits to the head on Roethlisberger over the last two weeks. But traditionally players getting into fights or punching one another on the field of play has been viewed differently than coaches attacking players. When players punch other players or touch an official, they’re ejected then possibly fined and/or suspended. That’s what happened to Seymour.

    This was a Jets coach sucker-punching an opposing player from the sidelines. It was a Woody Hayes move and that should be cause for immediate termination, as it was for Hayes. Alosi wasn’t in the heat of battle. He wasn’t a player who’d been wound up for a game and suddenly went off like a bottle rocket. It was a premeditated act by a guy who should have known better.

  35. Its funny people saying that they “line up on the sidelines like a gang of thugs.” They can stand on the sidelines wherever they want as long as they are behind the lines. If Rexy wants to line his whole team up and toe that line they can.

    The guy made a mistake, he should pay for his actions. I’m sure everyone commenting here has always thought thru every decision before they acted. That being said, it was an idiot thing to do.

  36. I’ll put it out there now that I’m an Avid Miami Dolphins fan and I have no like whatsoever for the Jets.

    I’ve read a few comments on here about how if a player trips another is a 10-15 yard penalty and a possible fine. However, there is a fundamental difference here.

    Players are on the field of play and come into contact all game long. Coaches are on the sidelines and don’t interact with the other teams’ players usually.

    If this was a spectator, we would all be on here talking about how some jackass like that deserves to go to jail and face whatever penalty or fine was deemed. A coach on the sidelines to me is in a similar position. There is no need or use for this guy being on the field.

    And to make it worse, as a coach, he is very aware of injuries to players and no doubt knew he could in an extreme case end his career or cause serious injury but did it anyway.

    Bottom line, any of us that tried to infure someone at a place of work would be immediately terminated and could face criminal charges. I don’t personally care if they keep this guy or not but I know I wouldn’t want him with my team.

  37. Rex is behind this obviously organized attempt to effect the outcome of the game. I think the word is CHEATING.

    Player safety has to come first.

    Ban Alosi for life. Give flabby Rex a lengthy suspension and a $500K fine. Fine the JETS another $500. The JETS could have fired him and condoned the behavior by not firing him. Strip the JETS of a first round pick.

    Obviously, the JETS don’t want to fire this guy. The first thing he’s do is clue the league in on the CHEATING scheme Rex developed as well as let them know what else Rex is up to.

  38. just b/c the Jets took this action, … where is the Comissioner on this, you know the guy who claims to “protect the sheild” & is worried about player safety? IF this is all there is to it, the players union needs to set some established ground rules in the next collective bagaining areement, b/c this Comissioners credibilty/judgement need to be called into question. Always thought the players too easily gave this Comissioner too much power to disipline players under the “personel conduct policy”… this is just further proof.

  39. Why does a strength and conditioning coach have shoulders of a woman. How the heck did this guy play linebacker for Hofstra(not that they are a good football team) with shoulders like that?

  40. @wtf_seriously Gunners go out of bounds all the time. He had two defenders pushing him out of bounds. Watch any NFL game in the future and you will see it in every game. So your defense is weak and it shows you lack of knowledge in the game. Maybe stick to a less technical game like curling from now on.

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