LaRon Landry heads to injured reserve

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A season that started so promising for LaRon Landry in a new defensive system ended Monday in disappointment.

The Redskins placed the talented safety on injured reserve with an Achilles’ tendon injury that already has kept him out four games.

Landry had his lapses in pass coverage as usual this season, but he may have been the team’s best defensive player before he got hurt.   He was a solid Pro Bowl candidate, but doesn’t figure to get that honor with only nine games under his belt.  He finishes with 85 tackles — only five fewer than he had in 15 games last year.

In positive news for the team’s beleaguered secondary, Carlos Rogers should be back in the mix this week against Dallas.

15 responses to “LaRon Landry heads to injured reserve

  1. “Landry had his lapses in pass coverage as usual this season, but he may have been the team’s best defensive player before he got hurt.”

    i am guessing you meant to say he cant cover anything.

    and someone has to be the best defensive player on the worst defense in the nfl…hahah


  2. Obviously kevo126 doesn’t watch football too much. Laron Landry was a key contributor next to London Fletcher on this defense. He was also the leading vote getter at his position for the NFC. The defense hasn’t been the same since he has been out.

  3. @5thorkid, did you watch any redskins games???? landry cant cover anyone. all he can do is tackle, thats why he was leading in votes…stats.

    “The defense hasn’t been the same since he has been out.”

    and i hope you are joking with that comment. did you watch that eagles/redskins game??????? i am pretty sure they have been bottom 3 in the nfl in defense the whole year. how is that not the same?????

    wow redskins fans are more delirious than i thought…

  4. Player puts on a ton of lean muscle seemingly overnight and then starts to have ligament/tendon issues?

    Hmmmmm, smells fishy

  5. I personally will miss his tackles, espically the ones where he flex’s his muscles after the runner gets a first down and they are losing 35-0 in the 1st quarter….

  6. @kev0126 You obviously never watched a Redskins game before Landry got hurt. Stat wise (total yards per game/passing/running) they were last in the league, but in the most important st,at points allowed per game, they were in the top ten, again, that was before Landry was hurt.
    @lionsfan54 Landry was ripped while in college, don’t try the “player has breakout year because of steroids” schtick.
    @bodybaggame Is your name in reference to the “bodygame” in 1990 when the Eagles nearly killed every Redskins player?

  7. You all sound like a bunch of Haters. Clearly Landry was having the best season of his short career if he was still leading Pro Bowl voting at STRONG SAFETY not FREE SAFETY, which is not his natural position and requires covering more, even after being injured for 3 weeks.

    You all are dumb and i believe you are not too informed about football. Can we all remember the late great Sean Taylor being drafted by the skins as a FREE SAFETY, then the next year drafting a talented STRONG SAFTEY outta LSU named Landry? thus creating the very short lived AREA 51?

    Landry is not good in coverage because he is a blitizing safety, plays natural strong saftey and was forced into a forgein postion because RIP Taylor was murdered.

    I may be a Redskins fan, but I am more a Football fan. To comment on that eagles MNF, which i was actually at and sat through that beating becasue i am die hard, Landry got beat by one of the fastest recievers in the league and that automatically makes him a terrible player? You guys are jokes and need to focus more on the actual play than hating on a certain team/player.

    Landry was by far the best SS in the league this year even tho he was on statistically the worst D in the year which again is transfering from the top ten 4 -3 DC had for years running to a brand new 3 – 4. Come on fellas, learn more about the game of football and less about hating. It disgraces true football fans who read this bias blasphomy.


  8. @lionsfan

    Why would you even comment when you dont know anything about Landry? If you did you would know he’s looked the same for years.

    Dont be to hard on kevo126. He just doesnt know the difference between SS and FS. He probably signed up in a fantasy football league this year and is still learning the real game is alot different.

  9. right after hearing the news that he was on IR, Landry jumped up, brushed off his shoulders, and gave his best Mr. Universe flex pose.

  10. “Landry was by far the best SS in the league this year”

    then hailoskins says “Landry is not good in coverage”

    hahaha wow. so you are saying he is only good at one part of his job and he is the best in the nfl????? redskins fans need to watch afc north games…reed and polamalu make landry look like an amateur.

    almost the whole redskins team is horrible- oline, d line, secondary, running game, qb, wr’s, kicker, coaching (last game was pathetic), ownership, draft…


  11. FAIL huh? Where does ed reed play? FS….ball hawk. as far as polamalu, he is a SS and he is Troy Polamalu, i mean hes got an advantage being that anything will probably get caught in his hair….But your right Polamalu is a great SS. If you pull quotes out you need to look at the supporting evidence. EI. the bit about Sean Taylor. who was like an ED REED BALL HAWK FREE SAFETY. and as i mentioned, I am a FOOTBALL FAN MORE THAN A SKINS FAN, so believe me i have seen plenty of AFC north games, and ravens games being i was born and raised in MD. KEVO, you seem like your a bit bias, obviously you diddnt account for injuries, big fat babies, nor did you watch the last game becasue Ryan Torain ran for 178 yards and thats not a running game????

    This is a Joke, you give real PFT followers and footballl fans a bad rep.

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