Patriots-Bears one-liners

A Tom Brady-to-Deion Branch touchdown pass at the end of the first half made it 33-0 at halftime, and the second half was garbage time as the Patriots cruised to a 36-7 victory.

Branch and Welker are proving to be exactly the pair of receivers the Patriots need.

With Brady at quarterback, the Patriots are 32-4 when the temperature is 40 degrees or colder.

Said Patriots LB Jerod Mayo, “I think we play better in the snow.”

Brady has now thrown 268 consecutive passes without an interception.

Asked about the Jets losing, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said, “We can’t worry about that. We can’t be scoreboard-watching and worrying about every team in the league. We worry about ourselves and just try to play well. Whatever else happens, happens.”

Said Patriots NT Vince Wilfork, “Each week, we’re getting better and better. Guys are finding their roles on the team, and they’re starting to step up, and we need that especially now, late in the season, in December. I just think everyone’s doing their job, and doing it real good. When we need plays, guys are making plays.”

Bears DT Tommie Harris said the slippery field was a factor: “If you’re a fast defense, you play better on turf or a fast surface. With their defense, it’s a 3-4 where guys stand up, stand around. Really, traction, coming off the ball is not a problem for them. But that is no excuse. They just beat us.”

Said Bears coach Lovie Smith, “Sometimes you get your butt beat and you move on.”

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  1. I got over my hatred of the Bears in about 1990 or ’91. Can we talk about the Jets?
    Oh my word! They really are “The team to watch”, it’s a laugh a minute!
    I know that I shouldn’t ask for any more Christmas gifts since the Monday night whooping and the loss to Miami, but Santa, could the Jets please miss the playoffs? Talk about a trifecta of Holiday Goodness.
    One other thing Santa… I inexplicably miss reading posts on PFT from big-mouthed Jets fans. Can you please see if you can find any, and ask them to come back?
    Thanks Santa.

  2. The Packers losing to the Lions was HUGE because it was a division game. Now if the Bears win their next two games (at Minnesota Monday night, then home against the Jets) they’ll win the division even if the Packers win out and beat the Bears in the last game of the season, ’cause they’d both be 11-5, they would have split the head-to-head, but the Bears would be 5-1 in the division and the Packers would be 4-2.

  3. It’s the Pats defense that is generating turnovers for the offense to take advantage of! If they continue to get better, the Pats just might end up in the Super Bowl!

    But, one game at a time!

  4. That would have been a lot closer without the weather. Great game Patriots! Deion is back!

    Anniversary of the Plow Game

  5. @belicheckyoself – Maybe it would have been a lot closer without the weather, but I have a sneaking suspicion that we havent seen the last of bad weather games in either New England or Chicago. Chicago has to learn how to play better in the elements.

  6. I expected the Pats offense would do something like that. never dreamed they would shut us down defensively as well. Just too many gamchanging plays by the Patriots in that 2nd quarter, and the team is too disciplined to come back from that kind of a whole. You gotta give them a ton of respect.

    I actually thought the weather would help the Bears because it would force the Pats to run more. Wrong. Brady’s short passing game never looked better. He really is the greatest.

    The weather actually hurt the Bears playmakers more. The defense is built with so many small (by comparison) but fast and athletic guys, they literally got outmuscled. Our pass rush was almost nonexistent, and tackling the whole game was questionable. Not the hard hitting team I’ve been watching all season.

    It’s alright, though, a little humility never hurt anyone. Bears have a long week to think it over and get ready to go for the second division sweep, God knows where…

  7. What’s amazing is even after all the crappy football they’ve played if the Bears pull their head’s out of their @sses they could still, believe it or not, end up with a NFC Championship game at Solider Field.

    * Win two NFC games left (Minn/GB) & get 2nd seed with a bye (plausible)

    * Bears beat Philly/Saints @ home divisional playoff (doubtful)

    * Falcons lose to NYG / Saints in divisional playoff (plausible)

    It’s the holiday season. I believe in magic :/

  8. belicheckyoself says:
    Dec 13, 2010 9:15 AM
    That would have been a lot closer without the weather.

    Might have been even more lopsided.

  9. I always have believed a slippery field helps the offense. It is harder to make a cut on the field and as a defensive player you have to make multiple cuts and breaks to stay with a receiver.

    But I never actually played in snow, I played HS in South Cali and in college never made it onto the field.

  10. purpleguy says:
    Dec 13, 2010 10:28 AM
    Guess the Bears who were we thought they were after all.

    You can’t dismiss the Bears after one bad game against the league’s BEST offense and all played on the ice planet Hoth, goofball. Nice try, though.

    The Steelers got their as$es beat at home, too (just to provide a little context).

    The Patriots are firing on all cylinders, and then some–I don’t think there’s a defense in the league that can slow them down when they’re playing like they are now.

    Now, as for teams being “who we thought they are”–shall we talk about Vikings?

    That’s what I thought.

  11. Brady 10-0 in snow games!!!! What ever happened to we got beat by the better Team today??? That’s what Urlacher said, let’s just leave it at that!

  12. @ Purpleguy. At least there stadium’s still upright.

    @ PFTis Any given Sunday I guess

    @ Kellyb9 Yeah they’re still improving, and have some fixes left to make (bears). I think what really got them is the gameplanning. I bet the Bears were expecting a slow paced Defensive grinder, and the Pat’s just exploded right away.

    Great game though. Chi-town fans are awesome enough to make NYJ fans look even worse. See you some February.

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