Packers-Lions one-liners

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Said Lions coach Jim Schwartz of his team’s 7-3 win, “It wasn’t pretty, but it was beautiful.”

Schwartz went out of his way to praise his right tackle, who was making his first professional start: “Before I get too far, I don’t think we can overlook the job that Corey Hilliard did on Clay Matthews. Clay Matthews is arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL, and Corey played outstanding. They looked for that matchup, they matched up against him most of the game, and Corey stepped in and did a great job.”

Lions DT Ndamukong Suh says no one should be surprised that Detroit won: “A lot of people forget that when we went to their house we only lost by two points.”

Stefan Logan, who has already made big contributions to the Lions this year as a return man, stepped up with some big plays at running back against the Packers.

Lions QB Drew Stanton only managed to hit Calvin Johnson for one completion, but it was a big one, for 44 yards.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the game in the second quarter, but it would be wrong to say that’s why the Lions won.

Flynn finished the game with a higher passer rating than Rodgers, and the Packers’ only score came after Flynn came in.

Said Packers coach Mike McCarthy of backup QB Matt Flynn, “I thought he did a good job. He managed the game very well. He was in some tough spots.”

The Packers’ defense continues to play well, even as the offense falters.

Matthews said he hopes his fellow Packers take Sunday’s loss as “a real wakeup call.”

22 responses to “Packers-Lions one-liners

  1. you missed one

    mccarthy refused to challenge an apparent jennings touchdown catch that was ruled incomplete, choosing instead to kick a field goal

  2. As I stated previously (but now with 100% less profanity!), this is the perfect example of why an 18 game season is *nonsense*. No one wants to have to watch a 3rd string QB face off against a 2nd string QB, but that’s going to be much more prevalent with a longer season. Especially by the end of the year when crucial games are being played.

  3. That game was awesome, classic black and blue. I thought all year the Bears were going to get upset by an underachieving but potent Lions team. can’t believe they missed it by one week and now the Pack has put us in a great spot.

    Sucks the Bears lost, but if they beat the Vikes next week on MNF we have the tiebreaker and magic number 1. Meaning the finale won’t be for the division, but could determine whether the Bears get a bye AND the Pack makes the playoffs as #6.

  4. “Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the game in the second quarter, but it would be wrong to say that’s why the Lions won.”

    Really? I thought this website was halfway intelligent…

  5. Lions whip Packers in a big time upset that sets a tone for the Detroit franchise and signals the new rivals for the future of the NFCN. Two young teams that will compete for the division in the coming years, and what do you get on this thread? Comments from Packer and Lion fans? No. Pathetic whimperings from Viking fans. Why not do something constructive? Get your snow shovel and go help out your team. There’s a lot of snow to remove from inside your dome.

  6. Packers QB Aaron Rodgers was knocked out of the game in the second quarter, but it would be wrong to say that’s why the Lions won.


    Wow, careful MDS, your ignorance is showing again. Rodgers has had slow starts in other games this year and go on to tear them apart in the 2nd half. In fact, I believe that’s what he did to the Kitties the first time around.

    This loss is firmly on McCarthy’s shoulders, though. Challenge the TD catch by Jennings and pick up the 3rd/4th and 1 at the end of the game to take the pressure off Flynn.

  7. The Packers are the Vikings of Wisconsin, perennial pre-season paper champs.

    No one could tell Erin was concussed because he still had the same stupid blank stare he has when he’s healthy.

  8. Packers score a paltry 3 points against the Lions (3 points!!!), make a boneheaded call to throw a bomb on 4-and-1 in the final minute (with the backup QB), blow their chances to win the division, allow the lowly Lions to get their first division win since GW Bush was in office, and you can’t find a post on this site from a Packer fan. Surprised? I’m not. Green Bay, the perennial Super Bowl pick, fades yet again. Anyone notice the Packers haven’t won a playoff game since #4 left? Of, and by the way, this season will make two out of the three since Bart Favors left that the Pack didn’t even make the playoffs. Ted Thompson is a genius GM like Brad Childress was a brilliant offensive mind.

  9. “Surprised? I’m not. Green Bay, the perennial Super Bowl pick, fades yet again.”

    and the Vikings haven’t faded? Last time I checked they went 12-4 last year but have absolutely sucked this year. And if you want to talk about fans not posting anything after losing, just look at Viking ‘fans’. They talk trash about beating the Packers but when they get their asses whooped by them, Viking ‘fans’ are nowhere to be found for approximately two weeks.

    Typical hyprocrite Viking fan.

  10. As a former Pack fan, I watched the game and had picked the Lions to win. Rodgers was not playing well almost the entire first half. The Pack barely beat the Lions the last time and they have NO running game. The challenge would have been wasted since there was not clear evidence to overturn the call.

    It was Thompson who decided that the Pack did not need Lynch, and he will have to live with that call. The Pack might still make the playoffs, but I doubt they are going anywhere.

  11. To: packerbacker12

    Despite being saddled with one of the worst coaches in the NFL, the Vikings have won the division and played in the NFC Championship game (with your unwanted QB, who enjoyed his BEST season of individual play as a Viking) in the three years since Thompson let #4 go. In that span, the Packers have zero playoff wins and didn’t even make the playoffs two seasons ago (and won’t this year either). As for this season, the Vikings are two games back of the Packers, which means come playoff time, both teams will be in the same place–home. Box.

  12. Weren’t Packer fans giving Bears fans crap last week, saying how the Bears “barely got by Detroit…and only because of a lucky call” and all that nonsense?

    That’s karma, suckers.

    And anyone who thinks Rodgers–and the entire GB offense–would’ve somehow miraculously just gone from awful to awesome, is seriously delusional.

    Congrats, Lions fans–you definitely deserved that one.
    And thank you for helping take some of the sting out of the Bears’ loss to the Pats.

  13. To: packerbacker12

    And as for the Vikings losing to the Packers, from the bottom of my heart, I say “THANK YOU!” We both know the Vikings are better off without Chilly.

  14. Am frustrated (but not hungover or still sadly drunk…decided against it) Redskins fan who loves finding other teams to pull for when mine nosedives. They do look mah-velous while losing, tho, on my big screen. I am glad for the Lions and Bears both…even hope the Raiders keep doing well with Campbell. Hope springs eternal, like the cherry blossoms, and the NFL rolls on.

  15. Im sorry but as much as the Vikings have experienced a lot of lows this season it is a complete EMBARASSMENT for the packers to lose to the lions. It is a complete joke and embarassment for the franchise and the whole league is laughing. You can saw the pack swept the vikes this season and thats great but they are not parlaying that into a postseason bid like the Vikings did last year when they swept the pack. Hell, if you cant have the playoffs you might as well hang your hat on that sweep and call it a season right packers?

  16. Is it really that embarrassing to lose to another pro team? I guess so since Stanton is starting for the Lions, haha. What’s really embarrassing is that you missed the second r in embarRissing and used the past tense of see (saw) when you should have used the present tense dumbass. At least us from the D know grammar.

  17. New Lions players have jabberjawed about winning this and taking that, but I want to believe Suh more than anyone. He’s very convincing. Whatever NFC North blows.

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