Rodgers update won’t come until Wednesday or Thursday

In a development that should surprise no one, Packers coach Mike McCarthy had scant information regarding Aaron Rodgers’ concussion suffered on Sunday.

It was the second concussion for the Packers quarterback this year.  He’ll go through the normal testing procedures for the rest of the week and McCarthy estimated he wouldn’t have an update on Rodgers until Wednesday or Thursday.

“I had a chance to visit with Aaron,” McCarthy said via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “He’s just starting to go through the testing and procedures and so forth. He slept in a little this morning.”   (He slept in during Patriots week?? Controversy in Green Bay!  Tape at 11.)

McCarthy said the team would “err on the side of caution” with Rodgers.  Basically we’ll know Rodgers’ status based on his practice availability later in the week.

The Packers are also expected to be without their best defensive lineman Cullen Jenkins for another two weeks.

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  1. Rogers has been spotted in the neighborhood frumping around in a cardigan and sneakers, in the company of his physician Dr. Duckbill Platypus.

  2. If McCarthy was to be believed, there would be no question as to what the packers should do if they want to “err on the side of caution”…….it’s Rodger’s second concussion within 2 months. We already know he’s not his predecessor when it comes to having a winning record, winning division titles, winning a playoff game, winning a SB, winning on last minute drives, etc. and he for sure isn’t going to be breaking the record for consecutive games played, LOL and BF did the majority of his consecutive game streak before the put skirts on the QB’s.

  3. that’s what he gets for not being smart enough to slide. Now let’s see if he learns his lesson, I hope not!

  4. .
    err on the side of caution means he wont play.
    now if he were a COLT err on the side of caution means he is out 3-4 weeks.

  5. err on the side of caution means he wont play.
    now if he were a COLT err on the side of caution means he is out 3-4 weeks.

  6. He should’ve slid, but can’t really knock the guy for trying to make a play at the same time; nothing else was working. They definately laid an egg but I’ve seen every other good NFL team do the same this year. Even the Pats got toasted by the Browns, and they are the best team in football. I don’t see them beating the Pats next week, but lets see how they play effort wise. They can still win the division because the Bears could easily lose 2 of 3.

  7. The league is going to have to consider a maximum for head injuries in a season. Two concussions a year over a ten year period is potentially life altering, let alone the damage two in a season do on their own. When you have multiples, the damage multiplies as well. Yes, I have suffered these injuries, and yes, it was while playing high school and college football.

    Do some research on Jim McMahon and what he is going through now after all of his concussions. There is life after football and just as steriods destroy the joints, bone, and organs with prolonged use, prolonged hits to the head will knock a couple of french fries out of your Happy Meal.

    And if you don’t think hits to the head cause brain damage, how do explain Brett Farve being dumb enough to text from a permenent phone instead of disposible, not to mention send pics for evidence. They might as well have circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back explaining what each one was to be used as evidence against him.

  8. Love Rodgers, he’s great. That being said, its not that difficult to slide. Simple idea…big difference, slide/ dont get hit—-dont slide/ open season on the QB.

  9. ~What went through Rodger’s head during the slide~

    “Wow, those linebackers are pretty big and getting bigger the closer I get …….

    ….. maybe I should slide feet firs ….

    CRACK!!!!! (Sounds of birdies/bells)

    …. mommie, why are you on top of me? Have you gained weight? …..”

  10. “Didn’t we used to call this “getting your bell rung”? He looked pretty fine on the sideline to me…”

    3 years ago, he probably goes back in the game. He actually looked pretty pissed that he wasn’t back in the game. When you hear about things like a rise in autism or a rise in diabetes, often it’s not that there’s some new chemical in our foods or vaccines that is causing it, it’s that medical experts are moving the bar on what is considered autism, diabetes, etc. That’s probably what’s happening with concussions. It’s probably a good thing – unless it causes your team to lose to the Lions in which case it sucks.

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