Next Monday’s Bears-Vikings game still needs a home

Tonight’s Minnesota Vikings “home” game has been moved to Ford Field in Detroit. Next Monday’s Vikings home game is still searching for a home.

The Star-Tribune reports that the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission is optimistic the Metrodome roof could be repaired in time for the home game against the Bears a week from tonight. But the Vikings are also exploring the possibility of playing at TCF Bank Stadium on the University of Minnesota campus.

As I wrote in today’s Wall Street Journal, the Vikings have joined the 1989 San Francisco 49ers, 2003 San Diego Chargers and 2005 New Orleans Saints in a very small group of teams to have a home game moved to another stadium. Vikings coach Leslie Frazier says his team will be fine no matter where it has to play.

“Our guys are resilient, they are professionals, this is what we do for a living, and they’ll adjust,” Frazier said. “We talk all the time about being able to handle adversity, and they’ll handle this.”

They just don’t know where they’ll be handling the Bears next week.

21 responses to “Next Monday’s Bears-Vikings game still needs a home

  1. A TCF game in 15 above sounds perfect for next Monday night.I’ll be there. Whup da Bears up like New England did yesterday.

  2. Hmm..let’s look at our options…

    1.) Move the game to another stadium yet again and lose all those revenues for the Vikings and furthur inconvience the fans. I’m sure the Metropolitan Sports Commission doesn’t care since they have Business interruption insurance.


    2.) Tell the U to whip TCF Bank into shape in a week and they can make a little bit of money and we can still have our home game against the Bears. We might not be in the playoff anymore, but we sure would love to beat the Bears. And it would be fun to see a home game outside for once.

    Easy choice. Or is it?

  3. Have the game at Camp Randall in Madison, WI…halfway between. Put lots of Wisconsin folks in the odd position of possibly having to cheer again for the infidel Brett Favre – as a Vikes victory would improve playoffs prospects for the Pack.

  4. Put it in Green Bay. Packer fans will show up. The Packers need the Vikings to win so the Vikings will still have something of a home field advantage. We’ll cheer for three hours…and we’ll never speak of this again.

  5. Remember the basketball show they had on Spike about ten years ago, where they had trampolines and bungee cords so the players could jam the ball into the thirty foot high baskets? Maybe they could set that up at the Mall of America. With that kind of action, Favre might almost look mobile.

  6. Move it to Edina High School. With the Vikings out of the playoffs, only a small number of fans are showing up anyway. Tell the Edina School District that they can keep the concession revenues in exchange for tearing up the field.

  7. TCF Bank Stadium! Let’s do it out in the elements!

    Us younger Vikes fans have only heard stories from the Old Met.

    I’ve got my camo snowmobile suite, thermals and boots all ready to go!

    Bring it on………………………

  8. TCF Bank Stadium wouldn’t mind seeing a full crowd for once.

    The most hilarious idea though is to put it in Lambeau. They could easily sell out that game in Lambeau since both teams are rivals. Plus with the Bears fighting the Packers likely for one playoff spot, the Packer fans would probably cheer for the Vikings.

    If Favre started the game in Lambeau, with their fans almost being forced to “cheer” for the Vikings or at the very least make noise when they are on D. That would just be something else.

  9. The Seahawks in 94 had to move to Husky stadium for a few games also, because 26 pound ceiling tiles fell during August at the Kingdome

  10. The game should be in Chicago. If you can’t host a game that you are scheduled to, you should lose the right to the home game. As for LA, the union probably wouldn’t be happy about an unplaneed cross country trip for players on both teams.

  11. So stupid, they have another football stadium in the twin cities. The Vikes should be playing all their games at the Uof Mn’s new stadium. Blow the Metrodome up!!!

  12. There is no reason that this game should NOT be at The Bank! Lambeau?

    And @pastabelly. It is not the Vikings fault that we got so much snow the roof could not hold it. This is a freak occurance and the Bears should not benefit from it.

  13. pervyharvin says:
    Dec 13, 2010 10:10 AM
    A TCF game in 15 above sounds perfect for next Monday night.I’ll be there. Whup da Bears up like New England did yesterday.

    I bet that’d be satisfying, for the Vikes to de-rail the Bears’ playoff plans, since it was the Bears that prevented the Vikes from having homefield advantage last year, ultimately costing them a trip to the Super Bowl (most likely).

    You’re welcome for that.

    But more than likely–the Bears “whup” the Vikings exactly like …um, the Bears “whupped” on the Vikings a few weeks ago.

    But, in the absence of having a legit team of your own to cheer for, you at least get to live vicariously through the Pats, right?

  14. Lambeau would be a great idea. I’m not accusing Packer fans of doing this, but you could throw things on the field and not really care who you hit.

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